You do not have to be a clairvoyant to realize that a Barbie Halloween costume is going to be the most replicated this Halloween. The Barbie movie created a lot of stir around the topic, setting off the 2023 Barbie Challenge, so it is not going to lose its relevance any time soon. If you decided to go for a Barbie Halloween outfit too, then we have good news for you. Below, we have put together everything you should know about the trend and, of course, backed it up with the coolest Halloween costume ideas. So, choose what Barbie you are going to be for Halloween with the help of our guide.


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Why Barbie Costume Will Be The Most Popular Costume This Year?
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The 2023 Barbie fever had started long before the movie premiered. The creators made sure that the audience welcomed it with excitement and inspired viewers on a phenomenal Barbie Challenge, which took over social media.

Thanks to the 2023 Barbie Challenge, people got an opportunity to express themselves. It is a failsafe way to show off your Barbie side of personality, which lives in almost every one of us. Her strong energy empowers us to realize the fact that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Since the popularity of the Barbie movement is rising, it proves that this is much more than just a movie. The Barbie, brilliantly performed by Margot Robbie, symbolizes that people feel empowered, their imagination has no limits and their potential is endless.

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How To Dress Up Like Barbie For Halloween?

How To Dress Up Like Barbie For Halloween?
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As such, it comes as no surprise that the Barbie Halloween costume is very likely to be the most popular outfit for Halloween. If you want to keep pace with fashion, we have a checklist that will help you to dress up like Barbie. So, make sure to get the following:

  • A pink getup: The signature Barbie outfits are usually pink dresses or gowns. So, when considering your costume for Halloween, you should pick out an attire that matches your preferences.
  • Blonde hair: Barbie has a full head of blonde hair. In case your locks are naturally dark or you generally prefer a short haircut, then you may need to utilize a wig.
  • Barbie’s makeup is traditionally quite bold and eye catching. In case you are aiming at the classic Barbie look, then your makeup should help you resemble a doll. Choose a foundation that gives your face a porcelain effect and apply pink blush on the cheeks. A pink lipstick and falsies will complete the look.
  • Accessories: Opt for jewelry that adds a touch of glam to your appearance, like a tiara, a necklace made of pearls and huge sunglasses. A pink bag will not only pull the look together but also become very handy for your stuff, which will help you to maintain the look.
  • Shoes: High heels are a signature Barbie outfit element. So, do not forget to accompany the costume with a pair of your fave shoes.
  • Barbie gives off confident and powerful vibes, so should you when wearing the Barbie costume.

Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas with Dresses

A dress is a very popular Barbie Halloween costume for many reasons. First, the doll in the majority of cases comes with a dress so you just copy the most common look. It is easier to embrace your inner Barbie when you are wearing a dress like hers. Also, a dress makes you feel feminine and playful, depending on the style you choose. You can opt for a lightweight sundress for an effortless look or hit the night with a chic gown. The only condition is that it should be pink to pay tribute to the trademark Barbie color.


Sporty Barbie Costumes

Are you a sporty Barbie? We got you. There are plenty of ways to nail the look too. If you always liked the Dance Workout Barbie, then you will need an aerobic rib bodysuit, thick white or pink tights and a pair of knitted sleeve socks. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and you are all set. Though, in case you do not feel like wearing sports gear, you can just get away with an ensemble consisting of ripped jeans, a tank top and a bomber.


Barbie Doll Costume Looks with Rompers

If you always used to dream about a Malibu Barbie when you were a kid, then this is your golden hour to become one. To try on the role of one of the most coveted dolls, you should get a pink romper and a broad brim hat. Pink shades and a silver bag are all the accessories that you need for the look. It works well with any style of shoes, from sandals to heels.


Glamorous Barbie Looks

You cannot deny that a classic Barbie has an air of glamor and chic. So why not consider it as one of your Barbie outfit ideas? Of course, you can hardly call it effortless, but the result is definitely worth it. A perfect glamorous Barbie Halloween costume for adults incorporates a pink gown adorned with a scattering of rhinestones and shimmer, complemented with Cinderella style slippers and a fancy bag.

Barbie and Ken Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

You are not the only one who can wear an adult Barbie costume for Halloween. If you are headed to the party with your partner, then it may be a good idea to dress up like Barbie and Ken. For his costume, you also need to take into account the general style of the party and then choose whether it is going to be a beach shirt paired with bright shorts or white track pants with a pink tee.

Barbie Costumes for Best Friends

This is not the case when you should avoid wearing the same outfit as your friend. Instead, if you have a big company or it is just you and your bestie, you can wear matching Barbie costumes to celebrate your friendship. Remember, the more Barbies, the better. You can even create the whole Barbie universe by making it the theme of your Halloween party. Just tell the guests that they should wear adult Barbie clothes and let them decide what style they are going to be.


Last-Minute Barbie Costume Ideas

Last-Minute Barbie Costume Ideas
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Sometimes you just do not have time to prepare your costume in advance and that is when last minute Barbie Halloween costume ideas come into play. Below, we have prepared some practical tips that will allow you to find Barbie clothes just in your wardrobe even if you did not know you have them.

  • Anything pink will work just fine as an adult Barbie costume, be it a dress, a skirt or shorts and a top. Alternatively, you can get away with any clothes in bright shades.
  • Oversized sunglasses, a glitzy necklace, a chunky bracelet and bold earrings are a few things that can be teamed with Barbie outfits for adults. Sparkling shoes, either heels or flats, are a nice addition to the costume.
  • You may not have a long blonde mane, but you should try to style your hair in a Barbie manner. Tie a Barbie ponytail on the very top of your head and decorate it with a pretty hair accessory.
  • Makeup: No matter whether you are going with a cute Barbie costume or sexy, your makeup should appear impeccable. Ideally, you should get a full face makeup look with an even skin tone, blush on the cheeks, sparkling eyeshadows and pink lipstick. And do not skimp on winged eyeliner and mascara, as you want to achieve a doll eye look.

Barbie Makeup Ideas

Your Barbie Halloween costume would be incomplete without a statement makeup look. Of course, there is more than just one way to create it. If you prefer a classic version of Barbie makeup, then go with glittery eyeshadow and bright pink lips. The cheeks should glow with rosy blush enhanced with a touch of highlighter. Apply a couple of coats of black mascara or use false eyelashes. And, of course, a thick black winged eyeliner to finish it off. Yet, you are free to play around with more creative makeup looks if you want something unique and unusual.


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Now that you got a full insight into the trend, it is time to choose your Barbie costume for Halloween. We are quite positive that you are going to make the right decision and your outfit will be considered the best at the party. And do not forget that it is your confidence, self esteem and inner power that make you a true Barbie.