Bralette Guide - How To Choose The Perfect Design for You

A bralette is a soft cup bra that comes in the following sizes, from XS to XL, it’s the modern undergarment that looks especially pretty. If to compare this item of clothing with a bra, it is usually wireless, softer, and more easy-going. Bralettes are more suitable for ladies whose breasts are not big and require comfort, shape, and definition rather than support.


Considering that this undergarment typically has no padding or wire, ladies with large and heavy breasts tend to avoid (though not always) wearing it because their size requires more support. Some time ago, this piece of clothing was quite popular among teenagers or pre-teens, while today ladies love sporting it at any age.

Bralettes come in various shapes and designs: a push-up bralette, bralette plus size, strappy bralette, high neck bralette, bralette halter or bralette aerie, bralette top, etc. And if you are interested in wearing bralettes instead of bras, the choice of brands and prices is pretty wide, and you can shop for a bralette Victoria’s Secret, bralette Forever 21, bralette Target, bralette H&M, bralette Walmart, halter bralette Amazon, bralette Kohls, etc. And these items of clothes are made of various smooth and soft materials such as microfiber, cotton blend, or lace. But all of them have one characteristic in common, and that is a comfort. And the great news is that you can wear this sexy item of clothes in many ways. If you have few ideas on what to pair it with, you can explore that here and now.

Cotton Bralette Designs

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Cotton bralettes appear quite casual and simple, yet, they are not less sexy. Bralettes made of cotton are considered to be the most comfortable due to the soft feel of the material and plain designs. You can combine a bralette made of cotton with casual or workout clothes.


Sexy Lace Bralettes

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Lace bralettes are sexiest among all bralettes. Such item will definitely make you appear very feminine. Some designs are sheer lacy, while others are trimmed a bit in lace. You can wear it under a gown or simply under a shirt, which makes this item ideal for many occasions.

How To Choose A Bralette Plus Size

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What if my breasts are heavy and large but I still want to sport a trendy plus size lace halter bralette? Here is a good piece of news: whichever design you choose, a plus size high neck bralette or aerie high neck bralette, or plus size caged bralette, you can wear it because plus size bralettes are designed specifically for larger breasts. Which means that you can still rock this undergarment. All you need to do is pick a suitable design for your size. Also, it is advisable to look for a plus size bralette with underwire, shoulder straps that are adjustable, and little to no push up.


Styling Your Bralette With Accessories

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If showing off your neckline in the flirtiest way possible is your aim, then ‘bralette how to wear’ is the question to ask. This piece of clothing will define your neck and breasts. But if you wish to accentuate the top of your body even more, add some accessories, little or heavy, to this piece.

Choose a See-through Top to Wear Over the Bralette

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If you wish to show off your pretty undergarment, try pairing it with a see-through top. Thus, you won’t feel that naked like you would without any top. Any design of top and bralette will work for it.


How to Wear a Bralette as a Top

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You can put on a bralette without any shirt on. Yes, you read it right, no one will fashionably judge you if you wear this piece on its own. Solid bralettes will work better for such wear. Pair it with pants with a high waist, jeans, or a skirt. Such outfit will be ideal for a day or night out.

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Here are the basic reasons why ladies prefer bralettes over bras:

  • Conventional bras are less comfortable;
  • Bralettes are more body-revealing than bras;
  • A bralette does not hide a woman’s natural shape of breasts;
  • Bralettes provide more freedom;
  • One day a regular bra fails to make a lady feel as sexy as before.

Cool Bralette Designs For Anyone

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Floral Lace Bralette Designs

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We hope that the question What is a bralette bra used for is clarified now. Come back for more useful info and inspiration!