Choose Maroon Matte Lipstick To Create A Killer Look

Maroon matte lipstick is officially the biggest trend in makeup during the last couple of years. To tell the truth, it was always in. You probably remember how your mom applied this burgundy shade. And now even a ton of celebs do this, too.


Perfect Looks with Maroon Matte Lipstick

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Vampy matte lipstick comes when your regular red one just isn’t enough anymore. The best part about this lipstick is that it is flattering to everyone.


Sexy Maroon Matte Lipstick - Choose Your Favorite Shade

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We are not abandoning a classic and timeless red lipstick, of course. But for some days, when you need to create a mysterious and dark look, maroon is what you need.

Beautiful Makeup Ideas with Maroon Lips

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Both maroon lipstick and red lipsticks are bold. But the massage with the maroon one is slightly different. A woman with this kind of lips is more confident and mysterious.


Trendy Maroon Lipstick Shades

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It is perfect to wear for those days when your hairstyle is slightly messy and eye makeup is on. Maroon lipstick becomes the star of your look.

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Maroon matte shades stay on even after many hours of eating and drinking at the party. Maroon shades look sultry against lighter skin tones and can add some sexy vibes to medium to dark skin tones.


Maroon Matte Lipstick to Look Glamorous

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This lipstick can change the look in seconds, making a bright, chic person from a modest and inconspicuous girl. The darker shade of maroon will help create bold looks, and the lighter is suitable for every day even in daytime.

FAQ: Maroon Matte Lipstick

Is maroon lipstick good for Indian skin?

Maroon lipstick looks gorgeous on Indian skin tones. If you have skin with cool undertones, you can choose maroon lipstick with warm hues. On the other hand, if your skin has warm undertones, you can go for lipsticks with bluer, cooler hues.

How do you make liquid lipstick matte?

  • Take a mattifying cream and gently dab it on top of your lipstick.
  • You can take a piece of oil blotting paper and gently press it against your lips.
  • Another option is to take a piece of tissue and separate the layers, press one of the layers against your lips and apply a small amount of translucent powder on top. This will absorb the oils and the shine in your lips.