A minimalist tattoo is basically a tiny design that does not draw attention much to itself. Many people choose to get such tattoo designs because they can be easily hidden, altered, and even removed if necessary.


In case you consider getting a small tattoo, here are some tips for you:

  • Choose your tattoo artist with precaution. Research this person.
  • Plan everything beforehand, there is no need to rush.
  • Take into account your pain threshold. Pick the body part for your tattoo accordingly.
  • If you have a mole, do not try to cover it with a tattoo. Then in case your mole changes, you won’t be able to notice it at once and thus diagnose an issue.
  • Don’t even think about drinking alcohol before you go to the tattoo parlor.

Now let’s discover small tattoos for your inspo. Go pick some cool design!

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Benefits of Minimalist Tattoos for Women

If you are familiar with the recent ink trends, you must have noticed that small tattoos for women are gaining rapid popularity. In fact, there is no wonder why. Minimalistic tats contain a fair share of benefits, and you should be fully aware of those as you search for a fresh tattoo inspiration.

  • The cost of such a tattoo is more affordable when compared to larger pieces.
  • Smaller tats are simpler to hide when needed.
  • Minimalist tattoos are simpler and more focused on the direct meaning they are supposed to project.
  • Small ink pieces do not attract as much attention to the wearer.
  • Even the smallest of tattoos can be entitled with the greatest meaning.
  • You can place such a tattoo onto any part of your body.
  • Due to their small size, such tats are incredibly personal and bear impressive and concise connotations.
  • They are trendy, customizable, and elegant.


Minimalist Tattoo Placement

With such a grand variety of minimalist tattoos ideas found online, you may wonder about the best placement for a small ink. Surely, it is a matter of personal needs and preferences, but there are a few tips to keep in mind before finalizing your decision:

  • Think about the side and the design you are getting. Small tats suit subtle placements. Thus, your ear, behind it, fingers, wrists, and ankles are the first to be considered. You can always hide your tattoo when required.
  • A larger piece would look gorgeous on your upper arm, thigh, or calf. Being more spacious, these areas are as easy to cover up should the need arise.
  • In case you are sure that you don’t want to hide your ink, you may want to place it on the collarbone or back of your neck.
  • Keep in mind some small tattoos are designed for specific areas. The best way to figure out where to place some tats would be to consult a skilled tattoo artist.
  • Don’t forget, it is your tattoo, and if you want it placed in a particular area, you don’t have to follow up anyone’s advice and decide for yourself.

Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

Even small tattoos require a fair share of consideration and preparation. One of the major concerns is finding the right artist. Follow these simple guidelines to succeed with the goal:

  • Find the person who is skilled in the tattoo style you plan on getting. Some tattoo artists are trained in large coverage and may lack experience in minimalistic art.
  • Do your extensive research. Start online. Browse through the artist’s portfolio and read the reviews.
  • Once you pick the artists, you should communicate with them, discussing your needs and preferences. If your visions don’t coincide, you may want to reconsider your choice.
  • Always remember that no matter how small a tattoo you aim at, it still requires skill and precision to be depicted well.
  • Never rush, and take your time brooding over the design and the artist.


Aftercare for Minimalist Tattoos

Some people mistakenly assume that simple small tattoos differ in aftercare routines and will heal on their own in no time. The assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. You should take proper care of your minimalist tat as you would for a back piece.

  • First things first, listen to your tattoo artist. They will give you all the precise instructions to follow up.
  • Keep the tattooed area clean and well-moisturized.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t wear oppressive clothes over the inked area.
  • Be patient during the healing period, don’t scratch or pick on your tattoo.

What types of tattoos are minimalist?

What is a minimalist line tattoo?

Do minimal tattoos age well?

Minimalist Tattoo Style To Emphasize Your Femininity

Minimalist tattoo designs have been popular like forever. In its essence, minimalism is ‘less is more.’ Tattoo designs in a minimalist style are clean, timeless, and crisp. Such designs often feature geometric shapes, dot work, graphic lines.

To achieve a clear image, a tattoo artist who works in a minimalist style would prefer a single needle machine over multiple needles. A single needle machine is more effective for rendering the design that is ultra-delicate. As a result, the image on the skin is reminiscent of a monochromatic pencil sketch. But it doesn’t mean that minimalist designs are always dainty. There are also many tattoo artists who use single, clean lines to get abstract, graphic shapes and thus make a statement.

  Credit photo: Instagram.com/frappeink Credit photo: Instagram.com/studiobysol  Credit photo: Instagram.com/frappeink Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne Credit photo: Instagram.com/wittybutton_tattoo



">Minimalist Tattoo Designs For Your Side Body Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne Credit photo: Instagram.com/soltattoo

Flowers are always a great idea for a tattoo, as they come out sweet and delicate. They look absolutely beautiful and flattering on any part of the body. But if you want it to express your sensuality and confidence, choose a minimalist flower tat on the side of your body. Also known as a rib tattoo, it speaks for itself once you show it off with a provocative outfit. And even if you are not planning to expose it to the public eye, it still gives your appearance a sexy feel.

Sternum Tattoo Ideas In A Minimalist Style

Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne  

A sternum tattoo is a real masterpiece on the canvas of your body. Its aesthetic is another level of sophistication. So, if you feel like going for an elegant and tasteful tattoo design yet with flirty air, you can hardly find a better option than a minimalistic sternum tattoo. Subtle and dainty prints inked right underneath your breasts allow you to make an emphasis on them without actually incorporating such a sensitive area. From a low key dotted tat to an elaborate mandala symbol, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Delicate Designs For Your Leg

Credit photo: Instagram.com/koray_karagozler Credit photo: Instagram.com/playground_tat2 Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne Credit photo: Instagram.com/gullsahkaraca Credit photo: Instagram.com/tattooist_banul Credit photo: Instagram.com/handitrip Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne

Legs are one of the most popular places to get a tattoo and no wonder. The skin is less sensitive there, so it will not hurt as badly as inking other parts of your body. What is more, it is much easier to flaunt your tattoo when it is on your leg, as you do not have to wear an overly revealing outfit. Finally, legs offer a myriad of places for tattoo designs, be it a bold print around your ankle or a gentle flower on your hip.


Tiny Wrist Tattoos In A Minimalist Style

Credit photo: Instagram.com/playground_tat2 Credit photo: Instagram.com/frappeink Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer   Credit photo: Instagram.com/playground_tat2 Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer

Another common area to get an inked image is a wrist. It also allows you to casually keep the tattoo on display, as even long sleeved clothes usually cannot hide it. The beauty of a circular tattoo is in its resembling a bracelet as it embraces your wrist. A tiny image is always in the spotlight because it shows up every time you do something with your hands. So, you can rest assured that it will never go unnoticed.

Small Hidden Minimalist Tattoos For Fingers

Credit photo: Instagram.com/playground_tat2 Credit photo: Instagram.com/joannamroman   Credit photo: Instagram.com/joannamroman   Credit photo: Instagram.com/joannamroman   Credit photo: Instagram.com/playground_tat2 Credit photo: Instagram.com/fine.line.tattoos.melbourne Credit photo: Instagram.com/mini_tattooer

Though hidden finger tattoos are quite painful to get, they are worth every puncture. Despite being rather limited in space, they may denote a very deep meaning. Dots or flowers, dates or lettering, there is a finger tattoo design for everyone. You can even play around with it and grace your fingers with tattoo rings or couple love tattoos. Do not limit your imagination.

We bet you like this tiny tattoo art so much that you will get your tattoo soon. In the meantime, don’t leave so soon. Our blog is full of inspirational ideas!

FAQ: Minimalist Tattoo

Are minimalist tattoos expensive?

Depends on your tattoo studio and artist. Often tattoo shop always have a shop minimum, the price you are required to pay even for the simplest tattoo. It usually averages on $50 to $80 and will take about 45 minutes. Some shops, however, charge hourly and sometimes you can get a free tattoo from the shop apprentice just for the material costs.

Do tiny tattoos last?

Tiny, single needle, tattoos won’t last as long as traditional style tattoos, there’s less ink. Gray ink fades faster. The tattoo placement is important as well. For example, fingers, feet, knees and elbows can be difficult are parts of the body where the skin regenerates faster, meaning that tattoo won’t last as long.