Sugar skull makeup is very popular when it comes to Halloween. And there is no wonder why, since what could suit better the Day of the Dead holiday? Another advantage of this makeup is that you would barely need a costume – the makeup itself can serve that role. In case you do not have an idea of what we are talking about, we will show you!


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Skull Makeup with Rhinestones

Sugar skull makeup has indeed gained tremendous popularity over the past years. However, as time passes, it is not enough to pull off good old makeup looks, and every fashionista is thriving to introduce something new into the look.

A word of advice would be to start experimenting with additional bling. The fact is that a fair share of rhinestones implemented into the look will take it to the next level of cool. Besides, no matter whether it is a heavy or subtle makeup idea you are about to introduce, there is always enough room for gorgeous rhinestones. See for yourself!


Sparkly Skull Makeup Ideas

In case you are willing to experiment with glamourous sugar skull makeup, one thing that you are going to need for certain is the glitter. There is no one-for-all rule as to where to apply the glitter and which color it should be. You can either choose the matching tints or play around with contrasting tones to add some more definition to your look. If you are not a huge fan of sparkles, just a touch every here and there will transform the makeup tremendously. The vital fact here is to achieve the level that satisfies you aesthetically, in the first place. We think that at least one of the ideas will inspire you to create that unforgettable look everyone would envy!

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Skull Makeup Ideas with Floral Accessories

Just like with any other Halloween look, makeup is not enough to complete the image you intend to recreate. The very same goes for the sugar skull. No matter how fancy and innovative the idea is, it will be incomplete without additional accessories that make a costume. One of the best and the most unique ways to spice the image up would be to add some flowers to the stage. It can be a single contrasting flower, a wreath, or some flowers implemented into the makeup itself. Whatever you pick should harmonize and fulfill the purpose of La Catrina’s look, which is not to scare away but to honor those who are no longer with us.


Glamorous Skull Makeup Ideas

Some people approach the skull makeup as a separate branch of makeup art, and there is nothing wrong with that. The truth is that if you have an idea that hasn’t been pulled off before – go on and breathe in life into it. Keeping up with the traditions is no longer a solid rule. Be it a gentle white or pastel pink sugar skull, as long as you can represent it uniquely and appealingly, you should give it a try. Besides, at times when playing with your face is not enough to express the vibe, you can project the look onto the rest of the body as well.

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Easy Skull Makeup Designs

Very often, when you think about appealing a sugar skull, you can imagine state-of-art makeup. If you are not a makeup artist yourself, it may be challenging to create a masterpiece yourself. However, there are almost limits when it comes to creativity intertwined with simplicity.

Easy contouring, half-face look, unique color palette – all these are the tools at your disposal. The more special is the approach to the matter, the easier it is to fulfill. You can merely grab any of the presented ideas, change a thing or two, and end up with an impressive and one-of-the-kind sugar skull anyone will fall for!

Creative & Spooky Sugar Skull Makeup Looks

When you are getting ready for a Halloween party, it is obvious enough that you wish to look like no one else. That is when unusual skull makeup come in more than handy. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Use your imagination and introduce any elements you like to be one of a kind!

Best Sugar Skull Makeup Creations to Win Halloween

The main advantage, as well as the beauty of sugar skull makeup, is the fact that you can use your face as well as the body as the perfect canvas. As long as you feel artistic enough, you can keep on introducing new details into the look. There are no strict rules to follow so that your inner artist can rejoice. The only thing would be to think of your makeup as not of a separate costume but the element that can complete anything. These fantasy makeup ideas are just stunning!