Copying another artist's cool makeup look or reproducing an object, color, or shape can be a completely valid and beautiful form of expression if that's what the artist is aiming for.


However, I, for sure, know that many artists struggle to find inspiration from external sources while remaining genuine in their creations.

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An inspired and unique makeup look simultaneously combines the artist's creativity with specific features from one or more sources of inspiration. Sometimes, an attempt to create an inspired yet original look can end up as a total copy of the inspiration source, making the artist feel frustrated or disappointed by the result. That's why it's crucial to explore creativity and our own forms of expression as makeup artists, always trusting our original and unique process as it cannot be compared to other creator's experiences.

I've been there myself, so in this article, I'm about to give you some tips from my own experience as an artist to help you create an inspired and original makeup look!

Primary Sources Of Cool Makeup Looks Inspo

First, let's discuss the different sources of inspiration in the world of face art. These sources can be looks done by other artists, diverse makeup styles, characters, objects, celebrities, nature, fashion, music, history, books—literally anything you can see and even ideas that belong to your imagination.

To cultivate a keen eye for inspiration, it would be great to start by exploring the various inspiration sources around you. You can find them everywhere, from your room to the internet. Open your eyes and, most importantly, your mind; anything can be a good starting point for the best of your makeup looks!

I also encourage you to push your limits. It's easier to stay in our comfort zone because we love obtaining good results and keep creating through the makeup techniques we're good at, but who says new styles can't become our favorites over time?


Process Of Makeup Look Creation

The process of creating unique and inspired make up looks might vary depending on the inspiration source. Let me give you different tips based on whether your inspiration is another artist's look, a makeup style, a character, or an abstract concept/object:

1. Inspiration from other artists/makeup styles:

Looks inspired by these sources are the hardest to get creative with, but you can always avoid copying!

  • Focus on a specific feature of the original look or makeup style, the one you like best, such as the eyeliner, lips, or skin finish. Recreate this feature and personalize the rest of the makeup.
  • Get inspired by the shapes of the makeup look(s) and change the color and finish, or vice versa. For example, you can imitate the form and application of another artist's matte nude eyeshadow but make it colorful and shimmering.
  • Try not to stare too much at the inspiring look(s) while creating yours. Take a few glances and start creating based on memory; let your imagination run wild! It might sound silly, but it works.


2. Inspiration from a character:

  • Embrace showing yourself through the character; you don't need to be identical to the chosen character for their traits to show. For example, my physiognomy has nothing to do with Emily from The Corpse Bride, but I tend to use such cool Halloween makeup looks nevertheless. I adapt the unique makeup look to my own features, combining hers and mine.
  • Be creative. Use the materials you have; it's okay if you don't have an exact accessory. For instance, I don't own a wig identical to Roxanne's hair from A Goofy Movie, but my look ended up super cool and unique anyway!
  • Play with different styles; how cool can a glamorous Frankenstein or a drag Barbie look?

3. Inspiration from an abstract concept/object:

At first, it seems complicated to create a look inspired by a concept or object, as they don't have human-like traits, but don't worry, it's not that hard!

  •  A face chart is key! You don't need to be great at drawing, but it helps to visualize your ideas more clearly. I made my first face chart for my painting-inspired makeup look, and I've been creating them ever since!
  • Look for different sources if your inspiration is an object. For example, if you aim to create a butterfly-inspired makeup look, search for various types of butterflies and more than one image of each.
  • Focus on specific elements if your source is a concept. For instance, while creating my series inspired by Taylor Swift's albums, I focused on their vibes, the traits of the covers, and the lyrics from her songs.


Product Quality Improves The End Result

Last but not least, let's talk about what's necessary for a good result. Always focus on your products regardless of whether your look is entirely original, inspired, or copied. Makeup has no rules; you could use the most expensive brushes or your own hands. It's true that for certain cool makeup ideas, you may require specific tools, but whatever you work with doesn't determine your worth as an artist.

On the other hand, I consider high-quality products suitable for your skin type essential for a pigmented and smooth final look. Research online or ask someone in your favorite makeup store, but remember that high quality doesn't always mean expensive! Even on a low budget, you can own an ideal makeup kit!

These are my tips for now, but I want you to always remember that your creativity is essential as an artist and a human being. It makes you unique and different from others; it's your essence. It's in your blood, but sometimes you must push it out.

Unique makeup requires time and patience, and everyone follows their own path. Don't compare yourself to other artists; always be proud of your process. Confidence is key!

Some cool makeup looks easy, but it may take hours or years to master. Yet, you should never give up. Embrace your artistry, and I assure you you'll achieve incredible results!