Spooktacular Halloween Cupcakes Ideas To Have Much Fun

Halloween cupcakes are the common party guests every year when we celebrate the holiday. But have you ever wondered why do we eat sweets on Halloween?

As it turns out, this tradition is about 1,000 years old. Back in the Middle Ages, when the predecessor of the holiday – “All-Hallows’-Eve” was celebrated, people left food at their front door. They did so to stay safe from the invasion of ghosts. And so-called “soul cakes” were among those protective foods. Later on, tasty cakes were given by wealthier people to poorer beggars in return for prayers for the prosperity of their households.


And today, cupcakes are typically made to treat guests and neighbors to some tasty dessert. Read on to discover the coolest ideas of toppings.

Chocolate And Vanilla Mummy Cupcakes

Source: sugarandcharm via Instagram

This dessert is super simple to make. You will just need a chocolate cake, white frosting for the mummy effect, a frosting bag, monster eyes, and a flat tip for frosting. Either make frosting or use some canned frosting.


Cauldron Cupcakes

Source: apumpkinandaprincess via Instagram

The witchcraft is among the most popular Halloween party themes. Would you like to practice obeah this year? Then the cauldron Halloween cupcakes shown in this pic could match the theme perfectly. Don’t forget about the monster eyes, bones, and bats décor pieces.

Monster Cupcakes

Source: scatteredmom via Instagram

Decorating cupcakes with food coloring has recently become a thing. And we can tell you one thing: ask your kid for help, and he or she will have one of the best days in the life. It is so much fun! To get monster cupcakes, you will also need toothpicks, monster eyes, and cupcake wrappers.


Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Source: justataste via Instagram

These pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are so bright that once we saw them, we wanted to eat them right away. Though we had to cook them at first, of course. This festive dessert made of chocolate cake and cheese creamy is super yummy.

Easy Halloween Cupcakes With Chocolate Spiders

Source: justataste via Instagram

Actually, we often see spiders as Halloween cupcake decorations. And it is not surprising. Spiders are essential for practically any Halloween party. Look how comfortable these chocolate spiders feel, sitting on the cream frosting. And the monster eyes really pop.


Creepy Skeleton Hand Cupcakes

Source: lillunakristyn via Instagram

This decorating idea would amaze those who are searching for some creepy Halloween cupcakes for their party this year. Skeleton hands that are stretching out from under the chocolate ground appear super scary. This dessert would work awesome for a skeleton-themed party.

Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Source: brendidblog via Instagram

When listing Halloween cupcakes images, this one really caught our attention. This icing is so fun because of its bright pink color and resemblance to the human brain. If you are throwing a zombie party, these Halloween cupcakes will match the theme perfectly.

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Source: madetobeamomma via Instagram

This Halloween treat is friendly and so festive. You can use any cake mix you find in the store to prepare these amusing cupcakes that are reminiscent of wicked witches. Here the accessories is what does the talking, not the cake itself.


Frankenstein Cupcakes

Source: yourcupofcake via Instagram

The Frankenstein topping is added to the chocolate cupcakes here. And the result is so lovely, in our opinion. To create the eyes and ears, you can use chocolate candies. And chocolate sprinkles will work great as the hair of the yummy monster.

Vampire Bite Creepy Cute Cupcakes

Source: dreamalittlebiggerblog via Instagram

These Halloween cupcakes were bitten by a vampire that was passing by your party. That is how you can present this bloody dessert to your guests. The bite marks are very simple to make. Just make two holes in the frosting and pour some gem in them.

Marshmallow Web Cupcake

Source: handmadecharlotte via Instagram

Let us check if your guests suffer from some sort of arachnophobia. Treat them to delicious cupcakes adorned with spider web. Rattle their nerves and surprise them with the exceptional taste of the dessert. To create the web, simply melt down white marshmallows.


Candy Corn Halloween Cupcakes

Source: thesugaryshrink via Instagram

The pumpkin candy corn cupcakes that are shown in this picture taste so awesome. You can’t see it because of the wrapping, but these cupcakes consist of a layer of brownies that is then topped with bright white cupcake batter.

Dirt Cupcakes

Source: lmldfood via Instagram

Here are some easy Halloween cakes for your creepy party. The basis is a chocolate cupcake. Then it is topped with dark chocolate frosting, chocolate cookie crumbs, gummy worms. These are among the most nerve-racking Halloween cupcakes toppers we have ever seen.

Ghost Meringue Cupcakes

Source: jennysteffenshobick via Instagram

The dessert that you serve at a Halloween party should be not only appropriate for the theme but also to your guests’ taste. And these ghost cupcakes are the best of both worlds. Let the ‘ghosts’ be of different sizes and shapes. Thus, they will appear more ‘natural.’


Tombstone Cupcakes

Source: yourcupofcake via Instagram

It is a hair-raising dessert topped with chocolate. Halloween is probably the only occasion that can unite horror and entertainment. To create a sign that is a shortening for Rest in Peace, you can use white chocolate. Then the sign will be noticeable against the dark chocolate background.

Adorably Spooky Skeleton Cupcakes

Source: yourcupofcake via Instagram

Who says that spooky things can’t be cute, too? The skeleton cupcake shown in this pic is proof that they totally can. We bet that this marshmallow head is super sweet. Would you try it?

Cute Little Bat Cupcake

Source: junipercakery via Instagram

Halloween inspired cupcakes with bat décor elements can be seen all over the web. And we think that this purple figure of a bat looks not only lovely but also quite elegant. How do you think?


Classic Red Velvet Cupcakes With A Spooky Twist

Source: bakingyoubetter via Instagram

Simple cupcakes bought in any store can be turned into scary Halloween cupcakes so easily. Just add slices of jelly and any red-colored gem. Voila, it looks like pieces of the broken glass covered with blood.

Now you know what you can serve to your guests this Halloween. Everyone will love the dessert! More inspo is waiting for you on our blog.

Chocolate Witch Hat Cupcake Idea

Source: cupcakenewmedia via Instagram

Witches are among the top totem creatures that rule the Halloween. If it happens so that you are a fan of those wicked ladies, we suggest you praise them with these tasty and colorful chocolate cupcakes!

Gold Spider Halloween Cupcake Idea

Source: soiree_event_design via Instagram

Spider decorations are usually dark and horrifying. However, we think that when it comes to delicious cupcakes, you can get a little experimental with the hues. Gold spider cupcakes are lovely and anything but terrifying.


Jack O Lantern Halloween Cupcake

Source: cupcakenewmedia via Instagram

When you are getting ready for your Halloween party, you should in no case, forget about the most prominent symbol of the holiday – Jack O lantern. Chocolate and pumpkin cream cupcakes with the glazed Jack O Lantern on top should be on offer.

Eyeball Halloween Cupcakes

Source: michellespartyplanit via Instagram

If you think that the creepier is the food on your holiday table – the better, we have an idea in mind. How about petrifying chocolate eyeball cupcakes? Surely, your guests will get the chills, but that won’t stop them from grabbing a bite of those delicious creepy things!

Bloody Finger Halloween Cupcake

Source: sweetart.by.jules via Instagram

Those of you who are more than good when it comes to baking, we have a suggestion to offer. A cut off bloody finger on a wooden cutting board both sounds and looks ghastly, but we know that the taste will be divine!


Pumpkin Cupcake With Ghost Accent

Source: theblondebaker_ via Instagram

Many people prefer cute to scary. That is why when the holiday knocks on your door, and you want to treat your guests with something tasty and themed, a pumpkin cake with a lovely ghostie on top will help you achieve the goal.

Halloween Cupcakes With Skeleton Toppers

Source: soiree_event_design via Instagram

Even regular cupcakes can be easily transformed into Halloween ones with the set of proper decorative elements. Skeleton toppers, together with either artificial or glazed spiders, will serve the purpose well.

Halloween Cupcake With Bat Topper

Source: madeofsugarandspice via Instagram

No matter what many may say, we think that bats are cute. To prove the point, we offer you have a closer look at these lovely bat cupcakes. Nothing screams ‘Eat me!” more than this pink cupcake with a lollipop on top!


Black Butter Candy Corn Halloween Cupcake

Source: theblondebaker_ via Instagram

In many cases, it is all about the details when we think Halloween cupcakes. Black cream on top of a regular cupcake bun will transform it into themed treat in no time!

Disney Ghost Halloween Cupcake Idea

Source: carrie_dot via Instagram

There are times when you are a devoted fan of both Halloween and Disney cartoons. To show off your two passions, it is best to combine them in one. What we have in mind is a cupcake topped with cutesy Mickey ghost!

Black Cat Halloween Cupcake Idea

Source: septemberscakes via Instagram

If there are witches and broomsticks, so there must be black cats. If you are looking for exquisite topping for your holiday cupcakes, we think that black cats will fit in perfectly!


Chocolate Bat Halloween Cupcake Idea

Source: carrie_dot via Instagram

We know that Mickey is the mouse, but, hey – it is Halloween outside! Add a couple of lovely wings, and the famous mouse turns into sweet bat cupcake decoration! As simple as that!

Monster Pumpkin Cupcake Idea

Source: cakey__goodness via Instagram

Are you running out of time and can’t dedicate a lot of time to cupcake decoration? We know a possible way out! All you need to do is to draw scary faces on delicious marshmallow and place them on top of bright orange cupcake cream!

Halloween Cupcake With Zombie Toppers

Source: deryabinka.89 via Instagram

It is more than important to choose proper hues when working with your cupcake desserts. That is why a light purple top combined with chocolate muffin suits the occasion perfectly. As for the toppers, you can get as experimental as you like, but we say that Frankenstein and zombie ones will fit in flawlessly.


Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Cupcake

Source: catherinemariecake via Instagram

The truth is that not all Halloween desserts are supposed to be dark and scary there is some room for fancy and gentle ideas too. For instance, this fantastic Minnie Mouse made out of pink marshmallow pumpkin is breathtakingly beautiful!

Pink Cute Halloween Cupcakes

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Halloween Cupcake Idea With Witch Legs Accent

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Blood Brain Cupcake Idea

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Jack O'Lantern Halloween Cupcakes

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Devil Halloween Cupcake Idea

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Little Shop Horrors Cupcake Idea

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Gold Skull Halloween Cupcake Idea

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Pumpkin Spice Cream Cupcake

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Colorful Halloween Cupcakes

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