Get ready to embrace the spooktacular spirit of Halloween with nail art that is as bewitching as it is stylish. Whether you're attending a costume party or simply want to showcase your festive flair, Halloween nail designs offer a creative way to celebrate the season of tricks and treats. From eerie cobwebs and haunting ghosts to playful pumpkins and sinister skulls, these celebrity-inspired nail art ideas will help you enchant everyone with your chilling manicure. Let's dive right into the collection of spine-tingling Halloween nails that will leave you mesmerized and ready to haunt the night with your dazzling fingertips!


How To Do Blood Splatter On Nails?

  • (Preparations): Start by ensuring your nails are clean, dry, and free from any old nail polish. If needed, trim and shape your nails.
  • (Base Coat): Apply a base coat of white nail polish to all your nails. Allow it to dry completely. This will serve as the background color for your blood splatter.
  • (Protect your fingers): To prevent the mess from getting all over your fingers, you can apply a layer of liquid latex or clear tape around your nails. This will make cleanup easier later on.
  • (Prepare the Splatter): Pour a small amount of red nail polish onto a disposable surface, like a piece of paper. You'll use this as your blood for the splatter.
  • (Splatter effect): For the splatter effect, you can use either of these methods for your manicure.
      Method 1 (Straw): Dip the end of a small straw into the black nail polish, making sure there's a small amount of polish on the tip. Hold the straw close to your nail and blow through the other end to create splatters of black polish on your red nails. Experiment with the distance and force to achieve the desired splatter effect.
      Method 2 (Brush): If you don't have a straw or prefer more control, you can use a nail art brush. Dip the brush into the black nail polish, then hold it close to your nail and tap it with your finger to create the splatter effect.
  • (Repeat): Continue adding splatters to each nail until you achieve the desired look. You can vary the density and size of the splatters for a more realistic effect.
  • (Cleanup): Remove the liquid latex or tape if you used it, and use nail polish remover and cotton swabs or an angled nail brush to clean up any stray splatters or excess polish around your nails. A nail polish remover pen can also be helpful for precision cleanup.
  • (Top Coat - Optional): Apply a clear topcoat to seal and protect your design. This will also give your nails a glossy finish.
  • (Drying): Allow your nails to dry completely before using your hands.

Now, you have spooky blood splatter Halloween nails to show off at your Halloween festivities. Enjoy your creepy nail art!


Halloween Ghost Nails Tutorial

  • (Apply a Base Coat): Apply a clear base coat to protect your nails and provide a smooth surface for the white nail polish to adhere to. Allow it to dry completely.
  • (Apply Black Nail Polish): Once the base coat is dry, apply two coats of black nail polish as your base color. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly. Make sure the black is smooth and even.
  • (Create Ghost Faces): Using a fine-tipped nail art brush or nail art pen, dip it into white nail polish. Then, carefully draw ghost faces on each nail. You can make them as simple or detailed as you like. Common ghost face elements include round eyes and a wide open mouth. You can also add eyebrows or other details for variety.
  • (Allow the White Polish to Dry): Once your white ghost body is dry, you can use a fitted tool dipped in black nail polish to draw the eyes and mouth of each ghost. Let the white nail polish dry completely before proceeding to the next step. This may take a few minutes.
  • (Apply a Top Coat): To protect your ghost nail art and give it a glossy finish, apply a clear topcoat over the entire nail. This will also help your design last longer.
  • (Cleanup): Use a cotton swab or a small nail art brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any mistakes or smudges around your nail edges.

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Nightmare Themed Nails

Nightmare Themed Halloween Nail Designs

For Halloween gel nail designs, how about a nightmare theme? These nails often feature eerie and unsettling designs, such as blood splatters, haunted houses, or creepy silhouettes. Instead of a dark and moody color palette like deep blacks, blood-red, and ghostly white, you can try unusual shades like matte pink from Nykaa and glossy green from Essie. These colors set the tone for these nails. Nightmare-themed nails are perfect for those who love a good scare and want their nails to reflect their spooky spirit.


Spooky Mickey

Spooky Mickey Halloween Nail Designs

There’s no doubt almost everyone’s childhood involved watching Mickey Mouse shows! So go down memory lane with this Halloween nail art design. Rather than a bubbly-looking Mickey as seen on Ariana Grande and China McClain’s manicures, you can make your Mickey Mouse look as spooky as ever! Introduce creepy creatures alongside drawings or stickers of Mickey. The goal is to opt for dark shades and make your nail manicure celebrate Halloween at its finest.

Cute Anime Art

Cute Anime Halloween Nail Art

If you can’t bother to stress yourself and think of creepy and ghostly nail art ideas, well we have other cute Halloween nail designs for you! Simply adorn all your nails with the awesome color from either Essie or CND as they have a variety of shades. Next, you could add tiny animated faces using black nail polish. Draw spooky eyes on each face and your simple Halloween manicure is ready!


Black and White Mix

Black and White Halloween Nail Designs

It’s safe to say that Halloween isn’t complete without spotting a black and white manicure on someone. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez are obsessed with this duo and can’t seem to get enough of it. So for simple black Halloween nail designs, you can opt for a ghost theme. With either a white or black base, interchange the color for the ghost with little cobwebs added on a few fingers and you’re set. OPI, Holo Taco and Sally Hansen offer captivating shades of black you could choose from to get started!

Colorful With Mood

Colorful Halloween Nail Designs

While a lot of people love their Halloween nails to involve dark and creepy designs, you can be a little different and stand out from the crowd. You can achieve this by doing the exact opposite and opting for colorful nail shades. Even Lizzo and Selena Gomez have shown how well this type of bright manicure always turns out awesome. So for your Disney Halloween nail designs, consider a mixture of pink, blue, yellow and basically other bright colors that would brighten up your dark Halloween outfit. The pro of this nail design is that you can pick from a variety of shades from China Glaze, Beetles and Chanel collections.

Ghost Cat

Ghost Cat Halloween Nail Designs

Since the simple scary ghost is an all-time classic when it comes to Halloween nail designs, we’ve offered a new twist to this concept. For your Halloween manicure, how about ghost cats for a fun and witty result? On a few fingers, you can draw white cats with ghostly bodies for that creepy look. You might just need to decide on the color to use for your base and for a start, you can consider purple or green or black if you want it dark.


Harry Potter Nails

Harry Potter Nails

Instead of Halloween French tip nail designs, bring one of your favorite magical shows to life on your nails! Blake Lively equally showed her love for Harry Potter with her manicure and you can too. Harry Potter nails pay tribute to the beloved wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling. These nails may feature iconic symbols like the Hogwarts crest, lightning bolt scars, and wands. The use of deep, magical colors like rich blues, purples, and dark greens adds a touch of wizardry to your nails. Perfect for Potterheads looking to show their love for the series during Halloween.

Addams Family

Addams Family Halloween Nail Designs

Still, on nail designs for Halloween, you can also consider incorporating other creepy movies like the Addams family in your manicure. Addams Family nails are inspired by the kooky and spooky Addams family characters and one of the recently popular characters is Wednesday played by Jenna Ortega. These nails may feature Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, or other family members. Gothic elements like cobwebs, black roses, and creepy portraits add an eerie vibe to the design. A great choice for fans of macabre and dark humor. These simple Halloween nail designs feature the classic black and white colors so you might want to grab such shades from Starrily or OPI.

Witches Dance

Witches Dance Halloween Nail Designs

Witch nails capture the essence of a mystical and enchanting coven of witches. Designs often include witches' hats, broomsticks, cauldrons, and magical potions. Think deep purples, dark greens, and burnt oranges for the witchy background of your nail art before adding black drawings of witches to complete the look. Perfect for those who embrace the magic and mystery of Halloween without derailing too far.


Holo Pumpkins

Holo Pumpkins Halloween Nail Designs

Everyone is talking about holographic nails and your favorites like Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian aren’t left out! Incorporate this nail trend for Halloween with the addition of pumpkins for that festive spirit. So you have holographic pumpkin nails that shimmer and shine. These nails often combine traditional pumpkin imagery with holographic or iridescent nail polish. For a glittery and shimmery result, check out Deborah Lippman, ILNP and Essies collection. The result is a dazzling and eye-catching manicure that adds a touch of glamour to your Halloween pumpkin look.

Goth Web Art

Goth Web Halloween Nail Designs

Channel your inner dark elegance through black Halloween nail designs. Many present-day celebrities embrace a mystic and edgy vibe perfect for making a bold statement. How about becoming a Marylin Manson for a day? If not, Billie Eilish is known for her distinctive style and well-developed passion for dark nail art. There's something irresistibly complementary about goth web art, which will spice every look with dark charm and elegance.

Corpse Bride Halloween Nail Designs

Corpse Bride Halloween Nail Designs

Creating nail art inspired by the "Corpse Bride" can be a fun and unique way to pay homage to Tim Burton's beautiful and eerie aesthetics. China Glaze seems to have a perfect blue base to showcase the film's primary characters and outstanding themed elements.


Amazing Witches

Witches Halloween Nails

If you are looking for a fantastic way to channel the mystical and enchanting vibes of the season, witches-themed nail designs Halloween should definitely be on your refer-to list. We think KleanColor's 'Fashionista' looks like a perfect base color for the case. What about you?

Eye Halloween Nail Art

Eye Halloween Nail Art

Katy Perry knows how to take a spooky nail game to the next level. Creating eye Halloween nail art designs is what you need to capture the creepy and mythical spirit of the season. Moreover, you can sport the manicure even when the holiday is due because of its stylish and unusual appeal.

Cute Short Nails

Cute Short Halloween Nails

Who says you need long talons to rock festive and adorable designs? With the right colors, motifs, and a touch of imagination, you can transform your short nails into cute Halloween nail designs that are sure to draw attention and smiles. Use OPI's gentle nude base and adorn it with black and white spiderwebs, mummies, ghosts, and horoscope signs and watch the heads turn for another glance at your spirited manicure.


Wicca Nails

Wicca Halloween Nails

As the air becomes crisper and the moon casts its eerie glow, the time for all things magical is upon us. What better way to celebrate the season than by adorning your nails with enchanting Wicca-inspired designs that echo the secrets of ancient traditions? Embrace the world of Wicca with matte orange nail art that channels this age-old spiritual practice's mysticism, energy, and wonder!

Mix and Match Art

Mix and Match Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween nail designs 2024 will be praised for their ultimate versatility and balance between tradition and modernism. Juicy pumpkins and cartoon ghosts sound like they wouldn't match one another. Yet, with a single glance at this mix-and-match nail design, you'll want to push the boundaries!

Funky Halloween Nails Set

Funky Halloween Nail Set

We've mentioned classy colors associated with the spooky holiday. Still, you should be ready to turn up the volume on your Halloween style this year with a nail art transformation that's far from ordinary. If you want to break away from traditional spooky aesthetics and infuse a burst of personality into your Halloween look, a funky set of nails is the way to go. Embrace the spirit of the season while letting your unique vibe shine through with creative and vibrant nail designs that are anything but ordinary!


Pumpkins and Flowers Halloween Nail Designs

Pumpkins and Flowers Halloween Nails Design

Why not take a departure from the usual spooky motifs and infuse your nail designs for Halloween with a touch of autumnal elegance? Enter the world of pumpkins and flowers — a stunning combination that captures the season's essence in the most enchanting way. Bella Voste Luxe Neon Shades may be precisely the orange to use for this design.

Witchy Moonlight

Witchy Moonlight Halloween Nail Designs

The allure of Halloween takes on a mysterious and magical charm this year. Channel the energies of the night and embrace your inner enchantress with nail art that captures the essence of witchy moonlit nights. From celestial crescents to mystical symbols, get ready to embark on a journey into the world of witchcraft-inspired nail designs that are perfect for the season! OPI's Kyoto Pearl line may serve as an ideal base for the design.

Stars and Moon Halloween Nail Designs

Stars and Moon Halloween Nails

Halloween gel nail designs offer the perfect opportunity to capture the magic of the cosmos on your fingertips. This year, elevate your Halloween style with nail art that pays homage to the celestial realm—stars and moons that hold a timeless fascination for dreamers and stargazers alike. Use contrasting shades to stress your uniqueness and creativity.


Disney Halloween

Disney Halloween Nails

Disney Halloween nails! This bewitching season is the perfect time for Disney enthusiasts to embrace their inner ghouls, vampires and ghosts and create enchanting nail designs inspired by beloved Disney characters and iconic Halloween themes. Has it ever occurred to you that Mickey Mouse would look absolutely cute, depicted as a little snow-white ghost? A NY Bae's Lavander You pink base will intensify the glamorous vibe of your look, that's for sure.

Ghost Face Halloween Nail Designs

Neon Ghost Halloween Nail Designs

Get ready to give your nails a hauntingly adorable makeover with the latest trend in nail art: ghost-face nails! These whimsical, vibrant, unusual, and spirited nail designs are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween without the fright factor. Whether you're a nail art novice or a seasoned pro, these designs are a playful way to embrace the Halloween spirit.

Red Moon Halloween Nail Designs

Red Moon Halloween Nails

Halloween French tip nail designs will drastically differ from what you are used to. We suggest you step into the mysterious allure of the night sky with a nail trend that's as captivating as a lunar eclipse – Red Moon nails. Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of a blood moon and the rich shades of twilight, Red Moon nails are taking the world of nail art by storm. This trend infuses deep and passionate red hues with cosmic and celestial elements, creating alluring and daring manicures.


Barbie Nails

Barbie Halloween Nails

Would you like to embrace a touch of nostalgia and a whole lot of glamour with the latest trend in nail art? Welcome to the Barbie nails collection! Inspired by the iconic fashion doll that has captured hearts for generations, Barbie nails offer a playful and stylish way to express your love for all things pink, chic, and fabulous. From classic Barbie motifs to modern interpretations of her signature style, this nail art trend allows you to channel your inner fashionista and create manicures that are both fun and fashionable.

Disney Villain

Disney Villain Halloween Nail Designs

Disney Halloween nail designs will help you unleash your inner wickedness and indulge in a spellbinding journey. As the darker side of enchantment takes center stage, turn your manicure into a work of art that pays homage to the iconic and captivating Disney villains we love to hate. There are no rules and limits to abide by!

Cute Nail Art for Halloween

Halloween nail art, considering the theme, tends to involve some creepy elements like blood, scary faces, ghost silhouettes, skeletons, coffins, and other attributes peculiar to the holiday.


Scarily Nails Designs

There are literally no restrictions and no limits when it comes to Halloween nails. So, remember that the spooky is not a must for this holiday. Your nail art can be lovely, too.

Spider Halloween Nail Designs

There is probably only one thing to keep in mind when it comes to your holiday nails. Match your nail designs with your costume. Then your image will be wholesome and super cool!

Pretty Jack Skellington Nail Art

Pretty Jack Skeleton Nail Art #jackskeleton #funnynails
Source: froschstuetzpunkt via Instagram

Among all the skeleton nail art ideas, those with Jack Skellington are the prettiest. Despite the scary vibe and concept, the manicure will look incredibly cute if you combine it with pink nail polish.


Fear Has Many Eyes

Fear Has Many Eyes #creepynails #scarynails
Source: leximartone via Instagram

There is rarely anything creepier than having eyes in the places they shouldn’t have been. With such an eye manicure all the eyes will be set on you, there is no doubt about it.

Alien Nail Design For Halloween

Alien Nail Design For Halloween #scarynails
Source: txmanimuse via Instagram

If you think that you can’t go for alien makeup because it is always too complex – we have a pleasant surprise in store. The fact is that such a nail design is not only holiday-fit and easy to replicate, but it is also up-to-date.

Sparkly Spider Web

Sparkly Spider Web #scarynails #glitternails
Source: nessasnails9 via Instagram

Those of you who want to embrace the Halloween vibe but look glam and trendy at the same time, we know a way. Spiders and spider webs will add up to the holiday while the sparkles will carry out the stylish part.

From spine-chilling spiders to whimsical witches, you've transformed your fingertips into a canvas of Halloween magic. Whether you choose a playful or eerie theme, your Halloween nail designs will showcase your festive spirit in every brushstroke!


FAQ: Halloween Nail Designs

Can you paint your nails with blood?

Due to the slightly eerie spin of blood claws, you can paint the base and blood in any color you like. Note that even the deep, shimmering purples are useful for Halloween-inspired, less noticeable moments.

Is it OK to paint a bruised toenail?

Once your doctor has diagnosed and treated the bruised or inflamed nail, it’s then secure to paintings on that client, provided there is no signal of infection, bleeding, pain, or hypersensitivity to acrylic.

How do you make spider web nails?

  • Use an antique silver color to polish your nails.
  • As the cobweb base, make a crow’s foot.
  • Create a web.
  • Make a spider on each of your pinky fingers.
  • Draw a line from the spider’s head to your nail’s tip.
  • Make a “X” in the larger dot.
  • Make some legs for your spider.
  • Don’t forget to apply a protective clear coat at the end.