Purple lipstick is making a huge comeback this season. So, it’s a must-have from now on. Here you can look through trendy shades of purple and decide which ones will work for you. Also, read on to learn some pro tips on how to rock this yummy shade.


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When your lips are super-bright, that is, when you wear purple, orange, red, pink sheer or liquid lipstick, no other pops of color should be present on your face. Always follow this rule.

However, this color pop lipstick rule concerns only the face. You can still wear colorful outfits and accessories. Do not hesitate putting on solid necklace or big earrings – it is summer after all.


Night Makeup Ideas With Purple Lipstick

When it comes to evening out makeup, you can get a little bit experimental. This means that bold shades are more welcome than ever. That is why, if you prefer purple hues, we have a fair share of perfect ideas to share. The thing is that with these purple lipstick and eye makeup ideas you will look flawless no matter where you are headed!

Metallic Purple Lipstick Shades

Metallic purple lipsticks will provide your lips with a mesmerising sparkly violet touch... Did you notice that most metallics tend to have an underlying sheen of gold or silver that makes a more "foiled" look?


Matte Purple Lipstick Shades

Tip: cat eye makeup will suit perfectly your violet lips. Apply a black eyeliner on the upper eyelid only.

Say hello to these lovely matte shades. Full coverage is guaranteed. Plus, these shades are so deep...

Stunning Makeup Ideas With Purple Gloss

To make the purple shade pop even more, experts advise to highlight your skin. Light, barely noticeable blusher will do its job and make your face look flawless. Pick the most flattering shade.



Creative Purple Lips With Glitter & Sequins

Glittery designs, ombre, Swarovski crystals - the limit truly does not exist. You’ll find hundreds of beautiful designs on Instagram - this amazing makeup is super-modern!


FAQ: Purple Lipstick

Who should wear purple lipstick?

If you have fair skin, use mild, cool purples like lilac or lavender. Cold tones usually go well with cooler tones of fair skin. They’re also light colors that won’t overpower fair skin.

How do you wear purple blush?

Applying a lilac-toned blush in a wide design on the center of the cheeks creates a very nice look. Highlighting it is also a good option. Purple blush is best coupled with fresh eye makeup like puppy tail eyeliner and smooth gradient lips because of the cute look of the cheeks.

What is a bluish purple?

Lavender blue is another name for periwinkle. It is a delicate purple tint that is sometimes referred to as pastel purple. The term was first used as a color name in English in 1922.