To tell you the truth, vampire look is the most demanded one when it comes to scary Halloween makeup ideas. What is the reason for that? The reasons are numerous. Maybe people like this image because it is extremely sexy and seductive. Or maybe it is our subconscious urge to live forever that plays the part – we will never have the answer. What we do have the answer to is what the trendiest vampire looks of 2023 are.


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Vampire Makeup Looks With Bold Eyes

What is there to do in order to look as sexy as a vampire? Well, the answer is simple: combine your dark-shaded makeup with the darkness of your soul. There you go!

It goes without saying that we adore modern Halloween attire. The best way to get into the Halloween mood is to dress up and make up properly. Plus, Halloween gifts, decorations and other trinkets like a lawn skeleton and/or pumpkin, are also fantastic.

What is the main element of the vampire look?

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  • Fangs
  • Blood
  • Swollen eyes
  • Deathly pale face
  • All of the above

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What is the main element of the vampire look?

Swollen eyes
Deathly pale face
All of the above
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Sexy & Sensual Vampire Makeup Ideas

It's essential that you try to recreate and celebrate the entire genre with these gorgeous and sensual vampire makeup looks, whether you have fallen in love with just one of them, or all of them...

Easy Vampire Looks

The vampire is unquestionably one of the most well-liked Halloween costume ideas ever, and for good reason. It has the right amount of creep factor for the magic holiday and is simple to put together with other creative makeup looks.


Bloody Halloween Makeup Looks

Often it seems that vampire makeup has been used already for so many times that there is nothing new to experiment with. However, if you have a closer look at the ideas that we have prepared, you will understand that the idea is misleading.

There is still plenty of fish in the sea! Pick your cool vampire look to divide and conquer!

Vampire Makeup Ideas for Blonde Girls

Vampire makeup ideas for blonde girls can be both sultry and spooky. Embrace your fair locks and add a touch of dark glamour. Opt for blood-red or black lips, smoky-eye piercing gaze, and porcelain skin. Add a bit of subtle glitter for a mystical aura and finish with fangs or “bleeding” lipstick at the bottom of the lips for a bewitching look.


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Vampire Makeup Ideas for Redhead Girls

Vamp Halloween makeup does not necessarily have to involve blood and artificial fangs. You can perfectly pull off the look by just finding the perfect eyeshadow and lipstick combo.

Vampire Makeup Ideas for Brunette Girls

Combine blurred black and blood eye makeup with lips that are ready to leave marks on his neck, and your holiday image will be really seductive...


Unusual Vampire Makeup Ideas

Elf ears, black bleeding eyes or bloody veins covered with shiny golden shimmer can elevate your look beyond the ordinary… Experiment with holographic or metallic blood-red lips for a futuristic twist. Deathly pale glowing skin will give the look a supernatural effect. Add unique details like intricate snake piercing, fangs or unconventional, bold eye colors to truly stand out as a mesmerizing vampire.

Vampire Beasts Makeup Ideas

There are so many examples of fantastic eye makeup looks that we have saved for you, as Halloween draws nearer. The frighteningly adorable toothy witch, ghoul-wolf and charming tigress are all terribly-amazing beast creatures inspired by your favorite superheroes who would frighten youngsters (and not only…) anywhere…

Tip: add matching earrings to your makeup and think about the stylish Halloween nails to complete your outfit.