Geometric tattoos are tattoo designs that have some geometric patterns involved.

These patterns can stand alone or be connected with other elements. The most popular combinations are patterns with animals or flowers. But the variety of styles is actually huge.


What’s also important to mention is that such tattoo designs often denote something significant to a person having one. Their meanings are quite profound.

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, East Indians introduced geometric figures into art, involving tattoo art.

Now let’s discover pretty and meaningful tattoo ideas with geometric patterns.

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Different Types of Geometric Tattoos

If you look deeper into modern tattoo fashion, you'll see that geometric tattoos are gaining immense popularity as we speak. If you think about it, there's little wonder why. The truth is that geometric ink is incredibly versatile and customizable. Whether you are looking for a unique pattern or a sacred meaning to be encoded in your ink, geometric tats are there for you.

There are many different types of geometric tattoos, including but not limited to dotwork, mandalas, geometric animals, sacred geometry, and more. While every design is unique and individualized, there are some intricate but quite common connotations to distinguish between. For instance:

  • Dotwork – this type of geometric ink stands out due to its specific depiction type. Small dots are formed together to represent a chosen pattern. You can succeed with almost any image or design using dotwork.
  • Mandalas – these intricate circular designs consist of lace-like patterns that pile up on one another to depict one's unique views and opinions. Very often, mandalas are used to mimic the universe.
  • Sacred geometry – this is the case when mathematical shapes and patterns contain higher spiritual meaning that a person believes in. These tattoos are not that simple to read and decipher, especially if the owner goes to lengths to decode them well.
  • Geometric animals – instead of opting for a regular fox or wolf image, some people choose to depict them through geometry, and the outcome is always breathtaking. Besides, every animal bears a specific meaning to it. Depending on whether it is strength, wisdom, or courage you aim to add to your life, you can choose a corresponding totem.

Despite the great variety of geometric tats to choose from, you must realize that the final result depends on the tattoo artist. The more skilled and experienced the artist is – the better. Moreover, you should be 100% sure as to what you decide to encode into your ink. Thus researching different symbols and meanings on a deeper level is a must.


Geometric Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism

While the visual matters greatly when it comes to tattoo art, the symbolic component of your ink is no less essential. It may hit you as a surprise, but each geometric figure has a unique meaning. Let's briefly discuss the main ones:

  • Triangle – very often, the shape is related to the elements of fire and water. Thus, a triangle is associated with the notion of harmony and balance, topped with stability.
  • Circle – for ages, the symbol of a circle stood for infinity and complement. No matter the world's changes, the symbolism behind the shape remains unchanged – the circle stands for wholeness, eternity, and cycles of life.
  • Square – based on its four equal sides, it relates to stability and proper grounding.
  • Cube – the symbolism behind cubical figures is closely associated with those of the square. Meaning the figure stands for solidity, structure, and balance.
  • Hexagon – aside from meaning harmony and balance, the hexagon shape stands for unity and is often connected to the element of water.
  • Octagon – the more sides, the richer the meaning. Thus, an octagon stands for regeneration and transformation.
  • Diamond – the diamond is closely associated with the earth element, symbolizing purity and strength.


No matter how unique and meaningful your geometric tattoo is, it takes a fair share of consideration when it comes to choosing the best placement for it. The main thing to brood about is your tattoo's shape and size. The smaller and more intricate the ink is, the less room it requires, but the more visible it should be. Such tiny tats are best for your wrists, behind the ears, or at the nape of your neck. Larger pieces should be reserved for the chest, back, and thighs.

Since we've mentioned your tattoo's visibility, it matters to decide how noticeable you want your tattoo to be. Areas like forearms, ankles, and wrists are the easiest to show off. While if you wish to keep your ink hidden from the prying eyes, you can go for the upper back, ribcage, or thighs.

A point that is usually underestimated, especially when it comes to the tat's placement, is the pain level. Each area of your body is more or less susceptible to pain. Thus, areas with thinner skin, closer to the bone, have more nerve endings and will hurt more. Ribs, collarbones, and feet tops belong to the category. At the same time, areas with more flesh, such as thighs and biceps, will hurt less.

Closing the chapter, it should be mentioned that the ultimate placement decision should depend on your individual likes and preferences. However, you shouldn't rush the decision but rather investigate the subject before a lifelong commitment.

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Geometric Tattoo Ideas

Geometric tattoos are a popular and versatile form of body art that incorporate simple, clean lines and shapes to create visually striking designs. From minimalist triangles and circles to intricate mandalas and geometric animals, the possibilities for geometric tattoos are endless. Here are some ideas to inspire your next geometric tattoo design.

A Human Is A Part Of Nature

A Human Is A Part Of Nature #backtattoo #whiteandblacktattoo
Credit photo: memoespino_art

This tattoo is intricate and expressive. The heart represents a human, the bees are nature. And a human is connected with all the nature in ways people still cannot understand entirely.


Butterfly Under The Sun

Butterfly Under The Sun #butterflytattoo #backtattoo
Credit photo: rachainsworth

This tattoo means that this person is a free spirit. Overall, butterflies are related to transformation, faith, and freedom. Sometimes they are also viewed as symbols of romantic love and femininity.

I Am Cute But I Can Bite

I Am Cute But I Can Bite #cattattoo #animalstattoo
Credit photo: ira_shmarinova

People often choose geometric tattoos animals to demonstrate their strong suits or to gain some new abilities, self-confidence. A leopard symbolizes agility, resilience, and strength.

I Know My Strengths And Weaknesses

I Know My Strengths And Weaknesses #lotusflowertattoo #buddatattoo #flowertattoodesign
Credit photo: memoespino_art

Can you see that in this tattoo, geometric patterns intertwine in specific spots? These spots are a person’s qualities, something that determines who this person is, what this person is capable of.


Complicacy Is Hidden Behind My Delicacy

Complicacy Is Hidden Behind My Delicacy #flowertattoo #legtattoodesign
Credit photo: ira_shmarinova

In this picture, you can notice that a geometric tattoo artist created a multi-layered tattoo. The flowers are in the foreground, they signify a person’s superficial features. And the diamond patterns are in the background, they denote a person’s true nature.

I Am An Evolutionist

I Am An Evolutionist #flowertattoo #rosetattoo
Credit photo: dasha_sumtattoo

How did these amazing flowers appear on Earth? The geometric design beside these flowers looks like a big bang, the one that made it possible for the universe to emerge. It was a long evolutional journey for the nature to be as we know it today. Such thigh tattoos are very popular among women.

Flower From A Heart

Flower From A Heart #thightattoo #flowertattoo
Credit photo: mariafernandeztattoo

Everything is eventual, and the tattoo here depicts the idea best. Even when something bad happens, the good can arise from it, like these beautiful flowers from a decayed chest.


Flawless Abstract Lilies Tattoo

Flawless Abstract Lilies Tattoo #flowertattoo
Credit photo: mariafernandeztattoo

When you are opting for a flower tattoo, you need to figure out whether you want it to be single or in a couple. It may seem like something insignificant, but usually, there is much more meaning behind simple things.

Danger Can Be Beautiful

Danger Can Be Beautiful #cattattoo #flowertattoo
Credit photo: ira_shmarinova

The lioness is the symbol of strength and danger. This beautiful tattoo stands for the idea that women can be not only pretty but pretty dangerous as well!

In Harmony With Myself And Nature

In Harmony With Myself And Nature #deertattoo #underbreaststatoo #underboobtattoo
Credit photo: ira_shmarinova

In Buddhism, a deer stands for longevity, peace, harmony, and happiness. In a lot of traditions, a deer is also associated with gentleness, kindness, and softness. This animal is often seen as something sacred, related to gods. A sternum tattoo is one of the good choices for such a design.


My Faith Is Strong

My Faith Is Strong #underbreaststattoo #triangletattoo
Credit photo: koray_karagozler

A triangle consists of 3 sides, and it often signifies Christianity – Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost. Other popular meanings involve:

  • Thought, emotion, and feeling;
  • Body, spirit, and mind;
  • Full moon, waning moon, waxing moon;
  • Future, present, and past;
  • Crone, maiden, and mother;
  • Creation, destruction, and preservation;
  • Child, father, and mother.

And numerologists view 3 as a number with mystical powers. 1 is some force, 2 is an opening, and 3 is the wisdom resulted from the combination of 1 and 2.

I Can Look Below The Surface

I Can Look Below The Surface #cattattoo #underbreaststattoodesign
Credit photo: ira_shmarinova

A lynx is a symbolic animal. It is believed to possess some second sight abilities, to see through objects. This animal hears other creature’s thoughts through some kind of vibrational energy.

I Know The Mysteries Of Life

I Know The Mysteries Of Life #deertattoo #legtattoodesign
Credit photo: ira_shmarinova

A deer with geometric shapes is among the most popular geometric tattoos. Maybe it’s because a deer has many positive meanings, and we really can’t think about any negative ones. As a totem animal, the deer is believed to have intuitive powers.


Thank You, My Sun, For Making Me Bloom

Thank You, My Sun, For Making Me Bloom #legtattoo #suntattoo #flowertattoo
Credit photo: dasha_sumtattoo

Women often choose delicate geometric tattoos because they look pretty and feminine. This tattoo is devoted to this woman’s love of her life with the sun referred to this person.

Connected To This Universe

Credit photo: dasha_sumtattoo

Few rules of this universe are known. Maybe that’s why in art it is often depicted as something as intricate and controversial as this geometric tattoo. It looks enchanting, how do you think?

Femininity Empowers

Femininity Empowers #sidetattoo #triangletattoo #flowerstattoo
Credit photo: dasha_sumtattoo

This black and white tattoo looks feminine and really soft. And it’s an interesting choice to depict flowers and then cut the design with acute lines of the triangle. This tattoo looks fab on this model’s side.


My Soul Lives In All Dimensions

My Soul Lives In All Dimensions #sidetattoo #rosetattoo
Credit photo: dasha_sumtattoo

Many geometric tattoos depict the multitude of dimensions. In this tattoo design, the roses spread all over the multi-dimensional universe. This person may believe in having twins in other worlds.

Overwhelmed By Emotions

Overwhelmed By Emotions #sidetattoo
Credit photo: dasha_sumtattoo

Double triangles are among the best small geometric tattoos. When the triangles are back to back, opposite, they denote Fire and Water. And when they are within each one, it means the confrontation of Fire and Water, which stands for emotions here.

The Space Triggers My Decisions

The Space Triggers My Decisions #armtattoo #galaxytattoo
Credit photo: koray_karagozler

Do you know that the rise and the fall of the tide depend on the forces of gravitation exerted by the Moon and the Sun? That’s what this tattoo represents with the space depicted on top and the ocean below.


There’s Fantasy Trapped Inside This Body

There’s Fantasy Trapped Inside This Body #armtattoo #rosetattoo #bluerose #flowertattoo
Credit photo: koray_karagozler

This flower design is not only pretty but also meaningful. A blue rose means fantasy, the impossible, or the unattainable. Here the rose is inside a triangle, which represents some kind of a vessel, probably this model’s body.

Classics Is My Thing

Classics Is My Thing #armtattoo #flowertattoo
Credit photo: rachainsworth

Geometric tattoos will never lose their popularity, they are truly timeless. Just think about it, geometric figures have existed for thousands of years. And people still admire them. Look at this picturesque tattoo, how one can doubt its beauty?

Best Human’s Friend

Best Human’s Friend #armtattoo #dogtattoo #pettattoo
Credit photo: ira_shmarinova

Very often tattoos are beyond belief symbolical. It is a known fact that a dog is the best fiends of every human being, however, the depiction of a dog as a tattoo may symbolize loyalty and devotion aside from strong friendship.


Nature Is Beautiful

Nature Is Beautiful #naturetattoo #armtattoo
Credit photo: mariafernandeztattoo

Nature gives us life, and we are bound to celebrate it instead of destroying it. The endless circle of life is worthy of being depicted as a skillful geometric tattoo.

Beauty Is In Simplicity

Beauty Is In Simplicity #rosetattoo #flowertattoo
Credit photo: mariafernandeztattoo

Flowers usually bear much more meaning than we can imagine that is why when you are choosing your next tattoo to be careful with what you pick! Rose here stands for love, and it does not matter whether a man or a woman wears it.

Geometric tattoos are all the rage today, and we hope that you enjoy this photo gallery. Explore more curious topics on our blog. We are on guard of all the trends to share the info with you.

Pain and Aftercare

While some areas hurt less than others, pain is a critical part of getting a tattoo, no matter whether it is a geometrical tattoo or any other design you opt for. Aside from the fact that areas with thinner skin tend to hurt more, it also depends on your personal pain tolerance and whether you'd be able to withstand the inking session. If you know that you are incredibly sensitive to pain, it is best to keep clear of those bonny areas when you plan on getting a new tattoo.

After you last through the whole inking session, you may want to call it a day and enjoy the geometric tattoo you've got, but the aftercare process is as crucial as the inking session itself. If you fail to heal your tat well, the design's intended appearance, as well as its longevity, will suffer.

Usually, the tattoo artist will highlight the critical points to stick to when caring for your new ink. However, it is never a waste to mention that keeping your tattoo clean, dry, and adequately hydrated is vital. Try not to expose your ink to direct sunlight and avoid going for a refreshing swim for at least a few weeks after getting the tattoo. Moreover, it is best to consult a specialist ASAP if you notice unhealthy redness and swelling in the area.

It's been mentioned thousands of times already – but a tattoo is a permanent decision, and you should treat it as such. There's a variety of essential factors to consider, and you should go through the whole list before you finalize your decision to commit to a geometric tattoo of choice.


FAQ: Geometric Tattoos

What does a geometric diamond tattoo mean?

A geometric diamond tattoo possesses a simple as its lines meaning, as many lines there are as versatile the meaning of each of them can be. Generally, diamonds are associated with strength, integrity, wealth, uniqueness, transformation, love and glamour.

Do geometric tattoos age well?

Geometric tattoos age like any other tattoo. Factors that determine the tattoo durability are the following: aftercare, touchups (that should be performed using the same ink), sun exposure, skin stretching (due to changing of a body weight).

  • A tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting tattoo ink. Source