By: | Updated: 10/26/2018

These Eyebrow Shapes Are Win-Win For Every Woman

Let’s talk about eyebrow shapes that can compliment anyone. Yes, we don’t lie to you. Such shapes exist, and you will see that further.

But in the meantime, let us explore the basics of grooming your eyebrows. Disregarding their future shade and shape, your first task is to find the most flattering length of the brows. A professional makeup artist would tell you that the beginning and the end of the brow can be the real game-changers.

So, before jumping to brows shaping, it is advisable to determine where the brow begins. To do that, hold a pencil upwards in a vertical position right beside your nose. The upper tip of the pencil will indicate the beginning of the brow.

Next, switch the pencil to a diagonal position towards the outer corner of your eye. The upper tip of the pencil on the brow bone will indicate the end of the brow. Voila! And now when you know the basics let’s see the most flattering types of eyebrows with pictures.

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