Fantasy Makeup Ideas to Learn What it's Like to Be in the Spotlight

Fantasy makeup is not something you can wear every day. But if you are feeling like creating a masterpiece today, do not try to repress it within. And always remember that to show some magic, you do not have to go all in, sometimes even a hint will do perfectly well.


Fancy Makeup Ideas For Any Festival Day

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Unicorn makeup is not the only magical makeup you can opt for. In fact, the options are numerous, and it would be difficult to gather all of them in just one place.


Fantasy Makeup Looks

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Galaxy makeup is not something that will surprise anyone these days. Not that it isn’t unusual enough, it is just that there are so many fresh ideas out there. Like this ethereal goddess makeup.

Fantasy Makeup Ideas To Look Incredible

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There are times when you are feeling artsy but do not want to go over the edge. For a day like that, we suggest you to opt for this cute cat makeup. Pretty fantastic, right?


Exceptional Fantasy Makeup Ideas

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These makeup looks are inspired by our favorite fantasy characters. Would you manage to guess all of them?

Fresh Fantasy Makeup Ideas

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These elf makeup looks are exceptional, don’t you agree? It will take time, but the result will worth it.


Fantasy Wild Cat Makeup Idea

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Do you have a wild side? The great news is that Halloween is the time when you can show it off. This spectacular wild cat makeup look will draw all attention toward you

Fairy Vampire Makeup Idea

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Are you into the vampire thing? Then you should definitely consider getting a makeup look like the one depicted here. Plus, purple lipstick shades are all the rage this season.

Darla Fish-Killer Fantasy Makeup Idea

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Is Darla Fish-Killer among your most favorite cartoon characters? Then here is an awesome makeup idea for you. Well, we all know that she is not that evil!


Alien Fantasy Makeup Idea

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In case you have never been stolen by aliens, maybe you will have a chance with a makeup look like in this picture. Let those creatures think that you are one of them!

Floral Optical Illusion Makeup Idea

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To say that this Halloween makeup idea is extravagant is to say nothing. 3D illusion makeup has become big these days. Well, why not embrace this new trend?

Fantasy Sparkly Snow Queen

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Amaze everyone at the Halloween party with some sparkling makeup like the one shown here. Studs and shimmer will come in handy when recreating this look.


Cosmic Lava Fantasy Makeup

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Fantasy makeup is not only about the creatures we know. You can easily come up with something on your own. For instance, lava is no fantasy creature, but if you give it a body, it may become one. All you need is a little bit of your imagination and great makeup skills!

Ariel Fantasy Makeup

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We all love Ariel look, however, in most cases, you wouldn’t like to see a couple of same-looking ladies walk next to you. That is why we offer, you give Ariel a new twist. Take out your drawing tools and start experimenting!

Te Fiti Fantasy Makeup

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Every woman is a goddess, she gives life and cherishes it. So does Te Fiti. Combine your inner goddess with such an exquisite and mind-blowing external look to reap all the admiring glances there are!


Rose Fairy Halloween Makeup

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There is barely a woman who wouldn’t want to look gorgeous and feminine, no matter the occasion. When it is Halloween outside it is best to embrace your gentle inner world and pull off the Rose fairy makeup. We are more than sure that there will be no rivals to compete with!

Avatar Halloween Makeup Idea

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Breathe in new life into forgotten Avatar character with a matching Halloween look. Embrace your otherworldly nature and let everyone see and cherish it!

Bratz Dolls Halloween Makeup

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Looking like a doll on a regular basis is a task that many women deal with these days. However, this time, we suggest you spice things up with something new. What we have in mind is a Bratz dolls makeup!


Butterfly Fairy Halloween Makeup

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Butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures in the world. It is only natural to praise the beauty but adding it to your festive makeup. With such a fantastic look, you will be the real Butterfly fairy no matter where you go!

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Idea

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Mermaids are gorgeous fantasy creatures. That is why dressing up as one for Halloween is more than a worthy idea. Besides, we have a suitable look to replicate or inspire from on offer!

Fall Fairy Makeup Idea

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There are various types of fairy that women use as the source of inspiration when it comes to Halloween. However, there is one that we think is underestimated. What we have in mind is a Fall fairy. We bet you have never considered pulling such a look off!


Silver Fairy Halloween Makeup Idea

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The truth is that every Halloween is filled with all sorts of vampire and werewolf looks that it is hard to look different. That is why we suggest you play around with the fantasy theme a little and create your own character. This silver fairy may be one of the worthy ideas to consider!