We’ll teach you how to fill in eyebrows in a professional way. Well-done eyebrows can help your makeup to look flawless. Also, eyebrows that are perfectly shaped will surely make your eyes pop.


Easy Eyebrow Tutorials

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Here is a simple eyebrow tutorial. Take an eyebrow brush and brush the eyebrows. Now, shape them with a pencil in the color that matches your hair and eyebrows.


How To Fill Your Eyebrows Step-by-Step

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A pro tip on how to do eyebrows: first, outline the bottom and then move to the top. Your task here is to make both sides symmetric. So, you need to be very careful.

Everyday Brow Routine

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If you’re just at the beginning of your brow game, these tutorials will help you to start on the right foot.


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When the shapes are outlined, take that same pencil again, fill them in, and brush one more time. Finally, take a concealer that's lighter than your skin tone and apply it around the eyebrows.