Halloween makeup is so much fun. You have so much room for creating unique sexy and/or scary Halloween looks. From horror makeup to cute and fun looks, there are hundreds of fun makeup designs for Halloween.


Cat makeup is always popular on Halloween, for those who want a more seductive look, a sexy kitten is always a good choice. Or you could go for a more innocent and playful look. And don’t forget the black bodysuit, lacy black tights and, of course, your kitty ears and tail!

Another look that is becoming increasingly popular is sugar skull makeup. As it started with Día de Muertos, (Day of the Dead), it has become a very trendy look for Halloween.

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Stitched Doll Make Up Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/sarinanexie

“What’s that?” – if you want everyone around you asking that question, – go for a stitched makeup idea. It might take some time to achieve such a look, but it’s definitely worth the efforts. A proper hairstyle and clothes will add some mystery to the overall image.

Bloody Red Riding Hood Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/typical_white_girl_sfx via Instagram

Red Riding Hood is a character that everyone is familiar with. However, we suggest to your attention a completely new interpretation of the image. With such a makeup, you will be the center of attention no matter where you go!


Demon And Pumpkin Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/thetrashmask via Instagram

Demons and pumpkins are the usual attributes of Halloween that is why combining the two to create a party image is a worthy idea. In case you are interested in an outcome – see for yourself!

3D Spider Face Print

Credit photo: Instagram.com/elllani_ via Instagram

Do you want a really cool Halloween makeup idea? Go for the spider makeup look that will empress everybody with its dreadful realism. This gigantic spider that is crawling over your face will make people just freeze with both fear and amazement. Yet, the other half of your face can give less scary vibes. Opt for something bold and dramatic, such as classic black smokey eye makeup.


Sliced Halloween Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/mimles via Instagram

The sliced face makeup can literally blow the mind of anybody who sees it. The illusion it creates makes you hesitate whether it is really just makeup or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not that much of a movie actually. Of course, to flaunt such makeup Halloween is a perfect if not the only occasion. However, despite the terrifying look, it still allows you to show off your beautiful facial features.

Scary Pumpkin Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/mila__mua via Instagram

It is quite hard actually to stand out from the crowd on Halloween with the pumpkin makeup, as pumpkins are literally everywhere. However, if you engage some creativity and individuality, you can come up with the best Halloween makeup. Try to make your pumpkin face scary yet pretty at the same time, which will force everybody to stare in awe.

Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jordzcrazymakeup via Instagram

Arguably, the doll Halloween makeup is one of the creepiest. It looks so realistic that it makes you doubt whether you really see a real person or a giant kid’s toy. What will make you look even more blood-chilling is the broken doll makeup. To pull off the character fully, we really recommend practicing to blink asynchronously beforehand.


Dorian Gray Creepy Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lilmoonchildd via Instagram

We all know the story of Dorian Gray but rarely do we think of putting it back to life, don’t we? That is why we suggest to your attention this horrifyingly beautiful look to try out and replicate.

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Simple Wonder Woman Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/rahmanbeauty via Instagram

Wonder Woman has been a role model for women of all ages for years. The recent Hollywood blockbuster hit has only made this iconic superhero more popular than ever. This sexy comic book version of the Wonder Woman look will show that you are a strong, sexy, and independent woman.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/typical_white_girl_sfx


Spider-Man Inspired Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/makeupby_tashxx via Instagram

Save yourself the cost of a Halloween mask with this sexy fem Spiderman design. Capture another superhero icon with this trendy Spiderman look that will get his Spidey senses to go wild!

Cleopatra Makeup Look

Credit photo: Instagram.com/zuleykasilver via Instagram

If you take your Halloween makeup art seriously, this look’s for you! You’ll be sure to win first place (and his heart) with this remake of the classic Cleopatra look.

Easy Halloween Makeup

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Bride Of Frankenstein

Credit photo: Instagram.com/emzeloid via Instagram

This take on the Bride of Frankenstein look is super sexy. If you want to go for a gory look that will still make him weak in the knees, this look hits the spot!

Skull Candy Halloween Face Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jordanliberty via Instagram

If you want a look that's mysterious with a bit of a darker edge, this skull makeup look is both dark and alluring. This sexy take on skeleton makeup is daring and flirty.

Death Zombie Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lilylove213 via Instagram

The zombie makeup is one of the most popular for Halloween for good reason. It does not take you much time or effort to recreate yet looks scary and graphic. To pull off the easy zombie makeup, you just need to use eyeshadows in earthy colors all-around your eyes, employ bold face contouring and apply pale gray lipstick. A messy hairstyle will become a perfect final touch for such a look.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lupescuevas


Animal Makeup Ideas

Credit photo: Instagram.com/andreyhaseraphin Credit photo: Instagram.com/sarinanexie via Instagram

Werewolf Smokey Eye Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/bella__makeup via Instagram

If you want makeup that’s both sexy and fierce, this werewolf look is perfect. The facial makeup isn’t too complicated but the bloody claw marks on the neck make this look ferocious and unpredictable. The colored contacts and a smokey eye effect will drive men wild.

Snake Girl Pretty Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/sandyhirales via Instagram

This snake makeup manages to capture both a look of innocence and playfulness at the same time. Let him notice your wild side with this sexual makeup look.


Leopard Fairy Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jadedeacon via Instagram

This fairy leopard look is super sensual and ultra-glamorous. Show him you mean business both in the sheets and out in the streets with this sexy look.

Cat Face Makeup For Halloween

Credit photo: Instagram.com/lifeaskikay via Instagram

Take the classic cat look up a notch with this sexy face art. The golden contacts will give you a fierce look. Don’t forget your sexy cat ears to complete the effect!

Fantasy Cat Face Makeup Look

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ellie35x via Instagram

Are you going to be a kind of a wild cat this Halloween? Cat makeup looks are among the most popular among women of all ages. Probably it’s because we all have a cat trapped inside our souls.


Skeleton Makeup Designs

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Half-Skull Easy Halloween Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jamiegenevieve via Instagram

Torn between a soft and feminine look and a more daunting one? This half-and-half glam/creepy skeleton look will reveal both your dark and soft sides to leave ‘em guessing.

Skeleton Makeup Look

Credit photo: Instagram.com/thebeautybybella via Instagram

If you want to embrace the darkness within, this skeletal facial art is dark and daring. The unicorn face glitter gives it a bit of a sensual vibe but the stitched lips take the creepy vibe to the max.

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Glamour Halloween Makeup

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Pearl Sugar Skull Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/jordanliberty via Instagram

This take on sugar skull art is very feminine and stylish. The pretty pearls give it a feminine mystique. The rose crown is glamorous and chic for a look that’s perfect for a Halloween masquerade ball.

Cat's Mask Makeup Idea To Look Perfect This Halloween

Credit photo: Instagram.com/makeupby_rubina via Instagram

This cat's mask makeup look is super sexy and flirty. We love the thick lashes and sparkly black mask and lipstick. Take the sexy kitten look to new heights with this enticing look.


Fortune Teller Look For Halloween Makeup Ideas

Credit photo: Instagram.com/bybrookelle via Instagram

This look is so sensual and mystical. The dark colors give this retro gypsy look a more modern vibe.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/kerri54

Ice Queen Frozen Makeup

Credit photo: Instagram.com/maisyreisermakeup via Instagram

Kick Elsa to the curb with this bad girl Frozen look. Show ‘em who the real Queen is with this icy blue facial art.

Twisted Nurse Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/twiggybraindead via Instagram

Most of us think that nurses are good, and sassy nurses are most commonly used as an inspirational image when the Halloween season is coming. However, our version of a nurse image is totally twisted and scary – are you sure, you will be able to deal with this share of terror?


Creepy Black And White Princess Makeup Look

Credit photo: Instagram.com/marioncameleon via Instagram

Every girl dreams about becoming a princess, but we know how to take the matter further. A real black queen is a fitting image for those of you who like to rule and stand out! Try it out, and it will be Halloween to remember!

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Creative Makeup Ideas

Credit photo: Instagram.com/sarinanexie via Instagram

It’s all about social media these days, with the constant debate on their harmful effect on us. Why not show off your protest via your makeup for Halloween? This look is super dramatic.

Credit photo: Instagram.com/annamakeup_artist via Instagram

That’s a stunning makeup idea, don’t you agree? This model’s face looks as if she is wearing several masks while, in reality, the effect is achieved with the help of professional makeup.

Scarecrow Makeup Idea

Credit photo: Instagram.com/bangtsikitsiki via Instagram

Obviously, the scarecrow makeup does not necessarily have to be scary. You can go for a sexy and pretty look instead. Accentuate your beautiful facial features while adding the most prominent attributes of the character. The cute scarecrow makeup clearly demonstrates how deceitful appearances can be, as who knows what is behind that lovely face.

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These extremely bright makeup looks will make you stand out at any Halloween party, believe us. All girls will envy and all guys will be mesmerized!

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These looks are all-time. If you are a lady who worships classics but respects glam, one of these images is definitely for you.


Halloween is time to be extravagant. Add glow, paint, dramatic lashes, and bright lipstick to your look. Have fun partying!

FAQ: Halloween Makeup

How do you do white Halloween makeup?

White base is a great foundation for vampire, clown and many other Halloween looks.

  1. Take a cream blend stick in white and apply to your face. Tap to blend everything smoothly with a beauty blender until you achieve an even complexion.
  2. Add a second layer if needed. Don’t forget to put some on your ears and neck, use a smaller beauty blender to work on some areal more delicately.
  3. Use your white powder to set the makeup, tap it onto your face with a powder brush.

How do you do purge makeup?

  1. Apply your usual makeup first with your brows brighter and false eyelashes.
  2. Create an outline of the mask with a white foundation.
  3. Apply neon pigment top of the white outline.
  4. Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply same white makeup in the middle of the neon pigment, make it smooth.
  5. Take a white eyeliner and apply a sharp line on your neon.