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Stop Being Afraid Of Eyebrow Threading And Try It

Is eyebrow threading painful? This is the question that many women ask the moment they hear about this technique. It’s because there is a myth that threading eyebrows is something sadistic even though other techniques like plucking or waxing are not that pleasant, too. Well, as we state, it’s only a myth, and it exists because women refuse to try and see that, in reality, threading is not that bad. In fact, the feeling is simply unusual rather than painful.

So, how does eyebrow threading work? In short, you will roll a special twisted thread made of cotton over your hairs and it will rip out every follicle of the pore with no exception. But again, do not worry, as it sounds scarier than it is. And if you are difficult to convince, we can advise you try out the technique on your hand at first. Even if your pain threshold is lower than average, we are sure that you will still agree to try threading on your face afterwards.

And now let’s talk about pleasant things when it comes to threading. The difference between waxing and threading eyebrows is that the latter technique is more precise. It does not leave any hairs in the exact places where you want. As a result, you can achieve very defined and polished eyebrows shapes for different face types, including the ideal eyebrow shapes for round face and eyebrow shapes for oval faces.

Now we know that you are tempted to try it. Luckily, we can read your mind, so, we have a detailed tutorial on eyebrow threading at home. Get ready to learn how to get ideal eyebrows!

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