When Halloween is approaching one could choose between various scary Halloween makeup ideas to create the perfect image for oneself for this fun and exciting holiday.

Halloween is the time when every person could become someone else, and choosing a proper Halloween makeup is going to be essential for turning into someone else, be it a skeleton or a mermaid.


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Scary But Glam Makeup Ideas

Every girl dreams about becoming a princess, but we know how to take the matter further. A real black queen is a fitting image for those of you who like to rule and stand out! Try it out, and it will be Halloween to remember!

Halloween costumes frequently require a lot of blood, sharp teeth and spooky embellishments. However, if guts and gore aren't really what you like, your makeup can still leave a memorable impression without being too frightful...It will be enough to focus on the eyes.

Do you prefer glamy or spooky Halloween looks?

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  • Halloween is the time for ugly and sinister looks
  • I love looking sexy and glamorous, no matter where I go and what I'm celebrating
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  • I love looks that are both glamorous and scary
  • I don't celebrate Halloween

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Do you prefer glamy or spooky Halloween looks?

Halloween is the time for ugly and sinister looks
I love looking sexy and glamorous, no matter where I go and what I'm celebrating
It depends
I love looks that are both glamorous and scary
I don't celebrate Halloween
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Crazy Clowns Looks

Clowns are scary. Do not trust us? Just have a look at this bloody clown makeup, and we are sure that you will reconsider your attitude to them. However, with such a makeup you will rule the party, that is for sure!

Movie Characters Makeup Ideas

If you are a dedicated fantasy action fan, then you should better pull off your favorite character look. How about these unbelievable Gods of Egypt (especially the Priestess of the Nile look...)?

You can always draw inspiration from the silver screen for your next Halloween look if you want to try something more original than just a "cat" or "vampire". There are a ton of movie characters who can legitimately be called fashion idols. We have plenty of deliberately overdone popular character looks to get you started if you love Halloween looks influenced by popular culture.

Here we've featured looks from a variety of movies, with styles drawn from spooky and nostalgic flicks, such as: Corpse Husband, Corpse Bride, Ursula, the Sea Witch, Gorgo, Freddy Krueger and Nutcracker.


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Scary 3D Makeup Ideas

Who is the Lord of evil? The devil himself, you will say. Would you dare to transform into the dark Lord for one night? In case you would, these looks are surely worthy of being replicated.

Dolls aren’t always pretty, - they can be scary too. To create that scary doll effect, make all your face white while putting lots of black around the eyes. Any lipstick would go well with this makeup. If you opt for a very dramatic effect, create the illusion of a hollow heart and paint some insects there. You could go with butterflies too – it would look a bit less scary though.

You do not need scary makeup to spread the terror anywhere you go. No, all you need is a scare 3D bugs or snakes over your face. As simple as that!

What is more, people often underestimate the role of bees in world’s ecosystem. If you belong to the category who values the little things which produce tasty honey, pay your respect with this Queen Bee look sported on Halloween.

Mermaids are fantasy creatures that everyone is in love with. Mostly, they are good-looking and kind, but how about those who have been corrupted by evil? Such makeup requires some skill and effort, but the result will be worth it!

Those of you who are willing to go as far as to come up with a real 3D makeup for Halloween, we have a creepy idea in mind. These 3D cuts will make many shudder with fear just from one glance.


Scary Skeleton Makeup

Scary Skeleton Makeup

The skeleton always looks pretty scary. For a more impressive effect, you could paint the tears or darking near your eyes. You could also experiment with the colors - add some pink, yellow or white and blend it all well.

Scary Skeleton Makeup

Create the magic spiderweb you’ve seen in your dreams on your face, with navy-blue flower-styled eyes and stitchy skeleton lips - and all of your friends will be greatly impressed. Add wreath with blue veil and make your face look as if you were coming from the Hade’s kingdom...

Half Face Monster Makeup #monstermakeup #halfface

If you are looking for the unique combination of skeleton and a glamorous look, this makeup idea would serve you the best.

Scary Skeleton Makeup

Here is a tip: if you want to look glamourous rather than scary, paint white skeleton teeth and add rhinestones along the mouth. Make your yes black or dark gray for contrast. Wear an appropriate dress, some white earrings and here you are – so horribly beautiful...!

With the help of silver and gold metal earrings, combination of goldish, red and black tones for the makeup, you’ll look like no one else!

Crazy Pumpkin Makeup

Demons and pumpkins are the usual attributes of Halloween that is why combining the two to create a party image is a worthy idea. In case you are interested in an outcome – see for yourself!

Unique Scary Makeup Ideas

One of the scary Halloween makeup ideas is creating a creepy blue-bloody mermaid look. Add lots of blue color mixed with white one to achieve that dramatic effect.

Unique Scary Makeup Ideas

Tired of the regular Halloween monster makeup ideas? We have something unique in store! How about granting yourself unusual alien makeup? It may take you some time to succeed with it, but the result will be worth the effort.

Unique Scary Makeup Ideas

Very often, we imagine demon as someone over the edge scary. What about a sassy demoness look? It is still bitsy horrifying but also hot as hell!

These Chinese-styled looks are unquestionably a stunning option that honors the traditional customs and attire of ancient China. They are so elegant and sophisticated...


Mind-Boggling “Cracked Face” Halloween Looks

One more way to frighten your friends this Halloween is to dress up like a porcelain figure and go all out on your “cracked” makeup. Cover your face with a thin coating of white face paint. Note that a translucent layer of paint will make you look like an ancient doll… This look is cool yet spooky and is sure to draw attention.

There is always a little monster living inside each and every one of us. Halloween is the time when you can show the darker side of you off. These glamourosely spooky looks can come more than handy when the time comes.

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