Christmas makeup is always sparkly and mesmerizing, and you can opt for a look that is either delightfully dramatic or slightly understated. Both are fabulous. Just make sure that your makeup fits the party theme.


Glam Smokey Makeup Looks

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Smokey eyes are always on the top of the list when it comes to a party look. However, Christmas is a special occasion so that your look should be corresponding. Hopefully, these ideas will come in more than handy.


Bold Glitter Eyes With Natural Lips Looks

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Learn how to lighten skin for your holiday makeup to look fresh and even shinier. When applying makeup, it is essential that your skin is healthy. And in case it is not, your look might be exhausted, which is inappropriate for holiday makeup. So, consider making your skin healthier.

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If you still wonder how to match your eye makeup with your lipstick, we have it covered for you. No matter bold or neutral you are going today, there is no chance that you will wear it wrong with these ideas.


Dark Shades For Christmas Makeup

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Apply the best homemade face mask to make your skin healthier and your Christmas look will be perfect. Homemade face masks are neither difficult nor expensive to make, and your skin will be very grateful if you treat it with a mask. Have fun!

Matte Lipstick With Glitter Eyes Makeup Ideas

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Some of you may still think that glittery eyeshadow goes well with glossy lipstick only. It is time you learn that matter lips and sparkling eyes look incredible together.


Glitter Smokey With Nude Lips Christmas Makeup

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Unlike everyday life, Christmas allows you to apply any lipstick you like, disregarding its extent of brightness and matching your skin tone. Normally you would not apply violet or green lipstick, but you can do it to attend a holiday party.

Gold Glitter Christmas Eyes Makeup Ideas

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Gold is one of the traditional Christmas hues. That is why sporting gold glitter eye makeup for the occasion is a winning option. Pair it with wine-red or nude lipstick, and you will look irresistible.

Pink Shades For Christmas Eyes Makeup

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We can’t think of Christmas without glitter. That is why opting for glittery makeup when the day comes is a must. Pair gold smokey with matte wine red lips for a better effect.


Festive Blue And Green Glitter Eyeshadow

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When traditional colors are not for you – you should go to the bright side. Green and blue glitter will introduce that vibrant touch to any festive look.

Glitter Cut Crease Christmas Makeup Ideas

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Green glitter eyeshadow is the best shade to opt for when holidays come. Just do not go over the edge with your lips color! Nude is enough!

Glitter Eyes Makeup With Red Shades Lipstick

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Many ladies are afraid to experiment with both bold red lips and dashing eyes. We say that there is nothing to be scared of. You can pull those off flawlessly together!


Christmas Makeup Looks With Eyeliner

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Those of you who are fond of unusual makeup shades should opt for lilac hues. Matching your eye makeup with lipstick in a related shade is a win!

Burgundy And Purple Lipstick With Glitter Eyeshadow

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If you are that girl who thinks – the darker, the better, we have a ready-made compilation at hand for you. Burgundy shades are not only deep and magnetic, but they are also festive too.

Glam Eyes Makeup With Soft Lipstick

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Pick glittery eyeshadow that will not only look outstanding but also compliment your eye color. It is very important.


Soft Glitter Christmas Makeup Ideas

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Some ladies do not like it too bold no matter the occasion. If you belong to the category, then these soft makeup ideas are the ones to consider!

Night Glitter Christmas Makeup Ideas

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Christmas is that time of the year when you need to look your best and to feel your happiest. In our opinion, the addition of sparkles always creates a festive mood. That is why these fancy glitter eye makeup ideas may come in more than handy when the time comes!

FAQ: Christmas Makeup

Is wearing a lot of makeup bad?

Too much makeup often doesn’t last long. If you put on a lot of makeup or don’t remove it at night, it can clog your pores and cause acne problems.

When should you really throw out makeup?

A wise thing is to store your cosmetics properly, discontinue using them after 6 months, and look for products in pumps that help shut off the air.