There are few people with amber eyes, so few that it is even possible to state that this eye color is quite uncommon. In its essence, the amber eye color is a combination of yellow and orange which is quite unique. This eye color is often called wolf eyes.


As for the amber eyes rare occurrence, truly, this eye color is considered to be the rarest. People with this eye color tend to live in South America and Asia. And this trait is inheritable which means that based on this eye color, you can learn a lot about your ancestors.

If you are in the company with such amber-eyed celebs like Evangeline Lilly, Nicole Richie, and Darren Criss, explore which makeup will be ideal for your hypnotizing eyes!

Blue Cut Crease Makeup For Amber Colored Eyes

Blue Cut Crease Makeup For Amber Colored Eyes #buecutcrease #smokey
Source: Instagram/littledustmua

Blue eye makeup has become one of the most sought-after ones for amber colored eyes since KKW X Mario palette release. This stunning idea gives you an admirable way to wear dark blue on your eyes. This look incorporates a gorgeous black liner flick with some gold shimmer atop and striking blue over the lid and waterline. It is undoubtedly a look that will help you make a statement at the prom.


Pink Shimmer Smokey Eyes Look

Pink Shimmer Smokey Eyes Look #pinksmokey #softarchbrows
Source: Instagram/bellamakeup_

Incorporate some pink color sparkles into the prom image with such a Smokey eye look like this. The pink Smokey eye with eyeliner flick and pink glitter over the lids make this look simply irresistible. This makeup will suit any lady as well as any special occasion.

Cappuccino Brown Smokey With Glitter Eyeliner

Cappuccino Brown Smokey With Glitter Eyeliner #glittereyeliner
Source: Instagram/marisolbautistaa

There is something magnetic about amber eye color, and those who have such eyes are looking for the ways to accent that terrific color. If you are looking for a regular smokey look, we suggest you upgrade it a little. A Cappuccino brown eyeshadow completed with glitter cat eye will make you the star of anywhere you are headed to.


Brown Cut Crease Makeup

Brown Cut Crease Makeup #matteeyeshadow #cutcrease
Source: Instagram/bellamakeup_

To tell you the truth, there is no limit to the ways you can bring your amber-colored eyes up. However, if you are feeling skilled enough, a brown cut crease makeup is something that we would advise you to consider. The fact is that this makeup is something in-between day look and night one, and that makes it so special.

Dark Gray Glitter Smokey Eyes Makeup

Dark Gray Glitter Smokey Eyes Makeup #glitter
Source: Instagram/bellamakeup_

If you are the lucky goddess with golden eyes, you need to know which eyeshadow complements you best. The truth is that dark grey is that one color that brings those golden specks in your eyes better than any other shade. Add some glitter to the scene. Your eyes will shine brighter than diamonds!


Gold Cut Crease With Classy Eyeliner

Gold Cut Crease With Classy Eyeliner #blackeyeliner
Source: Instagram/bellamakeup_

It is never a waste to add some vibrancy to your makeup routine to introduce that peculiar vibe to your natural amber eyes. We think that the gold cut crease with a classic liner to it will look magnificent despite the occasion.

Copper Eyeshadow With Gold Glitter Makeup Idea

Copper Eyeshadow With Gold Glitter Makeup Idea #goldglitter #coppereyeshadow
Source: Instagram/marisolbautistaa

They say that the best way to draw attention to your gold eye color is to dress it up with shadows that are quite contrasting. We say that shadows on the same color palette work than great with amber eyes too. One look at this fantastic copper eye makeup and you will think the same. As you can see, your lower lash line and waterline deserve some attention too.

Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Idea

Glitter Cut Crease Makeup Idea #cutcrease
Source: Instagram/bellamakeup_

There are many ways that you can raise your mood, but we think that flawless makeup is the best way. When a regular cut crease makeup for amber brown eyes is too simple, we suggest that you add some glitter to the scene. It needs to be mentioned that despite the glittery accent, the makeup can be considered a daily one as well.


Green Smokey Eyes Makeup

Green Smokey Eyes Makeup #greensmokey #cutcrease
Source: Instagram/shannelsmakeuplooks

Undoubtedly, green is one of the boldest and oldest colors. However, you can achieve this gorgeous look easily you know how to apply it correctly. For instance, green Smokey eyes rock. However, it is essential to choose the perfect green according to your hair color and skin tone too. The way you apply, it will also affect your final look. In order to get a bold hue like this dark green makeup look – you should not bother touching the foundation and any other eye makeup detail until everything is done. Don’t forget that the eyes and the brows are significant contributors to this look, that is why you should start with them and let them work on the rest of the makeup.

Pink Cut Crease Look With Black Eyeliner For Dark Amber Eyes

Pink Cut Crease Look With Black Eyeliner For Dark Amber Eyes #pinkshadow #blackeyeliner
Source: Instagram/alyciamarie

Here comes a sassy and dramatic pink eye makeup that incorporates black liner. The black liner helps the cool dark amber eyes stand out stunningly. Pink eyeshadow and black liner make the eyes look conspicuous. This is a must-have look for any lady with dark amber eyes. Besides, incorporation of pinky tones makes the look more appropriate for summer. Well, if you are searching for some stunning look for your 5th of August party, this one will fit in perfectly! You might have been told that pink and black make a terrifying combo, but this gorgeous look gives you all the reasons to refute that like idle talk.

Everyday Smokey Makeup Look

Everyday Smokey Makeup Look #smokey #easymakeup
Source: Instagram/alyciamarie

Is nude makeup the only thing to make you look gorgeous, sexy and attractive as you prepare to attend that come together party? Well, one thing you can rely on to look more erotic and insanely beautiful is to apply the mystical and magical Smokey makeup. Though it may be tricky to put on appropriately, it is undoubtedly pretty goofproof.


Gold Smokey Eyes Makeup Idea For Special Occasions

Gold Smokey Eyes Makeup Idea For Special Occasions #goldglitter #prommakeup
Source: Instagram/sofia_torress

How about a classical holiday makeup? Gold makeup, with plenty of liquid eyeliner, and a pop of pale red matte lipstick to grant it definition is a fabulous choice. It is sassy, and gorgeous too, and it brings you closer to understanding why it is on the top of Christmas makeup ideas list this year. If you have a problem with keeping your hands steady while putting on the eyelashes, which are very important to achieve this beautiful look, ensure your elbows are held on a flat surface while you look into your mirror. This will help you stop the trembling that usually happens when you are trying to pay attention to getting them done, and stability is crucial for the substantial part of the look like this one.

Matte Smokey Makeup Idea With Glitter Eyeliner For Light Amber Eyes

Matte Smokey Makeup Idea With Glitter Eyeliner For Light Amber Eyes #matteshadow #glittereyeliner
Source: Instagram/shannelsmakeuplooks

This look will make your light amber eyes stand out. It features a sparkly pale blue liner with white on the top. This classic combination of white and pale blue grants your amber eyes a beautiful look. This makeup is ideal for the night out and can even be worn during the day if you like to rock it too. Try it out!

Bright Pigment Eyeliner Accent

Bright Pigment Eyeliner Accent #coloredeyeliner #matteeyeshadow
Source: Instagram/shannelsmakeuplooks

Pink and blue hues work perfectly well together. For instance, in this look, the eyelid is blue with a black eyeliner flick, and along the waterline, there is a gorgeous pink eyeliner accent. A bright makeup like this is ideal for the modern prom queen who in search of a vibrant look. If that is just about you, give it a shot and see how bright and daring you would look.


Glitter Eyeshadow For Amber Eyes

Glitter Eyeshadow For Amber Eyes #glittereyeshadow #partymakeup
Source: Instagram/sofia_torress

It is clear that it can be a difficult task to wear bold eye makeup and bold lips at the same time. However, this gold makeup with glitter eyeshadow gives you the proper way to rock it. To rock this look, accentuate it with red lips. The shimmering eyes will look muted, and the red lips will finish the look off. The subtle hints of white shimmer in the corners of your eyes play a significant role when you are opening the eyes up, and they work perfectly with the gold eyelid color.

Black Smokey Eyes Look For Amber Eyes

Black Smokey Eyes Look For Amber Eyes #blacksmokey #matteyeshadow
Source: Instagram/littledustmua

It goes without saying that Smokey eyes are classic. We can even dare to say - more classic that bold red lip. Regardless of whether it is grey and dark hues or subtle bronze and brown shades, a smokey eye will look gorgeous to almost everyone. You will always get it right if you go with black Smokey eyes. The intensity brought by the black hues brings out your eye color extraordinarily. It gives a visible contrast to the cool colors usually found in amber eyes.

The process of getting a classic black Smokey look done is simple and straightforward: After framing your eyes, use a brown shadow that fits your skin tone right beneath the browbone to create the perfect transition. Add some batches of black eyeshadow and build it up to get the needed intensity. Blend it all well with a clean brush and apply some product at the lower lash line. Finally, line the upper and lower lash lines with black liner and finish it with mascara.

Copper Smokey With Coral Eyeliner

Creative Eye Makeup with Eyeline picture 2
Source: Instagram/shannelsmakeuplooks

People with amber eyes may find copper shades highly flattering, as they can enhance the green tint in the eyes. If you struggle how to pull off this controversial color, consider wearing it in a smokey eye makeup look. On amber eyes makeup in black shades can seem too harsh, thus opt for metallic and bronze eyeshadows instead.

Besides, you can spruce up your copper smokey eyes with an additional touch of color by applying coral eyeliner instead of black. Such a bright color not only makes your eyes pop but also pairs perfectly with rusty eyeshadows. If you are afraid to look washed out because of going for a uniform color, add some greens, blues or purples, which make up a nice combo with copper shades.


Yellow And Gray Smokey Makeup With Pin Up Black Eyeliner

Soft Smokey Eyes With Black Eyeline #blackeyeliner #wings
Source: Instagram/shannelsmakeuplooks

If you have bright amber eyes, you can make them even brighter by turning to yellow eyeshadows. The trick is that this color enriches the yellow flecks in your eyes. However, to make that happen, you should not necessarily go all-out yellow. As it is quite a vivid color, opting for it solo can make your eyes look sore. Hence, it is a good idea to balance it out with some neutral shades, such as gray.

As for the technique, a smokey makeup look remains one of the most flattering for amber-colored eyes. You might want to add a dramatic flair to your eye makeup with black winged eyeliner and some fluffy falsies along your upper lash line.

Shimmer Champagne Cut Crease Makeup Idea

Festive Eye Makeup Ideas for Amber Eyes picture 1
Source: Instagram/sofia_torress

Add some glisten to your natural amber eyes with a cut crease makeup look in a shimmery champagne color. This light sparkling shade beautifully reflects light making your eyes look deeper and more saturated. Also, thanks to the play of light, your eye makeup gains a glossy finish.

To keep all that shimmery madness tamed, define your eyes with the help of the cut crease eye makeup technique. It not only gives your makeup more precision and boldness but also allows you to visually correct your eye shape if needed. And as a result, you get a dazzling and festive makeup that can be flaunted to basically any occasion, from casual to dressy.

Glitter Burgundy Smokey With Classic Eyeliner

Festive Eye Makeup Ideas for Amber Eyes picture 3
Source: Instagram/sofia_torress

Let drama be only in your makeup. If you are one of those daring girls with the amber eyes color who are not afraid of deep tones and vampy shades, then you are bound to try a burgundy glitter eye makeup look. Although it is probably not an everyday option, even if you rock it only once for a night out, it will give such a strong impression that nobody will forget it. So, in case you want to create a look that will not go unnoticed, the glitter burgundy smokey is your sure way to go.

Of course, wine-red glitter is not the only participant of your makeup. As the blending colors, you may opt for raspberry or cranberry while for the lower lid, you are welcome to choose such complementing colors as yellow and orange. Do not shy away from this color combinations, as there is a ploy that will help you to pull basically any eye makeup together – classic winged eyeliner along the upper lash line.


Green Smokey Eyes With Eyeliner Accent

Green Smokey Eyes Makeup Idea #greensmokey
Source: Instagram/alyciamarie

A green smokey eyes makeup look appears especially flattering for dark amber eyes thanks to the deep emerald speckles it brings out in them. For a more contrasty appearance, opt for teal or turquoise colors. You can also combine several shades in one makeup creating a gradual transition from chartreuse through olive to bottle green. You are also welcome to employ jade, mint and lime shades closer to the inner corner and toward the middle of the lid while deepening the outer corner with mossy and pine greens.

To accentuate your green makeup for amber eyes with eyeliner, it is better to go with a neutral color, such as black. Otherwise, it will come out gaudy instead of gorg.

Silver And Purple Glitter Smokey Eyes Makeup

Popular Eyes Makeup Ideas To Inspire You picture 1
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There is arguably no better eye color to pull off purple smokey than amber. Thanks to the abundance of warm undertones, no matter what shade of purple you will go for, be it violet or plum, it will surely come out complimenting. Though, nowadays you will not surprise anybody with a purple eye makeup look even if it is smokey. Hence, you should highlight it with some accents.

Silver glitter works wonders for amber-brown eyes no matter what eyeshadow color you team it with. Still, you will be pleased to find out how amazing it pairs with all shades of purple.

Burgundy Cut Crease With Silver Eyeliner

Burgundy Cut Crease Makeup Idea #burgundyshadow #cutcrease
Source: Instagram/littledustmua

As we mentioned earlier, a burgundy smokey glitter makeup look is a wonderful choice for golden amber eyes. Yet, if you are not into glitter that much, you can stick to matte or satin finish eyeshadows and create a light shimmer accent with silver eyeliner applied along the crease. In this way, you switch the classic smokey to the trending lately cut-crease makeup. If you want both to intensify the look and to add an intricate twist to it, apply black eyeliner that goes in parallel with the silver line in the crease and then meets it at the very end.


Gray Smokey Eyes Makeup Idea

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup For Amber Eyes #smokeyeyes
Source: Instagram/shannelsmakeuplooks

Here is a quick and easy way to make your light amber eyes stand out more. Incorporate a gray smokey eye makeup look with a matte or satin finish. This will allow you to keep the focus on your eye color yet bringing out its deepest undertones and hidden hues. Although gray is considered a neutral color, it still can gravitate to the either cool or warm side. Thus, it is a wise idea to make use of it. If you want to bring out warm undertones in your eyes, opt for a taupe color. In case you are more after creating a high contrast look, choose graphite or asphalt shades.

Matte Smokey Eyes With Smudge Eyeliner

Popular Eyes Makeup Ideas To Inspire You picture 2
Source: Instagram/shivangi.11

An amber colored eyes makeup look should not necessarily be sparked up with shimmery or glittery eyeshadows. As your eyes are so fiery themselves, you can get away with matte finish eyeshadows. Instead of playing around with textures, try experimenting with different techniques. For instance, smudged eyeliner brings mystery and allure to your eyes. If you still feel like you want to add some sheen to the look and the occasion calls for it, you can apply several rhinestones of various sizes into your inner or outer corner of the eye.

Double Eyeliner Makeup Idea

Lovely Makeup Ideas For Any Eye Color picture 2
Source: Instagram/c_flower

Obviously, this can be easily considered the best makeup for amber eyes. It features one of the most complimenting colors, namely gold, and does not require much maintenance. To pull it off, you need to apply gold eyeliner above the classic black one. Winged eyeliner instantly makes your amber eyes color pop and eye shape visually more attractive and flattering. If you are afraid that you will not be able to create a perfect second line, it is better to start with it. Create a thick gold line along your upper lash line and then add a narrower black line right above the gold one keeping it as close to the lash line as possible.


Blue, Pink And Purple Shadow For Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes Makeup For Girls With Amber Eye Colors picture 3
Source: Instagram/littledustmua

One of our go-to makeup tips for amber eyes will be to not be afraid to push the limits, as those are only us who set then in our heads. If you are in a mood for bright and colorful makeup for amber eyes, you are so welcome to try it out. For example, you can partner the most flattering for amber eyes colors, such as purple, violet, pink and blue. To add a pop-up accent, apply frosty blue eyeshadow to the center of the lid. And do not forget about black eyeliner, which will help you to pull off the look easily.

Metallic Silver With Soft Gray Smokey Eyes

Lovely Makeup Ideas For Any Eye Color picture 1
Source: Instagram/makeupbyjcole

All of the abovementioned shades can be more or less paired with each other to create the most striking or complimenting makeup looks for amber hazel eyes. Take soft gray eyeshadow and partner it with metallic silver shade. This will give you a lustrous finish and appealing look. As this makeup is rather low-key, do not go overly crazy with eyeliner. Finish your look with a black line that does not cross out the outer corner too much.

Cut Crease Eye Looks For Amber Eyes

Source: Instagram/bellamakeup_, Instagram/, Instagram/bellamakeup_
Cut Crease With Glitter Eyeline #cutcrease #glitterline
Popular Eyes Makeup Ideas To Inspire You picture 3
Gold Cut Crease Makeup For Amber Eyes #goldeyeshadow #cutcrease

To show your creative side and exciting and complex personality you can always opt for fancy cut crease makeup. While choosing the shades we suggest you opt for the ones that enhance the beauty of your eyes entirely, and that would be gold or bronze shades. Altogether with fabulousness, your eyes will project warmth and mystery!

When you are a professional at what comes to the choice of proper eye makeup shades to suit your eye color it is time to experiment. The fact that people with amber eyes are creative is well known. That is why embrace your creativity with the unusual choice of eyeliner when you are putting on your makeup next. For a subtler look, you can use a brown or copper-shade liner, but what comes to dramatic look then there is nothing better than to opt for a precise and smooth winged eye in combination with exquisite eyeshadow.


Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas For Amber Eyes Color

Source: Instagram/vemakeup713, Instagram/sofia_torress, Instagram/shannelsmakeuplooks
Lovely Makeup Ideas For Any Eye Color picture 3
Festive Eye Makeup Ideas for Amber Eyes picture 2
Creative Eye Makeup with Eyeline picture 3
Smokey eye looks are undoubtedly classy and sassy, but sometimes a wrong choice of shades can ruin the whole look. To embrace the inner strength of people with amber eyes, we suggest you opt for purple and plum shades when trying fresh smokey eye look. These shades are opposite on the color wheel which makes them exceptionally suitable to complement the wolf eyes. If purple shades are not your cup of tea, all the earthly tones will deal with the task perfectly well too.

It is a fact that amber-eyed beauties are mysterious and passionate. The best way to show the world your intense and secretive nature is to choose suitable makeup. When there is a celebration ahead, there is no need to refuse yourself the joy of enhancing and defining your eyes with some shimmery and bright shade.

It is true that according to eye color meaning people who have amber ones are pretty reserved, but that does not mean that they are not friendly or warm and trustworthy.

There are our lovely makeup looks for any eye color. Take a pick and become the center of attention with these ideas!

FAQ: Amber Eyes

How can I make my eyes look more amber?

You can go for any metallic colors to make your eyes look more amber. Warm metallic shades like gold, bronze, or cold ones like silver will definitely help you bring out the brightness of your amber eyes. Finish off the look with dark brown or black eyeliner and place a light shimmer colors on the inner corner.

What colors don’t look good on amber eyes?

You’re lucky to have amber eyes, because you can pull off pretty much any color. Wearing red, green, plum and any jewels tones will look great on you. Maybe do not wear bright orange or neon colors in general as they draw attention away from you.

  • Eye color is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by two distinct factors: the pigmentation of the eye's iris and the frequency-dependence of the scattering of light by the turbid medium in the stroma of the iris. Source
  • A curious adult from Florida July 8, 2019 Eye color exists on a spectrum, so it’s hard to say whether any one color is really a ‘distinct’ type. That being said, ‘amber’ is used to describe eyes which are a light yellowy-brown. Source