Halloween nails are the unavoidable attribute of the upcoming holiday. What is more, your nails can be your costume. We are not trying to exaggerate here. Sometimes it happens that time is running out and you still do not have a ready costume. Do not panic, just pick one of these nail art ideas and run to your nail master or try it out on your own.


Jack Skellington For Halloween Nails

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Scary Pumpkins Nail Art Designs

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Cute And Funny Pumpkins Nail Art Designs

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Pumpkin nail art is anything but scary. However, many women choose pumpkin theme to greet the holiday with. That is why we suggest you try these few inspiring and trendy pumpkin manicure ideas out when the season hits!


Webs and Spiders Creative Nails

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This look might take some practice. You might want to pin this one to show your nail stylist if you don’t think you can pull it off. The spider web effect is done with a your fav color base. To complete the spooky scene paint a spider on at least one of your fingers to give everyone a real fright!

Blood Drip Easy Nail Art

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Speaking of blood, this is another look for those who love all things dark and dreary Paint your nails a shiny black. Next paint your tips with glistening drops of red polish to resemble the blood of your enemies and show everyone you mean business!


Dark Nail Art with Skull Accent

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If you still want nails that sparkle but are more on the edgy side, this look for you. Paint the accent nail a shiny polish and top it off with a threatening skull design to show every you are feminine yet have a deadly side.

Spooky Eyes Nail Art

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Sweet Candy Corn Manicure

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Halloween is not only about the trick but about the treat as well. That is why candy corn manicure ideas will suit those of you are not that fond of all the scary nail art ideas.


Spooky Haunted Houses

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Haunted houses are something that no Halloween can pass without. That is why if you are skillful enough then the depiction of a haunted house on your nails will not be a difficult task to succeed with, and the outcome will be merely terrifying!

Classic Halloween Themed Nails

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A Halloween nail design is not supposed to be super complex. Sometimes the simpler is the better. At least once a year you can show your dark side without the fear of any misunderstandings. A misty cemetery on your nails will make even the boldest person shiver!

Cartoons and Movies Art for Halloween Nails

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Super Nails with Mummies Art

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If you want a look that's really creepy and will glow in the dark, try this zombified style! Mum’s the word with this trendy look!

Trendy Trick Or Treat Nails for Halloween

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Black Cat Cool Nails to Try This Holiday

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Calling all cat lovers! This look is super cute if you don't want to go over to the dark side.


Boo Wonder Nails for Halloween Party

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This look is simple yet so cute! If you are going to a Halloween event, you can pull this look off the night before in a short time! Paint your nails a shiny black and then make some spooky ghosts and paint the word “BOO!” on your accent finger for a look that's sweet and scary at the same time!

Glam Halloween Glitter Nails

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Do you love all things that glitter? Go all out with this mish-mosh of nail designs complete with gemstones and glitter polish.

Frankenstein Wonder Nails

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Here is another super cute look. And the bright yellow polish will really stand out in a crowd!


Grungy Jack O' Lanterns Nail Art Idea

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We love this grungy design with glittery designs and topped with a jack o-lantern to give it a fun look and feel for Halloween!

Jack O'Lantern Simple Nail Art

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This swirly orange ombre design is really pretty. If you lack artistic skills, you can easily copy the swirly effect at home. And it is simple to paint a pumpkin face on your nails for an adorable Halloween look!

Patterned Skellington Creative Nails

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If you want a look that’s retro chic, try this fun black and white striped pattern. Paint a skeleton face on one fingernail for a look that's just spooky enough to give everyone a bit of scare.


Black and Pink Halloween Nails Idea

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Not a fan of orange? Why not try this pink and black combo with spider webs and bats for a feminine yet spooky vibe that's super cute?

Skull Halloween Nails

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Want Halloween nail art that’s sexy and spooky? Do you have a bit of a Goth side? Try this black, red, and white design completed with skull and crossbones!

Freddy Krueger Design for Halloween

Credit photo: instagram.com/badgirlnails

If you are a horror movie fan, you’ll love this harrowing nail design inspired by Freddy Krueger from “Friday the 13th.” Make sure that one of your acrylic nails resembles his famous red and black striped shirt. Be ready to haunt everyone's dreams with these creepy nails!


Scary Halloween Stilleto Nails

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Stiletto nails offer more space for creativity but sheer black mani with several accents will do, too.

Creepy Dark Roses Nail Art

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It is hard to believe that anything that involves roses can be creepy. However, when you add a horrifying skull to the picture you will easily achieve the goal. We are more than sure that your nails will be looked upon with admiration as well as a tint of fear.

Orange Ombre Nail Art

Credit photo: instagram.com/justagirlandhernails

Orange is the Halloween hue, there is no doubt about that. In case you do not have a lot of time at your disposal to complete an over the edge intricate manicure, we know what to opt for. Orange and black ombre will always save the day. Besides, a couple of bats on the horizon are a good addition too.


Cute Skeleton Couple

Credit photo: instagram.com/nailsbycambria

You can hardly say that Halloween is a romantic holiday. Nevertheless, you can always add some lovely touch to your scary look. The best way to achieve that is through the manicure. A black matte nail polish adorned with a cute skeleton couple will help you get there.

Creepy Halloween Nail Art With Matte Accents

Credit photo: instagram.com/livgordon1

Witches Dolls Nail Design For Long Nails

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Batman Halloween Nail Art

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When it comes to Halloween nail art, the list of options is endless. Anything you think has something to do with Halloween can be depicted on your nails. How about bats? This Batman inspired nail design is very cool with its bright yellow and black matte color combo. Paint a zig zag design on one nail but don't forget the Batman logo to complete this super cool look!

Stitched Manicure Idea for your Fall Nail Designs

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Fall nail designs have the right to be considered a suitable option for Halloween. This design is so simple yet so cute. And it is totally one you can pull off at home. Take the classic manicure to a new level with the nude base and orange tips. But what really makes this look pop is the black stitch design on top of the tips to give it a spooky vibe.

Vampy Halloween Nail Art Idea

Credit photo: instagram.com/badgirlnails

This edgy nail design is not for the faint of heart. If you are feeling extra vampy this Halloween ,try this look with black, red and pink matte polish. Then daron your nails with intricate lace designs and colored gemstones. But if you want to give it a vampy look, pain drops of blood on the pink nail to show off your inner goth chick.


Simple Nail Art with Water Slide Decals

Credit photo: instagram.com/mrswhite8907

If you aren’t skilled at nail art, you can use these fun water slide decals. We think the black cat and spider web designs are perfect for All Hallow’s Eve!

We hope you enjoyed our gallery of awesome and scary ideas for Halloween nails! We are super excited for Halloween, and we hope you are as well!

FAQ: Halloween Nails

How to do blood splatter nails?

After you have your base color on. Apply liquid latex as close to the cuticle area as possible and around your nail. Take red polish (you can take a gel polish, this way you can create big drops of blood and cure them, regular polish takes long to dry). Mix your gel polish with 70 percent alcohol. Cover your table. Take a toothbrush and cover in polish and splatter it over the nails chaotically. Move the toothbrush different ways. Add another red color with is darker/lighter. Touch the nails with bristles to create bigger drops. Cure or let dry. Remove latex layer. You can top it with matte top coat and add some glossy stains after.

What can you draw on Halloween-inspired nails?

First that comes to mind when thinking about Halloween are pumpkins, different Jack-O-Lantern faces, sweets. Spooky nail art includes ghosts, skulls, eyeballs, bats, spiders, cobweb, tombstone, blood stains ideas. You can also make a red and black gradient.