Let’s talk about eyebrow shapes that can compliment anyone. Yes, we don’t lie to you. Such shapes exist, and you will see that further.

But in the meantime, let us explore the basics of grooming your eyebrows. Disregarding their future shade and shape, your first task is to find the most flattering length of the brows. A professional makeup artist would tell you that the beginning and the end of the brow can be the real game-changers.


So, before jumping to brows shaping, it is advisable to determine where the brow begins. To do that, hold a pencil upwards in a vertical position right beside your nose. The upper tip of the pencil will indicate the beginning of the brow.

Next, switch the pencil to a diagonal position towards the outer corner of your eye. The upper tip of the pencil on the brow bone will indicate the end of the brow. Voila! And now when you know the basics let’s see the most flattering types of eyebrows with pictures.

Feathered Eyebrow Shape

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Feathered Eyebrow Shape picture 2
Feathered Eyebrow Shape picture 3

What eyebrow shape is best for my face? For instance, the feathered shape is universally flattering. This shape is based on thicker brows that are tweezed once in six weeks or less often. Feathered eyebrows shapes might require using growth encouraging products. When your eyebrows are thick enough, just sweep them up, using transparent setting gel.


Boy Brow Shape

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Boy Brow Shape picture 2
Boy Brow Shape picture 3

A feathered eyebrow has a thicker and darker sister – a boy brow. How to get this eyebrow shape for your face? Grow out your brows, for example, with the help of castor oil. Use powder to make their color deeper and brow gel to make them appear denser. That’s it!

Instaglam Eyebrow Style

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Instaglam Eyebrow Style picture 1
Instaglam Eyebrow Style picture 2
Instaglam Eyebrow Style picture 3

The Instaglam style is among the most complimenting eyebrows shapes for different face types. If you are looking for something super glamorous and are not afraid of something high maintenance, this style is for you. It will require everyday touchups, but it is worth it. Using scissors, trim the edges around your brows clean and short to get a very smooth finish. Add ombre, pick a lighter hue for the head and a darker hue for the tail and get a more exaggerated arch.


How To Shape Stick Straight Brows

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How to Shape Stick Straight Brows picture 1
How to Shape Stick Straight Brows picture 2
How to Shape Stick Straight Brows picture 3

How to shape eyebrows so that they are stick straight? Rooney Mara loves this shape for its modern and clean look. However, achieving it might be a bit tricky. Tweeze the end, making it right above the outer corner of the eye and make the line of the brow even. Hide the natural curves with powder. Apply it below and above the arch.

Choose The Most Flattering Brow Shade

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Choose the Most Flattering Brow Shade picture 1
Choose the Most Flattering Brow Shade picture 2
Choose the Most Flattering Brow Shade picture 3

Now when the best eyebrow shape for your face is achieved, let us choose the most flattering shade for any eyebrow shapes.

If you are a brunette or blonde (black or silver), opt for taupe, soft black, or medium brown products.


Perfect Eyebrows Shape With Makeup Ideas

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Perfect Eyebrows Shape With Makeup Ideas picture 1
Perfect Eyebrows Shape With Makeup Ideas picture 2
Perfect Eyebrows Shape With Makeup Ideas picture 4
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Perfect Eyebrows Shape With Makeup Ideas picture 5
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Perfect Eyebrows Shape With Makeup Ideas picture 6
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If you are a brunette with gold or honey highlights, redhead, or yellowy blonde, go for blonde or warm brown products.

Now you know how to shape perfect eyebrows disregarding your face shape. Keep up and learn more useful info on our blog.

Eyebrow Shapes That Can Flatter Anyone

FAQ: Eyebrow Shapes

What are fleek eyebrows?

When eyebrows are flawlessly groomed, filled, and shaped, they are called fleek, which is a derivation of the word flick -a well-known term among makeup fans. It refers to the pigmentation of some women’s eyelids to make it appear as if the outermost eyelashes swoop upward, reaching the ends of the brows.

How do you shape your eyebrows at home for beginners?

  1. Gather your materials and look for natural light.
  2. Using a map technique, determine your natural brow shape.
  3. Carefully tweeze. Don’t forget to set a timer!
  4. Remove any stray hairs with a scissor.
  5. Fill in the blanks using a pencil.

Do thick eyebrows make you look younger?

You can look younger by having thicker brows. A thicker and fuller brow adds not only youth but also intensity to the face. So, softer and fuller brows appear younger and give the face some relaxed look.