Blue lipstick trend has officially arrived. It stems from a couple of years ago, when models were wearing this lip look on the runaways. Not a long time ago some celebrities started wearing this trend for red carpets. Find out how to make it work.


Amazing Makeup Looks With Blue Lipstick

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Purple lipstick is one of the richest shades in this color family. It works for any skin tone – medium, olive, warm, light, dark. You will definitely do you with purple lips.


Beautiful Blue Lipstick Shades

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Liquid lipstick has revolutionized the world of beauty. It is extremely saturated with color. Take a look at one when you are choosing the blue shade for your lips.

Pretty Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

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With light or olive skin tones, you will need to compliment your eyes with nude eye shadow. To complete the look, go for a thin eye liner that will define your eyes.


Blue Lipstick Shades For Any Occasion

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If you have medium or dark skin tone, it would be great to complete your makeup with some bronze eye shadow. Don’t forget about you mascara for more definition.

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Blue lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter and can help to tone down sallowness.


Stunning Makeup Ideas With Blue Lipstick

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These fun shades will accentuate your lips. However, the shade can easily look costume-ish — after all, no one wants to look like a Smurf. So, pick the shade carefully.

Fantastic Blue Lipstick Makeup

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If you’re affraid to choose hot new shade and that’s making the rounds, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what shade of skin you rock, you can do you in blue.

FAQ: Blue Lipstick

Can I wear blue lipstick?

Navy blue lipstick is a serious trend that can make any skin color blue. The main thing you need to know is that blue lipstick is supposed to be fun. Because it doesn’t look like pink or red, you will surely be noticed with blue lips.

Is Blue Heaven lipstick vegan?

Blue Heaven is a vegan, abuse-free cosmetic brand.

How do I look good in blue lipstick?

Draw the lips along their outer edge, but leave them on the lips. Do not apply a liner to the outside of the lip line. Don’t use a neutral liner because it can make your lipstick look muddy and dull.