People used to ink their flesh with everlasting markings as a special way of self-expression. Protecting totems, sectarian affiliation symbols, navy and fight rankings, the names of cherished ones or some sacred images - all these tattoo styles were traditionally meant to inform about the wearer’s lifestyle, in addition, to remodel his body into a piece of art. It's really hard to list the vast plentitude of tattoo art styles and inspirations, as honestly, tattoo ideas are as unique and inimitable as the person who wears it. We can only state that a tattoo style is a lifelong commitment. What you wear on your body on an ongoing basis is no question an integral part of your personality.


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American Traditional Tattoo Style

American Traditional Tattoo

Traditional American tattoos, also called American, Western, or Old School, are commonly performed with simple black outlines, shiny colors, and slight shading. This makes them among the most formidable and iconic types of tattoos we have ever seen.

American traditional tattoos are usually based on various themes, including nautical and animal designs. If, for example, you want to praise the female form, you may choose a diving woman ink. Or, use swallow artwork to display your passion for the sea. This magnificent style will also allow you to instill anxiety in others or show your patriotism.

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Neo Traditional Tattoo

Neo-traditional tats are a fresh take on the origins of American tattoo art. Think hearts, flames, skulls, flowers, animals, and other popular motifs with a modern take on them. Some artists describe the style as the evolution of tattoo art. The designs in this style are often vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention the variety of meanings you can combine this iconic imagery with.


Minimalist Tattoo Style

Minimalist tattoos use colored or crisp black lines and sparse color schemes that convey an easy and simple idea. They can vary from high-priced to small and inexpensive. However, their minimalist and elegant style determines their overall design.

These minimalist tattoos will suit you most if you are keen on the "less is more" motto.

Fine Line Tattoos

Outline Lotus Flower Tattoo #lotusflowertattoo #lotustattoo #outlinetattoo

Fine line tattoos are often referred to as outline tats. All due to thin, precise lines that are used to create a design. Fine line ink is a type of minimalistic ink that centers on the depth of the meaning rather than its visual representation. However, fine-line tattoos are exceptionally delicate, elegant, and classy. You can ask for a minimalistic portrait, botanical illustration, or geometric pattern done in fine line art, and either will look exceptionally extraordinary and profound.


Ornamental Tattoo Style

Ornamental Tattoo Style #ornamentaltattoo #ornamentaltattoostyle
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The ornamental style of tattoos traditionally imitates the carvings on wood complemented by flowers or animals. These designs are made with swirls, waves, crosses, or lines combined in patterns. Looking particularly amazing on a large scale, these drawings also work well for tiny ornamental tattoos.

A good tattoo artist can add backgrounds or some particular ornament to any tattoo design that you've chosen (emblem, realistic image, symbol, skull image, or anything else), suitable for both men and women, although this is most frequently performed in a feminine manner.

Ornamental style can be used in combination with other types of tattoo styles, starting from simple letters or tattooed words up to intricately designed Angels, lions, reeds, plants, and so on.

Watercolor Tattoo Style

As opposed to abstract art, watercolor tattoos are all about beauty, fluidity, and delicacy. The soft edges, infinite layers, and breathtaking blends result in whimsical and ethereal pieces. The variety of themes that you can express through watercolor art is close to unlimited. Whether it is your favorite flower or a beloved pet portrait – all can be reflected through dreamy watercolors.

Realism Tattoos

Realism may not need a separate introduction since it is literary what it sounds like. Photorealistic designs inked into your skin are covered by the realism style. Whether these are childhood friends, memorable sceneries, or loved ones – all can be etched in your body and carried through life. However, it takes time and effort to find a genuinely skilled artist to create a masterpiece. Besides, regular touch-ups may be required to keep the ink in its best shape. Surely, the outcome is always worth the fuss.


Geometric Style

We’ve all had our fair share of geometry fun in school, but surprisingly, it’s made its way into tattoo fashion and has become quite a revolution. All sorts of geometric tattoo forms and patterns can be combined into mesmerizingly precise and visually appealing designs. Let’s not forget about the symbolic power of geometric shapes. Usually, they stand for balance, harmony, interconnectedness, and optical illusions.

Sketch Tattoos

Sketch Tattoos Style #sketchtattoo #deertattoo
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If you want to imagine what a sketch tattoo would look like, you should imagine a design drawn in a black pencil. However, you can succeed with the same result in color. The main advantage of this style is the fact that you can depict almost anything authentically and individually, no matter the object you have in mind.

Japanese Style (Irezumi)

Irezumi is a tattoo style that reflects thousands of centuries of Japanese culture, myths, beliefs, and philosophy. The style is known for its vibrant color palette and unique design representation. There are a few trending motifs that define Irezumi:

  • Dragons
  • Koi fish
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Samurais

However, a skilled artist can easily convert any idea into a genuine Japanese tattoo style. Keep in mind that Japanese tats, although visually appealing, bear profound symbolic meanings. Dragons possess wisdom and strength, koi fish amaze us with their determination, and cherry blossoms remind us of the fleeting nature of life.


Dotwork Tattoos

Dotwork style speaks for itself better than any description. The style enlists tattoos that consist of multiple tiny dots intertwined into a single, intricate ink piece. Whether it is a portrait, mandala, geometric design, or anything else, an experienced tattoo artist will use a stippling technique to create a permanent piece. This style is known for its texture and depth. If you are looking for a detailed tattoo, this may be the option to consider.

Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash Polka tattoo style originates from Germany and is praised for its boldness and unrepressed dynamics. If you are new to the style, trash polka tats may seem chaotic, overwhelmingly vibrant, and unusual. However, the longer you look at a piece, the more details you will be able to make out. Usually, the artists combine realistic designs with typography and graphic symbols matched in a unique collage. There’s a tad of abstract art in the style if you ask us. You can use your own experiences, views, memories, and ideas to create a one-of-a-kind ink. Yet, it often takes a larger area to place such a statement piece. A leg sleeve, a back piece, a chest piece, and an arm sleeve are among the most used locations for the style.

Blackout Tattoos

Blackout Sleeves Tattoo
by @hoode215

Blackout tattoos have recently rocked the tattoo fashion. The sole concept of the style is to focus on black ink when creating a design. The foundation of the art dates back to tribal themes. Very often, artists use intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and abstract art to create a captivating design. The contrast of black and negative space of your skin results in an aesthetically appealing and unusual ink. As for the symbolisms, most often, they feature a connection with the wearer’s religion, beliefs, or personal experiences.


Affordable Tattoo Styles - How Much Do They Cost?

Affordable Tattoo Styles - How Much Do They Cost?
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A tattoo's price varies greatly based on a number of factors. A tattoo artist will usually not be able to tell you an exact price until you have decided on all the elements of your desired tattoo style. On the other hand, you may get an idea of how much your tattoo will cost depending on the artist's average charges, including the size and complexity of the tattoo design.

If you have already decided on your tattoo design, most artists will be able to tell you how much it will cost based on their hourly rates (from &100 to $250). We strongly recommend you not to discuss this price, as this may send a message that the artist's work and time are being devalued. Also, when it comes to getting tattoos, the cheapest and most economical tattoo styles are often not the best option.

In case you need a tattoo cover up, you will also need to consider the cost of fading or removing the old tattoos. Some artists have special removal offers and payment options that make tattoo removal process more budget friendly.

When it comes to the popular pre-drawn tattoo designs or flash on the wall, tattoo artists usually charge a fixed rate. Depending on the size and other criteria of the predetermined tattoo design, the prices may range from $100 to $200.

If you're looking for a piece of flash, it's better to go to a shop and check how much this tattoo costs in your area. Because the artist has done it before, he would most likely be able to tell how long it will take to do that particular tattoo design, which usually doesn’t take as much time as other, more custom tattoo art styles.

Things to Consider When Choosing Among Tattoo Styles

Things to Consider When Choosing Among Tattoo Styles #babyyodatattoo #mandaloriantattoo
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While choosing your ideal tattoo design, consider your personality, lifestyle, interests, and even your favorite wardrobe.

Before deciding on the size, placement, and color scheme of your tattoo, think pretty about your everyday lifestyle.

Firstly, figure out how much money you can invest in your tattoo. Then look for the tattoo artists in your area who work with the tattoo styles you appreciate.

Getting a tattoo can be a lovely way to celebrate a great event in your life or to display your personality to the world.

  1. Research tattoos on the internet. View images of different tattoo styles and designs available in online galleries.
  2. Go to a tattoo shop and look for binders. At the front desk of most tattoo salons and shops, you'll find portfolios of their regular artists.
  3. Schedule an appointment with a tattoo artist. If you enjoyed the work of a tattoo artist, set up a consultation appointment to talk about your desired tattoo.
  4. Determine the size of the tattoo you desire. When it comes to tattoos, size does matter because it restricts the types of patterns available.
  5. Choose where you want your tattoo to go. Before getting a tattoo, think about how "eye-catching" you want it to be and how it will change as your body matures.
  6. Choose between a tattoo in full color, black and gray or simply white. Then determine what color palette you prefer for your tattoo.

We hope you learned something new and interesting about each of the tattoo styles mentioned above. In this article, we tried to list the most popular and demanded tattoo art styles currently circulating among the US tattoo communities. As you may have already noticed, they are not just examples of beautiful images. These works of art mean a lot to the wearer and tell his unique story.

Tattoo Styles: FAQ

Is it OK to mix tattoo styles?

Mixing styles has already become a new form of tattoo, which allows a lot of creativity.This is a particularly good idea for those searching of some new tattoo styles, but torn between several different designs.

Do tattoos have to have a theme?

Using a theme is one more way to keep your tattoo sleeve cohesive. It’s always useful to keep topics and objects in mind. Collect the photos of your desired tattoo idea from different magazines or books and show them to the artist.

Which arm should I get a tattoo on?

The right or left arm is suitable for tattooing. It depends on your personal taste. You should only check your skin for bruises and irritations.