MAC Foundation Picks For A Flawless Complexion

Make Your Skin Look Superior With The Perfectly Matching MAC Foundation

MAC foundation range is very wide and versatile. You can easily pick out the product that matches any skin type, complexion and required level of coverage. Undoubtedly, with the wrong foundation, no makeup can save your look. And yes, we believe that there's no bad foundation, there's only the wrong one. At least, when it comes to M.A.C. So that you weren't disappointed with your choice, we've compiled the optimum roundup of the best M.A.C. foundations.


MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

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MAC Pro Longwear Foundation will give you full coverage with a matte finish. It dries pretty fast, so you should apply it in short order. However, when dry, it stays put all day long without the need for a touch-up. As it's rather heavy, Pro Longwear Foundation isn't an everyday option. However, for the important events when you want to look your absolute best, this foundation will become a real savior. Note though that if your skin type is dry, you'd better skip on Pro Longwear or at least prepare your face very thoroughly with a really deep moisturizing cream to have no regrets later.


MAC Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Foundation

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The first thing that this MAC Foundation will pleasantly surprise you with is its packaging. Matchmaster Shade Intelligence Foundation comes in a cushion container, thanks to which you don't need any additional tools for its application. The sheer formula gives you a light coverage with a slightly glowy finish. Thus, Matchmaster works best for normal to dry skin.


MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation

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MAC Waterweight Foundation has a sheer, fluid texture that is similar to serum. It doesn't leave streaks nor does it cake. The long-lasting formula is easy-applicable and lightweight. Even though the foundation gives a light to medium coverage, its subtle texture will be truly appreciated by those who like "no makeup" look and feel. MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation is more suitable for normal to combination skin. However, girls with dry and oily pelt shouldn't shy away from it too. The satin finish the foundation gives can be complimentary for basically any skin type.


MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation

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Mac Face and Body Foundation is an absolutely weightless product that gives you a light coverage with a natural feel. It glides so smoothly onto your face and body skin that you won't have any difficulties with its application or blending. Although the formula is sheer, it's totally buildable, which allows you to disguise any minor flaws your skin has without looking cakey. Face & Body evens out your complexion and doesn't accentuate pores. Being a long-wearing foundation, it stays put up to 9 hours. Because of its moisturizing properties, MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation works for any skin type except for extremely oily.


MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

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MAC Studio Fix Foundation has little to do with the natural effect. It's a heavy medium to full coverage foundation with a matte finish. The formula is buildable, which allows you to cover almost any imperfections without getting cakey. This is a MAC waterproof foundation, thus your skin will look flawless even in very humid or hot environmental conditions. MAC Studio Fix Fluid is suitable for any skin type, but it will be especially valuable for very oily and combination types thanks to its oil-controlling properties. It’s an extremely long-wearing foundation with a staying power of up to 24 hours. If you have an important event and want to look mesmerizing on camera, this foundation is a perfect choice.

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

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MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation basically has the same properties as the classic Pro Longwear. It’s a long-wearing full coverage product with a water-resistant formula, which allows you to wear it in any natural conditions. Even though the foundation is quite heavy, it doesn’t look or feel like a mask and doesn't clog pores. It helps to cover any blemishes, thus being a perfect option for the skin prone to acne. Unlike its original version, the Nourishing one has a less matte finish, hence it works amazing for a dry skin type too.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

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Somehow, M.A.C. Studio Sculpt isn't the best MAC foundation. It has a gel-like extremely moisturizing formula with a dewy finish, which makes it a great option for dry skin. The coverage is medium, thus the makeup looks natural and weightless. As this is a long-wearing foundation, it does stay on all day long without making your skin dry. However, for some reason, it doesn’t blend in properly rather staying on the surface. Don't forget though that every skin is individual, and what's one man's meat is another man's poison.


MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation

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MAC Mineralize Foundation offers you a medium coverage with a dewy finish. Even though it's claimed to be suitable for any skin type including sensitive, with vitamin E, shea butter and a mineral complex on the list of ingredients, it shows better on dry and mature skin. The radiant cream-gel formula diminishes any flaws including wrinkles and fine lines and lights your skin from within. Although Mineralize Moisture is a long-lasting foundation, it doesn't oxidize or set into pores during the day.

MAC Hyper Real Foundation

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In actuality, Hyper Real Foundation is a combination of a MAC liquid foundation and a highlighter. It doesn't come in many shades, though you can perfectly blend a couple of available ones together to get the desired color. It's more aimed at boosting your complexion instead of covering the flaws. However, if you team it with a foundation or concealer, you'll get the desired coverage with a glowy finish. In case your skin doesn’t require much disguise, you can easily wear the Hyper Real Foundation by M.A.C. alone for sheer coverage with a pearly finish.

Like no other, we know how frustrating it is to get the wrong foundation. And by wrong, we don't mean its shade, which is a pretty easy resolvable issue. If you get a mismatching shade, don't throw it away. Just get another one but a bit lighter or darker and mix them together to match your complexion. In this way, you won't need to switch your favorite foundation when your skin gets tan. However, choosing this very favorite foundation can become a real challenge. To succeed in your struggle, you need to consider your skin type, desired finish, level of coverage and even age. And, of course, stick to our guide for the best MAC foundation options available.