There are many ways to take skeleton makeup to the next level. And today we decided to discuss at least some of them. If you are not easily scared and like to look creepy when the time comes, then what are you waiting for? Dive in! Scary makeup ideas are waiting for you!


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Colorful Skull Makeup Ideas

Did you know that you don't have to dress up in a full costume…Nothing is cooler on Halloween than flaunting a spooky makeup...

Speaking about the Halloween makeup, there are several alternatives available. Those who are into beauty, already know that there is one style that always wins out: the skeleton!


Crystal Skull Makeup Ideas

It is not a secret anymore that sugar skull makeup is the trendiest skeleton look these days. Besides, to get there, there is nothing special required – just a little bit of paint and skill.

Black and White Skeleton Makeup Ideas

Among many Halloween makeup ideas, the one that looks sexy and scary is the most popular. Have you ever seen a sexy corpse? Would you dare trying to be one?


Glam Skeleton Makeup Ideas

Of course, skeleton makeup can appear quite glitzy with the help of tons of shimmer and glitter. To get this heavy smoky eye look, you'll need black eyeshadow, so stock up on one of these choices before planning your Halloween ensemble.

Glitter Skeleton Makeup Ideas

Every party requires a distinctive look, and Halloween one is undoubtedly the most special among all the parties. That means that you are bound to look your absolute best when the time comes. These skeleton makeup ideas will ease out your task significantly!


Half Face Skeleton Art

It may seem that you have already seen it all in terms of Halloween makeup. However, there is always something new to consider. These half-skeleton face makeup ideas prove the point perfectly. Glam or classy is your favorite – we have it covered!

Creative Skeleton Makeup Looks

The fact is that you can find any skeleton makeup that you like on the Internet. The only difficulty arises when it comes to pulling it off. You need to count on your makeup skills greatly so that your look is flawless.

Skeleton Face And Body Art Ideas

Very often it is thought that skeleton makeup involves black and white hues only. We are going to prove you that bright skeleton looks are not only existent but also quite versatile. All you need to do is to make up your mind as for which image fits you most.


Fall-Styled Skeleton Makeup Looks

There is no doubting that skeleton makeup pushes the boundaries of your imagination and just looks fabulous - whether you are a true horror aficionado, a devotee of special-effects makeup, or simply want to stretch your makeup abilities...

Despite the popular assumption that skeletons are weird and scary, we think them cute on occasion. That is why if glam skeleton makeup is your theme, we offer you a great variety of looks to choose form.

FAQ: Skeleton Makeup Ideas

How to do a pumpkin skeleton makeup (mouth, nose)?

  1. Prime. Apply a thick coat of light foundation with a damp beauty blender and blend it all the way down your neck.
  2. Set with powder.
  3. Take water-based face paint. Using an eyeshadow brush paint your lips black and paint lines of the mouth. Make the lines a bit bigger and wider. Take an eyeliner brush and make the thinner lines to make the teeth gaps on top and bottom.
  4. Take black eyeshadow and fil it in.
  5. Paint the skeleton nose hole, set with eyeshadow.
  6. Take orange eyeshadow and add shade around mouth and nose.

How to do a pumpkin skeleton makeup (eyes)?

  1. Prime your eyes.
  2. Add orange eyeshadow with a fluffy brush to your eyelid. Add a brighter orange to your lids and under eyes. Blend. Add a darker orange to the outer corners.
  3. Put orange where you normally contour and on your neck.
  4. Paint black lines on your neck.
  5. Take eyeliner and apply to the inner corner and do a wing. Add lines that go down from the middle of your eye. Add orange shadow around them.
  6. Do your eyebrows and apply false lashes.