Galaxy makeup is suitable for artistic and bold women who are looking for something new. You will be the real star at a party in case you wear it. We have collected 21 creative makeup ideas for you to shine bright and impress everyone.

Galaxy Makeup Looks

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While natural makeup is great for the office, this look is ideal for a Friday night or for a weekend with friends. However, this look is not for women who are shy. Using shades of silver, blue, and purple on your cheeks, or constellations across the face, or faux-stardust is quite daring.

Galaxy Makeup Looks

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Do not forget to apply the best homemade face mask after wearing this heavy makeup. Your skin will thank you. Also, there are various interpretations of this makeup. Some of them are subtle and abstract, while others are quite intense, like identifiable constellations. Some women even add planets to their look. And a little glitter can make your look dreamy.

Galaxy Makeup Looks

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Forget about that boring natural makeup. Now when you wish to look whimsical, add some freckles across your neck and chest, too. No matter how you do it, you will look fabulous. However, considering that it is hot now, this makeup might melt off. To avoid it, use a setting spray after your makeup is done.

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A setting spray might be useful to women who have oily skin, as well. Surprisingly, but this invention is not new. Now such sprays are available not only for professionals, but for all other women, too.

Galaxy Makeup Looks

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Setting sprays are effective due to their cooling technology. Besides the hot weather, your skin is quite warm, too. These two factors lead to oiliness, color fade, and melting. Such sprays make the temperature of your makeup lower by creating a transparent web on your face. As a result, your makeup lasts longer.

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Setting sprays are quite safe, as the web that they create is breathable. It means that your pores will not be clogged. Moreover, it is not difficult to use them. Let us shine!