Best friend Halloween costumes are totally a thing right now. Admit it, sharing the same-themed costume with your besties is much more fun than being a lonely freak. Even though Halloween is a traditional holiday, there are trends to follow. And today we will discover some great Halloween costume ideas.


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Princess Costumes for Best Friends

Most girls dream about becoming princesses. Thus, making your childhood dream come true is what Halloween can be about. The best friend Halloween costumes that feature your favorite princess characters are more versatile than you think. Take on an exciting fantasy-world adventure together with your best friend and create unforgettable – even royal – memories together!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit your look to the best friend duo Halloween costumes. You can gather characters from different tales into a single, princess-only gathering. Embrace the timeless class of Cinderella, the extraordinary flair of Alice in Wonderland, and the adventurous nature of Jasmine so you can step into the universe of fantasy and magic together.

A word of advice: when you are coordinating your dress-up efforts, you can implement matching pieces, accessories, and details into the costume so that it is understandable that you come from the same tribe. Wands, tiaras, capes, and other decorative elements will help you succeed with an unforgettable outcome.

What costume do you plan for this Halloween with your BF?

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What costume do you plan for this Halloween with your BF?

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Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Friends

The superhero universes, such as Marvel and DC, seem to have inspired the most iconic duos of all times and nations. If you are a Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, or Loki fan and your bestie works the same way, it is time to dress up as your favorite characters. The best part is that heroes and villains make a great team without undermining each other.

If you think all the best duo Halloween costumes are reserved for the superhero pool, think again. You can show your love for mystery and adventure by pulling off the most iconic Scooby-Doo characters. If your friend circle goes beyond two people, you can impersonate the whole Scooby team and have the most fun night of your lives!

Let’s not forget about the Harry Potter world, shall we? There are fewer famous duos in the series since the courageous trio are the main heroes of the saga, but the theme remains. You can become a brave and loving Ron and witty Hermione for a night or stand as eternal rivals – Harry and Voldemort.

Don’t forget to gather the magical supplies. Ready your brooms, wands, and loyal creatures like Hedwig and Buckbeak so the muggles are fully aware of who you are. One more thing – bring your house scarves so that Gryffindors, Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws can point at one another from afar. You can find new friends on this magical night.

As we speak about movie-inspired duo costumes, we shouldn’t forget table-turning pieces like Kill Bill, Star Wars, or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Bring timeless classics to life with matching outfits and celebrate the unique bond.

Embrace the force with Princess Leia and loyal Chewbacca, ready your katana as the Bride, or present the sultry charm together with a Catwoman.

Present-day series have countless ideas to use as duo costume ideas. Whether you want to become a fierce warrior, a mysterious witch, or a dangerous werewolf – the range of possibilities is close to being unlimited:

  • Conquer the Seven Kingdoms as the Mother of Dragons and the last of Targaryens: Daenerys and Jon Snow.
  • Fight Vecna as Mike and Eleven. You can bring in the rest of the group too.
  • Showcase your office humor as Jim and Pam or Dwight and Michael from The Office.
  • Start your criminal path for a night as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.
  • Pay homage to the Friends nostalgia as Central Perk’s iconic five: Monica, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, and Phoebe.
  • Explore the time and space as the Doctor and his loyal companion.
  • Protect the Child from the far-away galaxy and dress up as Grogu and Din Djarin.
  • Add some school drama to the night and become Riverdale famous characters.


Best Friends Halloween Costumes from Cartoons

There are so many friend Halloween costumes they are difficult to enlist in a single article. However, if you are a devoted fan of cartoons, you can exploit these ideas to your advantage:

  • Save the Townsville or try to mess it up as Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, or Mojo Jojo and Gangree Gang.
  • Bring your pink regalia to the Halloween gathering and pose as a charming Pink Diamond. Let your bestie choose their favorite character from the Steven Universe and start a fantastic adventure together.
  • Become the contrasting duo from Adventure Time and stress how two different people, such as Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum, can have immense fun and share a tight bond.

Those seeking some funny duo costumes can take a lead from these beloved cartoon characters:

  • Master the power of elements such as Aang, Katara, Sokka, or Toph from Avatar.
  • Go down the path of Buzz Lightyear and Jessie to enter the captivating world of toys. Bring smiles to people’s faces as you enter any Halloween party.
  • The fairytale adventures start when Shrek enters the room. Don’t forget to find him the love of his life dressed as Princess Fiona.

You can go as far as to replay some of your favorite story moments and celebrate your friendship in the best way possible.

Do you seek some frost-taken things to be for Halloween? Well, Frozen universe offers a plethora of options to embark on:

  • Elsa and Anna are the most iconic sisters of the modern-day world. Match the adventurous green with a winter-ridden blue cape and work your way through the world.
  • Olaf and Sven will bring light, humor, and joy everywhere they go. Don’t forget to bring a carrot and reindeer antlers into your looks.
  • Frozen 2 looks – want to add some maturity to the fantasy scene? Then, pose as the Snow Queen of the Enchanted Forest and her courageous sister.

FAQ: Best Friend Halloween Costumes

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Anime-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Besties

Halloween grants you an unlimited opportunity to take on the anime best friend costumes. Celebrate your favorite characters and inspire those around you to learn more about the multi-layered anime world. Whether it is Death Note, Howl’s Moving Castle, Tokyo Ghoul, or any other amazing series, you can set your imagination free!

Spooktacular Duo: Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Male Bestie

2 people Halloween costumes aren’t limited to same-gender ideas. You can pair up with your male bestie and form such amazing duos as a Joker and his Harley Quinn, Dracula and his Queen, Inquisitor, and his Witch, or two super villains from different universes falling for one another. Don’t worry about any cliches. Create a match that reflects your nature best, and enjoy the outcome.

Halloween Costumes with Game Characters

Matching costumes for friends can be derived from anywhere, so why should your favorite games become an exception? If you and your bestie are devoted gamers, Halloween is the best time to showcase your allegiances and dress up as:

  • Geralt and Ciri from The Witcher 3.
  • Kitana, Skarlet, and Mileena from Mortal Combat.
  • Mario and Luigi from Super Mario.
  • Lilith and her minions from Diablo 4.
  • Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us.

The array of gaming options is more than extensive. There’s room for everyone.


Funny Halloween Costumes for Best Friends

Well-knows iconic duo costumes aren’t for all, and that is understandable. Halloween is the best time to show your dark side, but you can also play the humor card. Thus, you can gather your same-minded besties and go for a reversed dress up or pairing as Netflix&Chill attributes. Explore your creativity, and don’t worry that someone won’t get your unique sense of humor.

Halloween costumes for best friends don’t have to be all class and sass. Dressing up as a healthy breakfast bears a perfect festive flair that is non-obvious but hard to miss out on. Besides, a creative take on a timeless Cruella look is priceless. You can consider it well done as long as you and your best friend feel comfy in your holiday look.

Witches Costumes for BFF

Matching Halloween costumes for friends can’t pass the witchery scene by, can they? As one of the most popular Halloween looks, witches’ costumes come in various shapes and forms. Whether you want to showcase your gothic side or pun the overall image, spice it up with an antique or contemporary vibe – the choice is yours.

However, a few must-haves are to be preserved. Pointed hats, broom, striped stockings, and daring makeup are on the list. As for the rest – become your own fantasy artists!

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Besties

No matter how hard you prepare for the holiday, sometimes Halloween can sneak up on you so that all the best costumes are booked and the time is running out. Worry not. All it takes is to open up your wardrobe and create matching outfits without actual costumes involved. Imagine Elsa and Anna walking the streets of New York wearing their fav Ts and jeans? Or gothy witches heading to their annual gatherings? How about a pair of cowgirls wearing leather pants and jackets? You’ve got the direction to move in, and these visuals can serve as perfect sources of inspiration should the need arise.

Picking the best friend Halloween costumes is a complex and responsible task. It takes a lot of thought and consideration to figure out what makes you tick. However, once you find the common ground, you can use this guide to point you toward the perfect outcome! Make this holiday a day to remember.