Rose tattoos seem to never lose their popularity as they are chosen by both women and men worldwide. Why do people keep embellishing their bodies with the rose tattoo art?


Well, first of all, there is no doubt that a rose is among the most beautiful flowers. Plus, it has a symbolic meaning, and we will discuss it later on in this post. Also, a rose is a versatile flower when it comes to combining it with other designs and messages. Are you looking for the best tattoo ideas? Then you came to the right place! Let’s go!

Feminine Rose Tattoo Designs For Your Arm

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Look at these rose tattoos on arm. They are so different, yet, there is one thing that unites them. It’s their beauty. Whether you pick a red or blue rose to sport on your arm, you will like it for sure.

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What are the origins of a rose tattoo?

Roses, especially when we are talking about red roses, have been symbols of love, affection, romance, and beauty for a while already – since the 1200-s. And few people know that in the 1600-s, rose tattoos were peculiar to criminals. Those were difficult times for the reputation of rose tattoo designs. But eventually, negative associations disappeared. Being cherished in art and poetry, roses have become an essential part of many cultures.


Tattoo Designs With Roses On Legs

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Thigh tattoos are quite popular among women of all ages. Whether colorful or simply black and white, a rose tattoo on a leg looks daring and sexy. As you can see in these pictures, roses pair well with leaves and abstract designs.

But the truth is that usually, a woman doesn’t opt for a beautiful rose tattoo. Instead, she goes for its symbolism. By choosing a rose tattoo, women often express their love for something or somebody. A rose is also a symbol of a soul and life. Sometimes it is associated with rebirth, resurrection, blood, and the outset of the new life.

Rose Wrist Tattoo Ideas

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Have you noticed that some rose tattoos are black and grey while others have different colors? In these pics, you can notice that a single rose tattoo looks adorable in any color. Still, whether you go for a more intricate or a classic rose tattoo, you need to be aware of the meanings of hues.

  • White: it is a symbol of purity and innocence. Sometimes it means that the wearer admires someone secretly or has such an admirer.
  • Red: red roses stand for passion, memorial, romance, and immortal love. The meaning originates from Greek mythology. It was believed that a white rose turned red when the blood of Adonis was spilled on it.
  • Pink: a pink rose stands for motherly love, elegance, grace, innocence, femininity, and Sometimes when a person gets a pink rose tattoo, it means that he or she has won the battle against cancer.
  • Yellow: usually yellow roses mean devotion, joy, and jealousy.
  • Black: a black rose often stands for rebellion and strength. There are cultures where soldiers get such a tattoo when they come home. They do so to complete and commemorate that arduous and long journey. A black rose can also represent the loss of a beloved person.
  • Blue: there are no blue roses in nature. So, such a tattoo will stand for something unattainable, some kind of a fantasy that is unlikely to come true.
  • Purple: purple colored roses are a symbol of wealth, royalty, an instant crush, or enchantment.
  • Orange: orange roses are symbols of new beginnings, excitement, and enthusiasm.


Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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Here are some full sleeve tattoo ideas for you. But keep in mind that only a professional tattoo artist can make sure that such a big and intricate tattoo will turn out fine.

Among other things that can be incorporated into rose tattoos, there are crosses, daggers, skulls, wire, vines, diamonds, and hearts. Once you go for more elements, you alter the meaning of your tattoo. So, think carefully what you get tattooed.

Rose Tattoo Ideas For Your Back

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Do you know that rose tattoos have different meanings in various beliefs and cultures?

  1. If we are talking about Christianity, a rose is a symbol of God’s Mother.
  2. As for Tarot cards, a rose is present on the following cards – the Magician, the Fool, the Death, and the Strength. When combined together, the 4 cards create equilibrium and balance.
  3. If to consider Greek mythology, roses are linked to love goddesses Aphrodite and Venus.
  4. In England, this flower is a symbol of the nation. Back in the 1500s, a red rose was peculiar to the Lancasters, while a white rose represented the Yorks family. When these important families had a war, it was even named after these symbols – The War Of The Roses.
  5. In Ancient Egypt, people used roses to honor Isis – one of the most powerful goddesses.

In these pics, you can see amazing colored rose tattoos. And we think that both red rose tattoo and pink roses tattoo look exceptional on these models’ backs.


Sternum Tattoo Designs With Roses

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Here you can see how nicely black roses work for a sternum. Rose tattoo designs are often tattooed there because it’s a place that is close to one’s heart. Plus, you can always cover it with clothes if you need. Whether you want a single stunning rose or two, go for it! As for the number of rose flowers, one rose stands for individuality, love, independence, and courage. And two bloomed roses often symbolize mutual love, the fact that your partner is your soul mate.

Now you know what you can show to your tattoo artist next time you have an appointment. Looking for more inspo? We have a lot on our blog!

FAQ: Rose Tattoos

What does a 3 rose tattoo Mean?

Whether a tattoo has 3 petals or 3 rose flowers it bears a symbolic meaning. Freemason symbolism defines three roses image as three guiding principles of life, love and light.

Why do men have rose tattoos?

A rose tattoo is sometimes associated with feminine qualities, however, it also symbolizes strength and good luck. It can be a beautiful reminder of all the love that a person has or used to have in their life, it can also be a sign of devotion. Male or female: rose tattoo looks great on everyone.

What does a dead rose tattoo mean?

Dying rose tattoo normally symbolizes the final stage of a relationships. Sometimes people get a dead rose tattoo to remember the past love they had or when they had their heart broken. It is important to allow yourself to live through this pain to eventually find peace within.