The number of attractive tattoo ideas may be growing by the day. Fresh opportunities appear, and new techniques ensure that every design looks precisely as it is intended for. Yet, the notion of forearm tattoos for women remains among the most requested for options so far. There are various reasons for that. So, if you want to learn more on the matter and bring another valuable possibility to your tattoo collection – welcome to our professional forearm tattoo guide!


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Forearm Tattoo Location Types

Your forearm indeed presents an extensive enough canvas to get creative. However, when it comes to the location types, they aren’t as versatile as some other parts of your body. You can choose from either outer forearm tattoos or inner forearm tattoos.

  • Inner forearm tattoos for women

The inner forearm is an excellent location for tattoos that bear a lot of personal meaning, and you don’t want to expose your inner forearm tattoos to just anybody. As you keep your arm straight, no one will notice the intricate depiction. At the same time, you can easily glimpse at your tattoo during the day to remind yourself of something you care for.

Another advantage of such a tattoo is the fact that it will be less exposed to the sun due to its location. Thus, it will last longer, not to mention that of all the body parts, the inner forearm barely ages.

  • Outer forearm tattoos for females

Another available location is surely the outer forearm. While the area is known to be less sensitive to pain, it tans faster, and that will have a direct impact on the longevity of your tattoo. Keep in mind that regular shaving and waxing will impact your tattoo too. Lastly, if you want to wear the tattoo as a reminder, you may not b able to have it in the spotlight all day long. Thus, a personal reminder is better to be placed somewhere else.


Forearm Tattoos Visibility

There are two primary ways you can address your tattoos on forearm in terms of visibility. Truth be told, there are some more obvious locations, like your hand or the neck, while some remain better hidden – the upper arm, thigh or back. So, depending on your needs and preferences, you can finalize your decision.

At the same time, even female simple forearm tattoos can be shown off when you want them to. The same concerns hiding away your forearm tattoo when needed with ease. Should you work in a strict environment, all it takes is a long-sleeved shirt to keep your tattoo away.

Pain Chart

Among the most requested questions about tattoos for women forearm is the pain chart. Surely, you know that tattoos aren’t exactly painless, but some areas hurt less than others. On top of that, you should consider personal pain sensibility. If you are incredibly sensitive, even small forearm tattoos for women will hurt more than a large back piece.

Yet, there is a general rule to consider to figure out about how much a particular area may hurt. The more fat and muscle there is, the less it will hurt and vice versa. So, it is safe to assume that your forearm is quite a pain-prone location. However, you should realize that an outer tattoo will hurt less than the inner one, and the top of the forearm will hurt less than the base.


How To Choose Forearm Tattoo Orientation

While you are focused on the female meaningful forearm tattoos, another detail could have escaped your attention so far – orientation. The direction your tattoo faces seems to have caused controversy and discussion.

On the one hand, tattoos on forearm for women should be appealing to look at from your own perspective. On the other hand, tattoo artists usually describe such tattoos as upside-down. It is claimed that other people who look at your tats may find it a little bit strange when the top starts at the wrist and ends at the elbow. Besides, it is said that such ‘upside-down’ tattoos are often the most regretted ones.

Yet, at the end of the day, these are forearm tattoos for women, small or large, and whatever makes you happy is the most acceptable form.

Healing and Aftercare

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Even the most unique forearm tattoos require proper aftercare to heal well and look their absolute best. If these are half sleeve forearm tattoos that we are talking about, they will take a bit of time to heal fully. At the same time, a tiny back forearm tattoos may only take a couple of weeks to heal completely.

Aside from the size of your tattoo, there is one more thing to consider to ensure that it heals well and quickly – the aftercare. You should do your best not to infect the area and keep it as clean as possible at all times. Besides, picking the scabs is the worst idea to come up with. Such an attitude will leave scars and ruin the whole design.


Are Forearm Tattoos Bad for Job?

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Just as popular forearm arm tattoos are, so frowned upon they can be, depending upon the field you work in. There is a widespread medical policy that all the workers in the sphere should cover their tattoos completely. Small forearm tattoos wouldn’t be the exception.

The same fate awaits your cool forearm tattoos should you work for a large enterprise. You have to cover them up nicely. If you think that it is an outdated stereotype, you are partly right. However, some companies like to emphasize that all their employees are equally professional and pursue a single goal. Besides, some tattoos can wake different emotions and present different symbols to various people, which can affect the course of the business deal.

Will a Forearm Tattoo Stretch?

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After you get meaningful, unique forearm tattoos, you will surely want them to stay in the initial form and shape all the time. Even the most creative forearm tattoos may indeed change over time. Yet, the forearm area is the least prone to wrinkling. Some sagging may occur as you get older. However, there is nothing you won’t be able to fit by scheduling the next appointment with your tattoo artist. Minor touch-ups with bring your sleeve or simple forearm tattoos to perfection in no time.

Creative Ideas of Forearm Tattoos for Women

Are you looking for some uncommon unique forearm tattoos after getting familiar with all the theoretical information provided? Use these watercolor tattoo inspirations to keep up with the trends and land the design of your dreams!

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Forearm tattoos for women are getting more requested by the day. If you are considering getting one, you should do some background research to land the best ink. That is where our dedicated guide comes in handy!



1. Is the forearm a painful tattoo?

The forearm is usually full of muscle, and the sink is thicker when compared to other areas. Besides, there are fewer nerve endings, so most people describe the pain level as low to moderate.

2. What does a forearm tattoo symbolize?

Even if you don’t ink forearm tattoos words on your body, there is still symbolic meaning that the location will bear. Usually, it is about confidence and honesty, don’t forget about pride too.

3. Which forearm is best for tattoo?

Some sources claim that the inner forearm is a great location for those who seek new acquaintances. However, it depends on your preferences regarding which forearm to choose.

4. How much do forearm tattoos cost?

The cost of female forearm tattoos will vary depending upon the size of the design, complexity and artist’s fees. Those with similar ink claim that you can expect to spend within $300-$1300 on a design.