While a classic short pixie cut is known to be a bold, statement-making move, a long pixie cut has something more to offer. Of course, short hair has never limited ladies with styling ideas. Yet, once you let your pixie run wild and become a bit longer, you will reveal the new angles of its potential.


Embraced by the likes of Ruby Rose, Viola Davis, and Charlize Theron, the long pixie cut has become synonymous with confidence and versatility in the realm of celebrity hair fashion. This article delves into the allure of the elongated pixie, a style that maintains the boldness of its shorter counterpart while offering the femininity and styling flexibility of longer strands.

Long Voluminous Pixie

Amazing Long Pixie For Your Stylish And Dramatic Look #blondehair #shorthair
by @autumnhartt

There are countless reasons for making your pixie cut long. And the most crucial one is the eternal space for styling experiments. By adding some length on top, you just enlarge the canvas for your imagination. For example, look at this bold and super voluminous pixie. It’s punky, sassy, and, most importantly, attention-grabbing due to the full and textured top.

How to style this pixie:

  1. Apply heat protectant before drying.
  2. Lift at the roots with a round brush for volume.
  3. Work a texturizing pomade through the top for definition.
  4. Use gel on the sides for a smooth finish.
  5. Use hairspray for lasting hold.


Long Pixie Cut For Fine Hair

Long Pixie Cut For Fine Hair #finehair #blondehair
by @de.ja.hue

Here you can see how a customized long pixie cut for fine hair takes the texture to the next level. The slightly shaved sides highlight the longer top, thus balancing out the whole look. Volume, harmony, and a perfect silhouette of the outweighed sides are a dream come true.

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair #brownhair #thickhair
by @rubyrose

Since thick hair stands out for its unruly behavior, it needs a special approach. This haircut features choppy layers that lighten up and enhance the texture at the same time. In this way, even the thickest mane can get into a well-balanced shape.


Long Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

Long Pixie Cut For Thin Hair #blondehair #thinhair
by @sky_eyes_

As for a long pixie cut for thin hair, it has many faces. Some ladies make their weak locks appear fuller with layers and accurately tapered sides whereas others do it the easy way. And the idea we’re talking about is showcased in the pic. The sides and back are shaved to one length while the top sweeps to the side. In this way, with the help of the length contrast, the top appears unbelievably voluminous.

Guide to styling side-swept bangs for a short haircut:

  1. Begin with clean, damp bangs.
  2. Use a light mousse for hold and volume.
  3. With a round brush, blow-dry bangs to the side, lifting at the roots.
  4. Use a flat iron if needed to smooth out the ends and direct them sideways.
  5. Mist with hairspray to maintain the sweep throughout the day.

Pixie Cut + Shaved Design

Pixie Cut + Shaved Design #coloredhair #shavedhair
by @ema_medinaok

This angular, choppy pixie is here to remind you that your imagination has no bounds. It’s still a short haircut, which means you can play around with the shorter or shaved sides. Ladies who love standing out in the crowd go for shaved designs that are actually pretty popular these days.

Color maintenance tips: To maintain this vibrant pink hair color, use sulfate-free shampoos and wash your hair sparingly with cool water to prevent the color from fading. Incorporate color-depositing conditioners to refresh the hue between salon visits, and protect your hair from sun exposure to keep the color from washing out.


Long Pixie Cut With Shaved Sides

The Hottest Variations Of A Long Pixie Cut To Look Flawless
by @soni_254

Getting your sides shaved is the best way to enhance the volume and movement on the top. Moreover, pixie cuts offer loads of options to choose from: it can be anything from clean fade to a gradual taper. The point is, when you shave off the sides, the top gets into a spotlight. So if you love to play with textures, look no further.

Mohawk Pixie Hairstyle

Mohawk Pixie hairstyle #mohawk #undercut
by @short_n_sweet823

Pixie is as feminine as it’s daring, so don’t worry: you will surely reveal your best sides with this cut! It’s short enough to keep your look edgy and low-maintenance, and long enough to let you experiment with lots of styling choices. This mohawk embraces courage and sexuality, which is a great combo for a modern woman!

Styling a spiky pixie cut with faded sides can be both fun and creative. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Apply a volumizing mousse or texturizing spray to damp hair for grip and body.
  2. Use a blow dryer on a low setting while lifting sections with your fingers to create volume at the roots.
  3. Work a small amount of pomade or wax between your fingertips and piece out sections on top for that spiky edge.
  4. Keep the faded sides sleek with a bit of hair oil or gel for a polished look.
  5. Set everything with a strong-hold hairspray to keep the spikes sharp all day.

Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle #fade #pompadour
by @catetorrealba

Some rock ’n’ rolling flare won’t hurt your look, especially when you want to brighten up your days. Despite being a men’s hairstyle originally, women of now have already adopted the Pompadour. And, needless to say, girls pull it off successfully! This haircut is neat and balanced due to the cleanly tapered sides and gently teased styled top. .

Styling tips: To recreate the look, make sure to work with good styling gel and a comb. First, work your way backward with hairdryer, then, apply the product and create texture


Long Textured Two-Toned Pixie

Long Textured Two-Toned Pixie #twotonedhair #womenundercut
by @natik.vorobey

A long pixie doesn’t always fall as a long fringe. It can be long yet sharp and accentuated with shorter layers throughout the length. Here, besides a ravishing layered structure, the cut also features a two-toned coloring. Together, they create a one-of-a-kind pixie look that will nicely bring out your beauty.

Chic Pixie Cut with Playful Texture

Dark Pixie Cut
by @soraverly

A modern twist on the classic pixie, this haircut boasts a subtle volume at the crown that transitions into delicately textured layers, offering a contemporary edge to a timeless silhouette. This amazing haircut was made by Glaminati hair expert Raven Camacho, an transformational hair devotee and owner of Austin Hair Salon.

Effortless Tousled Pixie

Long Pixie Cut with Side Bangs
by @salsalhair

This tousled pixie cut offers an air of casual sophistication with its natural movement and easy grace. Its swept-back style highlights the facial features, making it a versatile choice for any occasion. Salvador Salcedo is the designer of this incredible pixie. He is a popular educator and hair stylist in US.


Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut #shaggyhairstyles #blondehair
by @jacquelynmarieh

If a pixie is shaggy and layered, it’s a pixie to remember. Nothing can compare to the dimension and volume created by layers, and the same goes for carefree shags. Whatever face shape of hair type you have, this idea is magic that works for all girls!

Side-Swept Pixie Haircut With Tapered Nape

Side-Swept Pixie Haircut With Tapered Nape #hairhighlights
by @allthingsneena

As we’ve mentioned before, tapers have no limits. You can regulate the thickness as well as the areas that your taper will hit. To be more exact, you can give your hairdresser the instructions on how you want your pixie to look, as this cut is not the best base for learning how to cut your own hair. Besides a striking appearance, such details have one more advantage: they give a light feel to your head, which is a win-win for girls with heavy textures.

Long Pixie Haircut With Bangs

Long Pixie Haircut With Bangs #shorthaircut #ashblondehair
by @jejojejo87

When it comes to a long pixie cut with bangs, you simply dive into an endless space of ideas. This idea features a textured fringe that falls on the forehead, yet without overlapping the brows. In fact, it’s a perfect option for girls who’d like to hide up their broad forehead.


Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Long Bangs #assymetricalhairstyles #sideswepthairstyles
by @juliana.key

Alongside the beautifying feature, bangs can come in handy when you want to add some more volume. In this case, they’re slightly longer than the top, and that’s what makes the silhouette look that full. Make sure that your fringe blends seamlessly with your pixie, and the result will be to die for.

Long Pixie Cut With Swoopy Layers

Long Pixie Cut With Swoopy Layers #brownhair #layeredhairstyles
by @allthingsneena

Layers can be different. It seems like there’s no way you won’t get a perfect pixie, because, as a matter of fact, there are so many details you can customize. To create swoopy layers, your hairstylist will alleviate the thickness of your locks, giving them a curvy shape. And when the cut is done, it will look lively and cute as if you’ve just left the beach.

Feathered And Tapered Pixie Style

Feathered And Tapered Pixie Style #taperedpixie #shorthair
Credit photo: instagram.com/nneversettle

Feathering is another layering technique that gives a dimensional and lifted look at the same time. Unlike regular or swoopy layers, feathers are shorter and thus edgier. It’s always hard to take eyes off haircuts featuring such a magnificent texture.


Long Pixie With Dimensional Layers

Long Pixie With Dimensional Layers #ombrehair #layeredhaircuts
by @wherezashdoinhair

If you wondering how classic layering looks like, this pixie is here to satisfy your curiosity. Not only does the cut give a volumetric body but also create a balanced and well-groomed silhouette.You can’t go wrong with this haircut as, apart from enhancing the volume, it can get the most out of your face shape.

Uneven Shaggy Pixie Cut

Uneven Shaggy Pixie Cut #blondehair #shorthair
by @sandra_sinh

Truly creative souls can’t do without experiments, so meet the idea you can’t help but recreate. A rough contrast that stretches throughout the mane, disconnecting the top from the sides. Isn’t that a fantastic way to steal the show? Uneven doesn’t mean bad; it means different.

Tapered Pixie Cut With Long Top

Pixie Cut With Tapered Long Top #tapered #longtophair
Credit photo: instagram.com/sanja_carica_karasman

A taper is always a good addition for a pixie, as it gives pleasant length graduation with a nice textured finish. Besides, if you have thin hair, some movement of texture will give you the needed visual fullness.


Pixie Cut With Longer Curly Bang

Pixie Cut With Longer Curly Bang #curlyhair #curlypixie
Credit photo: instagram.com/allthingsneena

Pixies help women see their textures in a brand new light. And when it comes to curly hair, you can finally reveal the perfect curly pattern of your locks, putting it in the spotlight by pairing your cut with long bangs. To spice things up, you can get your sides cut straight, thus creating balance out of contrasting textures.

Pixie Cut With Long Straight Bang

Pixie Cut With Long Straight Bang #straighthait #shorthairstyles
Credit photo: instagram.com/korti

We love this approach to cutting straight bangs! Wearing a fringe straight is a thing these days, so making it unique gets harder with each day. If you want to give a shot to this idea, ask your stylist to make the bang heavy while layering the rest of your locks. In this way, you will ensure the bangs always fall in this position.

Wet Pixie Style

Long Pixie Haircut Idea
by @salsalhair

This is a textured bob haircut with a natural, tousled style. It features a subtle, off-centered parting with strands framing the face, giving a relaxed and effortless look. The lengths are choppy, providing a modern and edgy vibe, while the overall simplicity maintains a classic appeal.

How to style a long pixie like this:

  • Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair for lift at the roots.
  • Blow-dry hair using a round brush or your fingers to create texture.
  • Use a bit of pomade or wax to piece out strands for definition.
  • Finish with a light hairspray for hold without stiffness.


Chic Sleek Bob

Dark Long Pixie Cut
by @salsalhair

This haircut is a classic sleek bob with a modern twist, featuring a deep side part that creates a dramatic sweep across the forehead. The hair is cut to chin-length with precise, clean lines, giving a polished and sophisticated look. Its simplicity makes it versatile for both casual and formal occasions.

Classy Straight Pixie

Classy Straight Pixie #blondehair #shorthair
Credit photo: instagram.com/gracieliaa

This haircut of platinum blonde pixie has longer layers on top that gracefully sweep to the side, giving it a soft and feminine silhouette. The sides and back are closely cropped to accentuate the neckline and cheekbones, creating a refreshing and modern look that radiates effortless charm.

Cute Curly Pixie

Cute Curly Pixie #curlyhair #blondehair
Credit photo: instagram.com/autumnhartt

For curly styling, the most important things you should be equipped with are curling foam and sea salt spray. To achieve a natural and steady look, you need to work the spray into your locks and scrunch your wet hair thoroughly. Then, apply the cream, slightly curling your locks with your fingers. P.S. Curls will look at their best on a pixie cut with long bangs.


Edgy & Messy Pixie

Edgy & Messy Pixie #messyhair #hairhighlights
Credit photo: instagram.com/mygiulia

Is there a girl who doesn’t like those trendy messy looks? If you still don’t get the point, here are the reasons for going messy. First, they built a ton of volume in a trice. Second, such looks work well for all outfits. And you know what? They’re so easy to get that, apparently, we’ve got another reason! Just make sure you have salt spray.

Chic Swept Back Pixie

Chic Swept Back Pixie #sweptback #blondehairstyles
Credit photo: instagram.com/kaci.lashgeeks

The top of your long pixie cut can turn into anything you want. It’s no secret that most pixies are side-swept or side-parted. How about you to diversify the common idea and show up with a dramatic swept-back pixie? Medium-hold, no shine hair gel is the key to making the look real.

Tapered Choppy Pixie

Tapered Choppy Pixie #prettyhairstyles #shorthaircut
Credit photo: instagram.com/natik.vorobey

How do you like this carefree hair vibe that enlivens the whole look? The hair is chopped and softly tapered, creating a neat finish at the sides and providing absolute control under the top.


Classic Long Pixie Haircut

Classic Long Pixie Haircut #blondehair #pixie
Credit photo: instagram.com/irinagamess

Women who love simplicity in every way opt for classics. If you’re the one who keeps everything simple but significant, then you should try the classic long pixie cut. It doesn’t feature sharp details, contrasts or length graduations. The good news is, styling it is also very simple: just brush your hair while blowdrying it.

Messy Layered Pixie Cut

Messy Layered Pixie Cut #layeredcut #messyhaircut
Credit photo: instagram.com/katrinberndt

The ways to add a messy touch to a pixie are countless, but this idea certainly takes the biscuit! Here, every single layer is edgy and defined while doing its own thing — that’s how you can show your character through your hair. For this hairstyle, you need to get a choppy layered cut first.

Long Pixie Cut With Feathered Layers

Long Pixie Cut With Feathered Layers #ombrehair
Credit photo: instagram.com/npc_elenasoboleva

There’s nothing like feathers when you want to add more body and dynamics to your pixie. On short hair, feathering gives lightweight yet sharp finish with a curvy silhouette, which does remind us of feathers! To show off such a texture at its best, make sure to pair it with tightly shaved sides.


Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob #asymmetricalhaircut #pixiebob
Credit photo: instagram.com/ChloenBrown

Asymmetry is the new black when you want to update a pixie. Girls love the way a little bit imbalanced silhouettes give a fresh take at their short haircuts. On top of that, you can work on a broad forehead with such a cut, as it slightly overlaps the top portion.

Long Pixie With V-Cut Layers

Long Pixie With V-Cut Layers #orangehair #redhair
Credit photo: instagram.com/demetriusschool

One of the greatest things about layers is that they allow for various customizations. Here you can see how thick and sharply cut V-shape layers accentuate a daring pixie. That’s a truly creative approach to designing a pixie though!

Blonde Pixie Bob Haircut

Blonde Pixie Bob Haircut #blondehair #bobhaircut
Credit photo: instagram.com/demetriusschool

Just like chameleons, pixies can adapt to any shade possible. However, we want you to pay attention to its baby blonde version. Such a subtle shade goes fantastic with softly tapered sides and longer front, giving the haircut a regal character.


Anne Hathaway with Long Side Bangs Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway with Long Side Bangs Pixie Cut
Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Anne Hathaway opts for a pixie haircut longer in the front and shorter in the back. Despite looking stylish and bold, styling such a cut is pretty effortless. The bangs are pushed to the side to add interest to her look, while the rest of the hair is slightly disheveled.

Julianne Hough with Blonde Side Pixie

Julianne Hough with Blonde Side Pixie
Credit photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

When Julianne Hough chopped off her gorgeous blonde locks, it made everyone gasp. Yet, the new haircut the famous dancer and actress introduced to the whole world was received very cordially and no wonder. As she chooses to wear her blonde pixie side swept, Julianne’s hair look comes out polished and refined, which makes it a failsafe option for a Red Carpet event.


Charlize Theron with Sleek Long Pixie

Charlize Theron with Sleek Long Pixie
Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Charlize Theron is one of those lucky women who look fabulous no matter whether their hair is long, short or even shaved off. The popular actress seems to know it well and often experiments with her haircuts. For one of her outings, she picked out a sleek long pixie, which guaranteed that her hair appeared impeccable.

Viola Davis’ Dark Pixie with Brown Highlights

Viola Davis’ Dark Pixie with Brown Highlights
Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

There are many ways to play up your pixie haircut. If you naturally have deep brown locks, you can draw inspiration from Viola Davis. The talented actress accentuates her dark pixie with highlights several tones lighter than her main hair color. In this way, it makes her hair gain another dimension and instantly stand out.

Ruby Rose Choppy Long Pixie

Ruby Rose Choppy Long Pixie
Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Girls with thin hair that lacks volume should take a closer look at Ruby Rose’s choppy pixie. Extended layers create an illusion of a full head of hair, especially when you style your locks using a powerful blow dryer and a round brush. Though, if you do not want to enlist the help of extra tools, you can simply tousle the strands with your hand and allow them to air dry.


Scarlett Johansson with Wavy Dark Pixie

Scarlett Johansson with Wavy Dark Pixie
Credit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Although Scarlett Johansson is one of the most recognizable blondes in Hollywood, her dark pixie could not leave anyone indifferent. Because the strands are wavy, the hairstyle looks movable and dynamic. To complete the look, the Avengers star goes for bold and dramatic makeup, which turns out amazing with her rich chestnut locks.

Joey King with Long Curly Pixie

Joey King with Long Curly Pixie
Credit photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

If you think that a pixie haircut works only for straight hair, Joey King, who pulls off a pixie on curly locks with ease, will prove you wrong, The key to success is that the actress leaves a slightly longer top with the side being neatly trimmed. This allows her to show off her intricate hair texture while retaining the aesthetic of a pixie cut.

Jada Pinkett Smith with Dark Sleek Pixie

Jada Pinkett Smith with Dark Sleek Pixie
Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Jada Pinkett Smith always looks camera ready and her dark sleek pixie is not an exception. The smooth strands reflect light like no other, thus looking breathtaking in the spotlight. And thanks to quite a short length of her hair, Jada's enviable facial features stand out even more.


Jennifer Lawrence with Messy Pixie

Jennifer Lawrence with Messy Pixie
Credit photo: Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock

Jennifer Lawrence has stunned everyone when appeared with a long pixie haircut after sporting Hollywood locks. The multiple awards nominee sticks to the rule that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So, she cannot be bothered with styling her hair elaborately and simply dishevels her strands for a carefree messy pixie.

Halsey with Black Layered Pixie

Halsey with Black Layered Pixie
Credit photo: CarlaVanWagoner/Shutterstock

You can never go wrong with a long layered pixie. Do not want to take our word for granted? In that case, just look at Halsey’s haircut. It is stylish, edgy and daring. To enhance the structured finish of the look, the singer generously applies a texturizing hair product. And the black hair color is what gives her appearance a grunge vibe.

FAQ: Long Pixie Cut

How do I stop a pixie cut mullet?

Keep hair at the back of the neck short, while hair on the top of the head grows out. This process takes about 6 to 8 weeks. Then allow the rest of the hair to grow, add layers to even things out adding to your new look some structure as a bonus.
If your back hair grows faster, you can also pin them down, another option is doing curls/waves. During this time go in for trimming and shaping every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the process under control.

Is a pixie cut all one length?

Pixie cut is a women’s haircut about half an inch to 3-inches long. It may either be cut one-length or be shorter on the back/sides and longer on the top. You are welcome to browse our gallery to find which one suits you best.

  • A pixie cut is a short hairstyle generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top and very short bangs. It is a variant of a crop. Source
  • Short hair is much easier to take care of, and it can be both beautiful and fun. Source