In your hands lies the ability to create the best lip balm on the market. However, almost all of them contain a base of 3 ingredients and even one of these has a substitute.


Making your own lip balm varies from easy recipes to more complicated ones. Just grab some flavor, some color for tinting and either beeswax or coconut oil.

Lip Balm Packaging

You will need to gather some containers to store your diy lip balm in and there are several varieties for just this purpose. Some of those options are:

Lip Balm Packaging #diylipbalm #homemadelipbalm
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1. Typical lip balm tubes - these can be purchased from many online sources.

2. Old style lip balm tins - these are also available for purchase online.

3. Re-useable lip balm containers - whether you have an empty EOS lip balm container or empty eyeshadow containersthe lip balm can be stored in these and function perfectly.

*There is also shrink wrap material available for purchase online if you decide you’d like to make your product tamper proof.

You can also print labels to apply to your traditional type containers advertising or naming your all natural lip balm.


Universal Lip Balm Formula

Universal Lip Balm Formula #naturallipbalm #lipbalmresipe
Source: eosproducts via Instagram 3 parts carrier oil - carrier oil is a liquid oil such as olive oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil. 1 part beeswax (I always add a smidge extra for good measure) - a vegan option for the beeswax is candelilla wax in equal measurements. 1 part solid butter - some examples of solid butter are cocoa butter, mango butter, and shea butter. 8 drops of essential oil - this ingredient is optional and adds scent and flavor depending upon which oils you choose.

*2 important additions to this.

A.) If you are placing the lip balm in tins the recipe will need to be altered to 4 parts carrier oil. The remaining ingredients stay the same.

B.) Citrus based essential oils are phototoxic. This means that lemon, grapefruit and bergamot oils can make you skin more sensitive to the rays of the sun. Take this into consideration before adding them to your lip balm.

Next we will explore detailed instructions of how to make your own lip balm.

Best Lip Balm Recipe

Best Lip Balm Recipe #homemadecosmetics #diylipbalm
Source: kiehlsturkiye via Instagram Step 1 Use the lip balm formula above and decide on your optional ingredients if you are adding them and gather all of it together in preparation to get started. Step 2 Next place your oil, butter and wax into a glass dish, bowl or aluminum can(easy clean-up, simply trash). Place your container with ingredients into a pot or pan containing a couple inches of water, creating a double boiler. Turn your stove eye to a medium/low heat setting until everything is melted. Step 3 Remove the container from the water being sure to wipe away any water from the outside to rid the risk of unwanted moisture. Add the essential oils to the mixture and then simply pour into your waiting containers. Step 4 Once the mixture has cooled off for appearance purposes you can use a heat gun to assure that the tops are smooth and presentable. Then simply cap and label your lip balm.


Herbs To Intensify The Therapeutic Effect

There are literally dozens of ingredient choices and variations you could use to make your own custom best lip balm.

Various types of oils have different healing benefits so the options for customization depend upon your choice of lip balm to make.

Not only are there healing benefits provided by the oils but you can add herb variations to further intensify the therapeutic aids. Some examples of these additives are:

Herbs To Intensify The Therapeutic Effect #naturallipbalm #homemadelipbalm
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1. Calendula - this additive has soothing properties.

2. Lemon Balm - this type has anti-viral assets and is a wonder for cold sores.

3. Chamomile - not only soothes but is also an anti-inflammatory.

4. Dandelion Flowers - these “weeds” are great for healing damaged skin.

5. Plantain - this ingredient is good for healing the skin.

6. Goldenseal - is also a healing formula rich in anti-virla and anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Rose Petals - soothe the skin.

8. Violet Leaves - are excellent for conditions that involve chapped skin.

Making these types of lip balms are more tedious than the simple basic recipe but their benefits are worth the trouble. To make this type of balm you must follow the following additional steps to acquire a satisfactory product.

1. In a small jar place dried herbs and flowers until the container is half way full.

2. Continue filling the jar with your carrier oil.

3. Apply lid to the jar securely and place in a cabinet for about 4 weeks. Remove the jar and shake vigorously at least once a week.

4. Then simply follow the instructions for making the best lip balm but use your herb infused oil in place of the simple carrier oil.

Add Color And Flavor To Homemade Lip Balm

Add Color And Flavor To Homemade Lip Balm #lipbalmresipe #homemadecosmetics
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You have options for adding color and flavor to your lip balm. There are mints, citrus, vanilla, clove and tea tree to name a few of the most popular choices.

To add some color you can use plant based materials to tint your lip balm the desired shade. Take care not to use something that will stain your lips. Some options include:

1. Alkanet - this will add a pink to a reddish hue.

2. Annato Seed Powder - brings a beautiful orange tint.

3. Chrorella - provide the perfect color for lime lip balm.

4. Cocoa Powder - adds not only chocolate flavor to your lip balm but also gives it a brown shade to correspond with the flavor.

*Hint - stay away from colored clays in pursuit to adding color to your products due to the fact that they have a tendency to pull moisture away from the lips and voiding your intended purpose.

Take care also when making homemade lip balm with coconut oil. Some people may be allergic to coconut oil so it is important that your recipients be made aware of the ingredients in your products.


Natural Ingredients And Their Benefits

Ingredients used in making lip balm can also be used to make other facial products as well. For instance beeswax and carrier oils can be used in making a face mask product.

Adding natural ingredients can also add exciting add-ons to your lip balm recipe. Below we will explore a few of those products and their benefits.

Natural Ingredients And Their Benefits #diylipbalm #homemadelipbalm
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1. Cinnamon - for those who desire plump kissable lips but don’t want to go for Botox, here’s your easy out!

2. Honey - has anti-bacterial attributes and can act as a natural antihistamine if local honey is consumed or used.

3. Sugar - adding sugar to your lip balm creates a whole new product that is great for exfoliating. Add equal amounts of sugar as carrier oil and you now have a lip scrub to rejuvenate your lips.

Why You Need To Use Lip Balm

Why You Need To Use Lip Balm #homemadecosmetics #naturalbeauty
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The main function of best lip balm is to prevent the dreaded offense of pesky chapped lips. The flaking, cracking and eventual peeling of the lips is not only painful but hideous to look at. Often occurring during the winter months there is the potential for them to occur any time of year.

Keeping your lips hydrated is the main factor in preventing chapped lips. The ingredients manage to place the needed environment for healthy lips. Another way to avoid the chapped lip offense is to stay hydrated.

Not only our lips but our entire body needs water to function properly. In the case of lips, however, their environment is dependent upon proper hydration. Like the skin on the rest of our bodies, if it doesn’t receive enough water supply it will dry and become flaky and unattractive. While this unsightly occurrence can be covered up if necessary on most of our bodies, it is painfully obvious on our lips.

What Is The Difference Between Homemade Lip Balm And The One From The Store

What Is The Difference Between Homemade Lip Balm And The One From The Store #diylipbalm #naturallipbalm
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You’re most likely asking why make lip balm when there are so many options on the market. One reason is knowing exactly what is in your lip balm.

Another wonderful reason which may or may not be an issue to you is the cost. The cost of making your own lip balm is peanuts compared to what you will pay in your beauty supply store for nearly the same exact product.

Like most consumer products these days the base ingredients are the same in every product, similar to name brand and generic items. Did you know that name brand and generic item are usually made at the same location? The packaging is different yes but the product is the same. A lot of times you simply purchase the name of the product rather than a superior product. So your personally made lip balm is essentially just as good as “Burts Bees” and “Chap Stick” name brands.

We hope that as you have explored our article you have discovered how to make lip balm at home. Not only is that a fun, adventurous task but a money saver as well. These items could be given out as party favors, promotional material, wedding favors and especially gifts. Just imagine the money you can save by gifting these handy little creations.

So grab your beeswax and get to buzzing on the delicious creation from your kitchen.