What is the main attractive feature of your face? Some of you may say it’s the eyes. Others love their lips or noses or cheekbones. However, rarely anyone can imagine their face without well-cared-for brows, can they? This means that good-looking brows are table-turning and essential. Thus, more and more beauty routines concerning eyebrows appear on the market. Have you ever heard about eyebrow waxing? It’s time you become an educated expert on the matter. The knowledge may change your life in no time!


What is Eyebrow Waxing?

Surely, you know how to look after your brows, and you’ve already tried plucking or threading to keep the framers neat and stylish. When it comes to waxing eyebrows, you need to realize that it’s ultra-quick. If you’ve ever done any other type of waxing, you may know the way the procedure goes. Wax is spread over the needed area, and then it’s removed in a quick motion together with unwanted hair. The only downside with waxing your brows is the trick to applying the wax evenly over the required area without touching any unwanted hairs. So, the specialist is the one who can do it professionally and carefully.


How Does It Work?

How to wax eyebrows on your own? It’s possible if you’re careful and precise enough. All you need to do is to apply a thin layer of wax, press on the strip of cloth or paper and rip it off in one sleek and fast motion. The motion will pull out the brow hairs leaving the skin smooth and even. Some professionals advise it to trim the strands with scissors before going in with waxing. Also, you may need to inspect the treated area for any remaining hairs and pluck them out with the help of tweezers.

What’s the Difference Between Eyebrow Waxing and Eyebrow Threading?

Many people compare eyebrow threading vs waxing to learn which one is more effective. While two procedures vary, you need to know precisely what makes them different. Waxing implies that some warm or cold wax is applied to a precise area and then quickly removed together with unwanted growth. At the same time, threading is a lot more ancient process and implies the use of a particular thread and the skill of a professional who would use it to pluck out the unwanted hair. The method is also quick and effective since the hair is removed straight from the follicle. Threading can be used for making thick brows lighter and less defined, while waxing is fit for shape-defining purpose only.


What are the Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Waxing?

Aside from well-advertised eyebrow waxing tips, an inexperienced user may want to learn about potential perks and downsides that the procedure implies for. There are some pros and cons of brow waxing to be aware of:

  • Fast procedure;
  • Great results;
  • Moderately painful;
  • Softer and finer hair afterwards;
  • Requires professional help;
  • Unfit for sensitive skin;
  • Doesn’t go well with chemical peels.

Is Eyebrow Waxing Painful?

How painful is eyebrow wax to apply? Absolutely pain-free, but the removal of the waxing strip may feel a little uncomfortable. The brow area isn’t the most sensitive of all plus the procedure is fast so that you won’t feel extreme pain or discomfort during the session. Besides, as the sessions repeat, the process will become less and less bothering. In case you crave comparison – tweezing is a lot more painful than waxing.


Should People with Sensitive Skin Avoid Eyebrow Waxing?

The answer to that may depend upon personal needs and preferences. However, the experts say that ultra-sensitive skin types should better refrain from brow waxing. What should you do instead? You can ask for a mixed session that involves a little waxing, tweezing and threading in one to leave your brows speckles and your skin as little irritated as possible.

5 Basic Eyebrow Shapes for Different Face Shapes

Did you know that eyebrow waxing shapes differ? Of course, you did! However, it’s doesn’t hurt to figure out which form will suit your face best before you head to the salon, does it? There are five main types of brows to distinguish.

Round eyebrows

While the shape itself is pretty self-explanatory, it needs to be added that the form resembles a very gentle curve that gets thicker in the middle. Brows like that are recommended for people with square faces since the shape can balance out the angles and make a face look even more beautiful.


Soft-angled eyebrows

Think of this form as an inverse V letter. The main aim of the shape is to add some more angles to the face while keeping things soft and gentle around the eyes. This shape is recommended for ladies with oval and oblong faces. However, people with heart-shaped faces can benefit from it too.

Sharp-angled eyebrows

The letter V is still the best description for the form but with sharper angles to it. If you have a round face that lacks that angularity, the shape is irreplaceable.

Flat eyebrows

Yes, such a shape exists. It is the way it sounds it looks – a straight line with a tiny curve at the end. People with long faces who wish to avoid any lengthening of the face should consider the form.


S-shaped eyebrows

This form is defined with two curves instead of one. Usually, people are born with such a peculiar shape, and it’s unadvised to manually introduce it. If your brows grow naturally like this – you should enhance the form, but if they don’t – leave the shape be.

How to Prepare for Eyebrow Waxing?

As simple as the procedure is, so simple would be the preparation process. All it takes is to visit the stylish with clean and untreated brows. The rest will be done by the professional. In case you have a bothering temptation to pre-pluck your bows – don’t. You may go too far with the plucking, and the expert will have nothing to work with to create a masterpiece.

Going in with your makeup is a poor decision too. The cleaner is the area – the better the stylist will see what needs to be done. Also, avoid tanning before scheduling brow waxing since it may end up in unwanted irritation. Lastly, since various salons use different types of wax, you need to warn the professional should you be allergic to anything. Depending upon your needs, the stylist will choose the product that is the safest.

What Should I Do After Eyebrow Waxing?

Now, when you substitute threading eyebrows for waxing, you need to be fully aware of what to do right after the session. The aftercare is quite basic and simple. You should keep away from heavy lotions and makeup to avoid unnecessary irritation. The area may feel a little warmer and look quite red for some time. So, if you’re planning a date and a waxing procedure for the same date – you should better reconsider. Lastly, refrain from tanning or swimming for the next 24 hours. Other than that, you can carry on with your routines.


FAQ: Eyebrow Waxing

How long do waxed eyebrows last?

It really depends on how fast your eyebrow hair grows. Some people can go without waxing anywhere from several weeks to as long as six weeks. Normally, you might want to get one appointment every month or until your hair grows to a reasonable length that allows to wax it.

What to ask for when getting eyebrows waxed?

Before getting your eyebrows waxed you should choose a way of removing hair: there is also sugar waxing or threading. Make sure that your technician has a certificate which confirms their competence, even better if you find pictures of their works online prior.
Determine which brow shape will look best on you and inform of you have sensitive skin.