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Bold Looks With Black Lipstick To Try

Black lipstick is daring and not every woman knows how to pull it off not to resemble some fairy-tale character. Even though we only start getting used to the trend, in reality, it has been around for as long as several thousand years. Women in Ancient Egypt knew how to rock this shade, so it’s more classic than you think. But let’s talk about pulling it off today. And let’s move from the general black lipstick tips to the specific application advice.

First of all, your lips will do the talking. So, stay away from bold colors for your eye makeup for black lipstick. Otherwise, you risk at looking like you’re going to a Halloween party. For example, pair dark lipstick with mascara and maybe some eyeliner plus blush.

The great news is that black lipstick looks pretty good on anyone. If we are talking about jet black lipstick like black lipstick Mac or black lipstick NYX. So, if you wonder how to wear black lipstick on dark skin or medium skin, you definitely have nothing to worry about. However, jet black hues might appear terrifically severe against lighter skin tones. So, you will have to opt for blotting it down in this case.

However, keep in mind that the glossy finish will need more maintenance. Keep the liner or lip gloss in the purse in order to reapply it during the day.

Now when you know the basics, let’s see the pics that will demonstrate you how to wear black lipstick without looking goth.

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