Getting fresh ink is as exciting an occasion as it can possibly be. However, as you are rustling through countless tattoo ideas, you shouldn’t forget that properly chosen tattoo placement plays a critical part in the process. As the notion of sternum tattoos gets more and more popular by the day, not everyone has a clear idea of what it is and how to look after it. Besides, an updated collection of gentle, sassy-looking, and unique underboob tattoos is never a waste, is it? Having said that, we invite you to browse through our carefully composed sternum tattoo guide!


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Ruby Rose Sternum Tattoo
by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Many celebrities today have sternum tattoos, for example, Ruby Rose has a cartoonish crown design on the sternum from the works of street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

What is a Sternum Tattoo?

What is a Sternum Tattoo?
by @xavtattoo

As self-explanatory as a tattoo on sternum is, it is worth noting that there are many subcategories to distinguish between when opting for trending underboob tattoos. Your sternum covers the chest area, and that is clear. However, a dedicated sternum ink can go up the sternum vertically between your boobs. In other cases, underboob tattoos cup the breasts as well. Not to mention that some more extensive and bolder designs cover as much as your ribs and even the arm or both arms.

What's your favorite sternum tattoo design?

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What's your favorite sternum tattoo design?

Floral theme
Abstract tattoos
Quote lettering
Space motives
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Tattooing During Breastfeeding

Tattooing during breastfeeding is a common question that many mothers are interested about, so we decided to ask our tattoo expert Irene Bogachuk about this sensetive topic:

Meet the expert
Irene Bogachuk
Expertise: Tattoo Expert
Let's discuss the risks and what they entail. The first and possibly the most significant risk is to get infected during the procedure. This risk always exists. Therefore, it is essential to cautiously and carefully choose your tattoo artist. However, if you are breastfeeding, you are responsible not only for your own health but also for the health of your baby when choosing a tattoo artist. The second risk is related to hormonal changes during breastfeeding and hormones in general. First and foremost is the stress hormone produced by your body during the procedure, which can potentially be passed on to the baby through breast milk. Other hormones connected to the breastfeeding function may negatively affect the healing process. Pigment may fade, spread or the tattoo may take longer to heal. In my personal practice, I have seen cases where a certain shade disappeared from a color tattoo after healing. There were no critical or irreparable situations. However, this is an important decision, so consider all the pros and cons carefully. Please note that all mentioned above is based on my personal experience and opinion. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance.

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Floral Sternum Tattoo Designs

No flower tattoo is ever alike, which is the additional aspect that makes floral tats so popular. Keep in mind that every flower has its own symbolism and profound meaning. When combined with the large canvas of the chest, such a mix can serve as the perfect tool for self-expression. Whether you prefer lilies, roses, cherry blossoms, or pure, innocent flowers, the intricate outcome will showcase your deep connection with nature and project its beauty through ink.


Sternum Tattoo Designs with Snakes

Every snake tattoo has a touch of mystery and danger to it. Very often, snakes symbolize transformation and rebirth. Just as a snake sheds its old skin, you can start your life anew. Symbolic connotation aside, snakes are visually appealing and mesmerizing, so introducing such a tat to your sternum is a worthy idea.

Elegant Bird Sternum Tattoo

Sternum Tattoo with Bird
by @veronicalilu

Birds are all about grace and freedom, so you can use the symbol etched in your chest to reflect your life choices and pave your transition path. A soaring sparrow, a magical phoenix, and a delicate hummingbird can decorate your chest and bring the feeling of lightness and flight. Some people use the sternum tattoo as an emblem. A bird ink can be your individual emblem of personal growth, resilience, and pursuit of higher hopes and dreams. This floral cutie was created by Veronica Krasovska, a popular tattoo artist from Ukraine.


Butterflies Sternum Tattoo Ideas

Another popular sternum tattoo idea is a butterfly tattoo. The primary association that comes to mind is the variety of colors butterflies are known for. However, a butterfly is an outstanding symbol of transformation. If you have gone through a significant metamorphosis or plan on going through one – such a sternum ink will inspire you to continue. You can choose a butterfly or couple to fill the chest area. The outcome will remain stunning.

Sternum Tattoo Ideas with Hands

Some people perceive ink as a visual expression of one’s artistry. However, more often than not, tattoos serve as a perfect fusion of visual appeal and profound symbolism. For instance, intertwined hands stand for unity, protection, and spiritual connection. At the same time, reaching hands symbolizes love, guidance, friendship, and longing. You can use colored ink or stick to minimalistic black-and-white hues to stress the symbolism of the art and make it your personal statement.

Minimalist Underbreasts Tattoos

A perfectly done minimalist tattoo proves that sometimes less is more. Underbreast tats embrace the delicate curves of your body and express elegance and grace. There are countless options to pursue when looking for an ideal underboob ink. You can experiment with tiny geometric shades, fine lines, wreaths, symbols, and whatnot. Remember, even the tiniest design can make the most captivating and powerful statement.


Mandala Sternum Tatts

The intricacy of mandala tattoos is known to many. However, not everyone knows that they are deeply symbolic as well. The precision of geometrical symmetry and mesmerizing patterns tell a story of self-discovery and meaningful contemplation. If you make a mandala a central piece of your sternum, you’ll invite balance and harmony into your life. Keep in mind – no mandala is ever the same.

Underboob Tattoo with Lettering

Lettering With Small Rose Sternum Tattoo
by @tattooist_uzi

Words are the most powerful weapon, and you should treat them as such. All it takes is to choose your favorite quote, name, or affirmation, and they will take you through the toughest of times. Lettering placed under your breast will acquire a more intimate meaning because of the placement. This means that only those you trust can see the real you. Also, don't hesitate to combine your lettering tattoo with floral elements how Korean tattoo artist Uzi did it.

Sun and Moon Sternum Tattoo

Sun and Moon Sternum Tattoo
by @mardenanquim

Some people choose to ink the sun tattoo and the moon tattoo separately, showcasing the definite message each celestial body is known for. Yet, when you combine the two into a harmonious masterpiece etched in your sternum, you will reap the benefits of both. As the sun stands for strength and vitality, the moon is responsible for mystery and intuition. This amazing design was created by Lisbon tattoo artist Jacque López and the Glaminati team likes it.


Skull Tattoo Design

Ram Skull Tattoo Design

A skull tattoo isn’t for all, and that’s fine. The edgy appeal and the strong connotation of the piece will suit those who aren’t afraid of their mortality and life’s complexity. Such an iconic central ink will make you stand out from the rest. Not to mention that such bold and meaningful tattoos inspire you to move through all the challenges with a strong belief in your strength and superiority.

Underboob Tattoo Pain Level

Underboob Tattoo Pain Level
by @dasha_sumtattoo

Surely, sternum tattoo pain may become a predefining factor when it comes to either getting the ink or reconsidering the placement. No matter how fancy, delicate, and appealing sternum tattoo ideas look, we must mention that the tattoo will hurt quite a lot. Of course, your pain sensitivity levels will determine the scale it will hurt for you. Yet, we ask you to consider these essential points:

  • Sternum tattoos primarily cover the ribs, which are a lot of bone and a little muscle and fat. In case you don’t know, soft tissue lessens the tattoo pain.
  • Should you want to visualize how undeboob tattoos feel – think about hammering on your bones with an ink gun. The vibrations created by the needle piercing the skin so close to the bone are, at times, too much to handle.
  • Lastly, the more complicated is the art piece, the longer it will take to complete. If you doubt your pain resistance, you may want to consider a minimalist sternum tattoo instead of going for a full-scale masterpiece.

Sternum Tattoo Average Cost

Sternum Tattoo Average Cost
by @koray_karagozler

After you are settled with your unique sternum tattoo and the level of pain that the process of getting it involves, the matter of cost comes up. Surely, you are aware of the fact that simple between breast tattoos will differ in price when compared to full-coverage pieces. Thus, it is challenging to point out a precise price range to count on. Yet, when planning your budget, you must realize that any underboob tattoo is exceptionally delicate and requires a certain level of skill and precision to fulfill. That is why the average cost of such ink will always be more expensive when compared to other placements.


Sternum Tattoos Aftercare Tips

Sternum Tattoos Aftercare Tips
by @koray_karagozler

Despite how small sternum tattoo you may settle upon, it takes proper aftercare for it to heal well and look its best throughout the years. You may want to follow these simple yet effective aftercare tips to secure your cute small sternum tattoo:

    • Clean your under breast tattoo at least twice a day with a gentle, aroma-free soap. Pat it dry with a clean towel without rubbing hard on it.
    • Keep away from wearing tight clothes covering the area. Such tight items will rub against your ink irritating it and affecting the healing process badly. It is the best time to say ‘no’ to bras until the tat is fully healed.
    • Limit your driving sessions since a seat belt may cause unnecessary irritation keeping the ink from healing properly.
    • It is best to alter your sleeping position for a while too. Sleeping on your back is the safest way to ensure your tattoo heals faster.
    • Apply a thin coat of moisturizer at least twice a day to keep the area well-moisturized.
    • Keep away from direct sunlight since sun rays will damage your skin, making the ink fade away prematurely.
    • Don’t scratch the area, no matter what. It is okay for the area to itch while it’s healing, but picking at it will lead to scabbing, which ruins the overall look of the design. You can pat or tap it gently if you can’t bear the itch.

Keep in mind that every organism reacts differently to tattooing, and it may take a little longer for it to heal completely. However, if the ink causes you any trouble including but not limited to swelling, leaking puss, excessive redness, and pain, you should see a specialist as soon as possible.

Sternum Tattoo Designs with Snakes

Sternum tattoo is a new sass in the industry. However, the tat is more demanding than the rest. Make sure you prepare yourself for what’s ahead and master all the aftercare tips once you get your new ink. Once it heals well, it will make you happy for years to come!

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