When Halloween is approaching one could choose between various scary Halloween makeup ideas to create the perfect image for oneself for this fun and exciting holiday.

Halloween is the time when every person could become someone else, and choosing a proper Halloween makeup is going to be essential for turning into someone else, be it a skeleton or a zombie nurse.


Scary Facial Mask

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Crazy Clown Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/linalordi

Dead Bride Look

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Nigh Lady

Credit photo: Instagram.com/irinastepanova2749

Scary Clown

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Green Glitter Skull Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rachelprever_

Are you thinking of the combination of something horrifying yet a bit glamorous at the same time? Then paint the skeleton teeth with the black pencil, make your yes black as well and add green glitter to your eyebrows, nose and around the mouth and neck area. Wear an appropriate dress, and here you are – you are horribly beautiful!

Pink and Black/White Broken Face Art for Halloween

Credit photo: Instagram.com/astmog_mua

Looking for something creative for Halloween? Ask your artist friend (or do it yourself) to paint the black web on your face. Add some pink color around your eyes and a red lipstick if you want to get that scary yet feminine look.

Flowers And Distressed Skull Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/pigeon_pie_art

Scull is a very popular look for Halloween. Make it a bit more interesting by either painting flowers on your neck or simply wearing it on your hair. Insert a small skull sculpture into your flowers and you’ll achieve a scary and exciting look.


Stitched Doll Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/astmog_mua

“What’s that?” – if you want everyone around you asking that question, – go for a stitched make up idea. It might take some time to achieve such a look, but it’s definitely worth the efforts. A proper hairstyle and clothes will add some mystery to the overall image.

Creepy Mermaid Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ladyparadoxx

Do you love mermaids? One of the scary Halloween makeup ideas is creating a creepy bloody mermaid look. Add lots of red color mixed with white one to achieve that dramatic effect.

Scary Doll Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nicolelouisemakeup_

Dolls aren’t always pretty, - they can be scary too. To create that scary doll effect, make all your face white while putting lots of black around the eyes. Any lipstick would go well with this makeup. If you opt for a very dramatic effect, create the illusion of a hollow heart and paint some insects there. You could go with butterflies too – it would look a bit less scary though.


Nun Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/spookylilpeach

Scary Vampire Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/sarinanexie

Joker Scary Makeup

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Bloody Scary Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/giamariewaits

Bride Of Frankenstein

Credit photo: Instagram.com/typical_white_girl_sfx

Zombie Girl Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/promisetamang


Comic Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/_niu__

The skeleton teeth always look pretty scary. For a more impressive effect, you could paint the tears or lightning near your eyes. You could also experiment with the colors, - add some pink, yellow or white.

Magic Flowers Painting

Credit photo: Instagram.com/nikki.paint

Create the magic flowers you’ve seen in your dreams on your face, - and all of your friends will be greatly impressed. Use all the variety of colors, - magic flowers can be grey or black or blue. Add some leaves and make your face look as if you were coming from the Hade’s kingdom.

Greed Skeleton Halloween Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lauramaquia

If you are looking for the unique combination of skeleton and robot, this makeup idea would serve you the best. With the help of silver and gold metal chains, combination of goldish and black tones for the makeup, you’ll look like no one else.


Easy Makeup Look for Halloween Night

Credit photo: Instagram.com/bethanyfae

If you are short of time for a sophisticated Halloween makeup, simply paint some lines in the form of a tree root or lightning coming from your eyes. Add unusual lipstick color, like a blue one, wear an appropriate dress, and you are ready for a Halloween party.

Bloody Red Riding Hood Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/typical_white_girl_sfx

Red Riding Hood is a character that everyone is familiar with. However, we suggest to your attention a completely new interpretation of the image. With such a makeup, you will be the center of attention no matter where you go!

Creepy Black Queen Makeup Look

Credit photo: Instagram.com/simple.symphony

Every girl dreams about becoming a princess, but we know how to take the matter further. A real black queen is a fitting image for those of you who like to rule and stand out! Try it out, and it will be Halloween to remember!


Dorian Gray Creepy Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lilmoonchildd

We all know the story of Dorian Gray but rarely do we think of putting it back to life, don’t we? That is why we suggest to your attention this horrifyingly beautiful look to try out and replicate.

Twisted Nurse Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ellie35x

Most of us think that nurses are good, and sassy nurses are most commonly used as an inspirational image when the Halloween season is coming. However, our version of a nurse image is totally twisted and scary – are you sure, you will be able to deal with this share of terror?

Demon And Pumpkin Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/thetrashmask

Demons and pumpkins are the usual attributes of Halloween that is why combining the two to create a party image is a worthy idea. In case you are interested in an outcome – see for yourself!


Bloody Clown Makeup Art

Credit photo: Instagram.com/modelkrystala

Clowns are scary. Do not trust us? Just have a look at this bloody clown makeup, and we are sure that you will reconsider your attitude to them. However, with such a makeup you will rule the party, that is for sure!

Galaxy UFO Halloween Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jessamarie37

Tired of regular Halloween monster makeup ideas? We have something unique in store! How about granting yourself unusual alien galaxy makeup? It may take you some time to succeed with it, but the result will be worth the effort.

3D Venom Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/aninha

If you are a dedicated commix fan, then you should better pull off your favorite character look. How about the unbelievable Venom 3D image?


Black And Gold Demon Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kimberleymargarita_

Very often, we imagine demon as someone over the edge scary. What about a sassy demoness look? It is still bitsy horrifying but also hot as hell!

Zombie Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/artbeautychaos

Zombies are always trending, that is why if you do not want to step away from the tradition, you can try this cute undead schoolgirl look.

Mother Of Dragons Makeup

Credit photo: scarlettmakeupartist

Incredible Khaleesi, beloved Mother of Dragons is the hottest trend there is! Don’t hesitate to replicate the look before your girlfriends do!


Mosquito 3D Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/melllani_

You do not need scary makeup to spread the terror anywhere you go. No, all you need is a scare 3D bugs all over your face. As simple as that!

Creepy Fortune Teller Halloween Makeup

There is always something creepy about fortune tellers, don’t you think? They usually know something that you don’t. If you wish to scare your friends on Halloween, but you want to look sassy at the same time – the fortune teller makeup with a darker twist to it will do.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jamiegenevieve

Evil Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/maureennaudts

Mermaids are fantasy creatures that everyone is in love with. Mostly, they are good-looking and kind, but how about those who have been corrupted by evil? Such makeup requires some skill and effort, but the result will be worth it!


3D Cuts Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/danamarieartistry

Those of you who are willing to go as far as to come up with a real 3D makeup for Halloween, we have a creepy idea in mind. These 3D cuts will make many shudder with fear just from one glance.

Scary Devil Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/bangtsikitsiki

Who is the lord of evil? The devil himself, you will say. Would you dare to transform into the dark lord for one night? In case you would, this look is surely worthy of being replicated.

Half Monster Face Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/capricorrn

There is always a little monster living inside each and every one of us. Halloween is the time when you can show the darker side of you off. This half-monster look can come more than handy when the time comes.


Queen Bee Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/bangtsikitsiki

People often underestimate the role of bees in world’s ecosystem. If you belong to the category who values the little things which produce tasty honey, pay your respect with this Queen Bee look sported on Halloween.

Scary Clown Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/asalfaceart

Many people consider clowns scary even though their main purpose is to entertain little kids with their tricks and jokes. Invest in terrifying clown myths with this not less terrifying makeup.

Plastic Surgery Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/powerpuffmoniq

Sadly, many women fall, victims of plastic surgery, these days. It is time to show the world how plastic beauty looks from the inside.