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Eyeshadow Palette To Compliment Your Complexion

An eyeshadow palette is every girl`s best friend when it comes to the perfect glam makeup routine. Our eyes are the windows to our soul, and different shades of eyeshadow for sure help us define them, don`t you think? However, it can be so complicated to find the right palette for us. It should contain our basic colors, the ones we use the most, something to darken up the makeup look and shades that will only bring out the best of us, but it should also look good on our skin.

Our eyeshadow choice should be based not only on our likings but also on our main feature – our skin tone. You can choose dark shades of eyeshadow, but are you sure they won`t make you look too pale or too orangey?
Your eye makeup should help you bring out the best of you, so let`s figure out together what eye shadow palettes will flatter your skin and become your holy grail?

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