Some Halloween nail designs are easier, and some are more intricate, but they often do look more painstaking than they actually are. Here we have gathered fresh nail designs for Halloween that are possible to replicate on your own. Stand out with our ideas!


Cool Nail Art Designs

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Halloween nail art, considering the theme, tends to involve some creepy elements like blood, scary faces, ghost silhouettes, skeletons, coffins, and other attributes peculiar to the holiday.


Scarily Easy Nails Designs

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There are literally no restrictions and no limits when it comes to Halloween nails. So, remember that the spooky is not a must for this holiday. Your nail art can be lovely, too.

Best Halloween Nail Designs You Should Try

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There is probably only one thing to keep in mind when it comes to your holiday nails. Match your nail designs with your costume. Then your image will be wholesome and super cool!



Creepy Nails Designs For Long Nails

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If you are a lucky owner of ultra-long nails, there are no limits as for what to opt for when Halloween is around the corner. However, if you are looking for something extra creepy – we have you covered!

Halloween Nails Designs For Short Nails

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Short nails do not mean that you cannot pull off awesome Halloween manicure when the time comes. There are many cute and thematic ideas to decorate your nails with when the time comes. We have listed here only the best ones to consider.

Pretty Jack Skellington Nail Art

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Among all the skeleton nail art ideas, those with Jack Skellington are the prettiest. Despite the scary vibe and concept, the manicure will look incredibly cute if you combine it with pink nail polish.


Fear Has Many Eyes

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There is rarely anything creepier than having eyes in the places they shouldn’t have been. With such an eye manicure all the eyes will be set on you, there is no doubt about it.

Alien Nail Design For Halloween

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If you think that you can’t go for alien makeup because it is always too complex – we have a pleasant surprise in store. The fact is that such a nail design is not only holiday-fit and easy to replicate, but it is also up-to-date.

Sparkly Spider Web

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Those of you who want to embrace the Halloween vibe but look glam and trendy at the same time, we know a way. Spiders and spider webs will add up to the holiday while the sparkles will carry out the stylish part.



FAQ: Halloween Nail Designs

Can you paint your nails with blood?

Due to the slightly eerie spin of blood claws, you can paint the base and blood in any color you like. Note that even the deep, shimmering purples are useful for Halloween-inspired, less noticeable moments.

Is it OK to paint a bruised toenail?

Once your doctor has diagnosed and treated the bruised or inflamed nail, it’s then secure to paintings on that client, provided there is no signal of infection, bleeding, pain, or hypersensitivity to acrylic.

How do you make spider web nails?

  • Use an antique silver color to polish your nails.
  • As the cobweb base, make a crow’s foot.
  • Create a web.
  • Make a spider on each of your pinky fingers.
  • Draw a line from the spider’s head to your nail’s tip.
  • Make a “X” in the larger dot.
  • Make some legs for your spider.
  • Don’t forget to apply a protective clear coat at the end.