Modern tattoo art knows no boundaries. Fresh trends and ideas spring like mushrooms after rain. However, some tattoo ideas root back to their origins and cross tattoo designs belong to that category. The notion of a cross tattoo is one of the most widely spread, and a few factors contribute to that. First things first, the deep spiritual meaning that the symbol bears can speak out even to those who have little relation to Christianity at its core. Moreover, the versatility of art options will find its way toward the pickiest of consumers without leaving a mundane aftertaste. Let’s dive a little deeper into the matter, shall we?


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Cross Tattoo Meaning

Many of you may start considering cross tattoo ideas because of the rich symbolism that stands behind them. Crosses have been depicted throughout different cultures since the dawn of humanity, but Christianity seems to have been encoded in its primary meaning.

Usually, a cross is viewed as the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ made in the name of the human race. Thus, often, it is referred to as the sign of eternal hope, divinity, faith, and ultimate sacrifice. However, there’s more meaning to it. It is possible to treat the horizontal line of the cross as the connection between heaven and the earth, while the vertical one stands for the connection between the Shepperd and its flock.

Stepping aside from Christian contexts, you can treat the cross as a sign of protection. Very often, cross tattoo ideas for men and cross tattoos for women are used as a sign of protection rather than a confessional belonging. People choose crosses as their individual tattoo art to deal with hardship that comes in life and deal with any tough decision with courage and resilience.

Summing up, a cross tattoo can be the symbol of anything you want it to be, so you shouldn’t rely on anyone’s opinion.


Cross tattoos hold diverse symbolism, primarily associated with Christianity. They represent hope, divinity, and ultimate sacrifice. Additionally, the cross can symbolize protection, courage, and resilience, offering individuals strength in challenging times. The meaning of a cross tattoo is personal, allowing people to choose its significance based on their beliefs and perspectives.


Cross Tattoo Placement Options

Very often, you center all your attention on the new design while leaving out the area where to place it. A properly-chosen tattoo location can amplify its meaning and reflect in the best light. So, let’s discuss the main locations you may want to consider in the first place:

  • Cross tattoo on wrist: it is one of the most visible areas to place fresh ink on. Thus, it is so popular. Even the subtlest design will reflect the fullest meaning of what you are putting into your cross art.
  • Forearm cross tattoo: if you are interested in a bigger design, your forearm will provide enough room for it. You can play around with the tattoo’s position since you can place it both vertically and horizontally, based on your individual needs and preferences, not to mention the variety of sizes you can experiment with.
  • Upper arm cross tattoo: in case you are all in for visibility, the upper arm can be your perfect canvas. Keep in mind it is as easy to cover as it is to display when it comes to upper arm ink.
  • Shoulder cross tattoo: while your shoulders present a lot of room to ink, putting a cross design along the contours of your shoulder will result in a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing effect. Not to mention that you can incorporate the design into a much larger piece.
  • Cross tattoo on the back: you don’t have to go all in with the cross size when it comes to your back. You can place a small cross tattoo on your upper or lower back so that it is easily concealed.
  • Cross chest tattoo: when pairing a symbolic tattoo with a powerful location, there’s hardly a better combo than a cross ink and your chest. Keeping the cross closer to your heart will intensify any connotation you choose to project.
  • Cross tattoo and ankle: in case you wonder whether there’s such a discreet location like a wrist but not as easily accessible, then the answer would be – your ankle.
  • If you are looking for a minimalist tattoo, you can choose a cross tattoo behind the ear tattoo or a cross finger tattoo. The latter is more visible, while the former will remain hidden 70% of the time unless you decide to share it with someone.

Do cross tattoos have specific meanings?

Average Cost of Cross Tattoo

A few major factors will affect the cost of your cross-shaped ink. One of them is size. Small cross tattoos will always cost cheaper as opposed to larger pieces. Besides, a simple cross tattoo can’t pair with an elaborate, multi-colored ink. Lastly, the more experienced the artist is, the more they will charge for their work.

You can count on spending around $50-$300 on a cross tattoo. However, you shouldn’t rely on the price range when choosing the final copy of your new ink. It is best to judge by the experience the artist has in the style you decide on, their portfolio, and user feedback instead.


Cross tattoos with flowers combine two powerful symbols, representing spirituality and beauty. The combination of the cross, a symbol of faith and devotion, with delicate and vibrant flowers creates a harmonious design that represents faith blossoming into a new life. These tattoos often convey a deep connection to one's spirituality and the beauty that can arise from the union of faith and nature.

Cross tattoos with lettering are a popular choice for those who want to express their faith through meaningful words or phrases. By incorporating lettering into the design, the cross becomes a canvas for personal expression and devotion. Whether it's a scripture verse, a quote, or a loved one's name, the combination of the cross and lettering creates a powerful symbol that reflects one's beliefs and serves as a constant reminder of the values they hold dear.

Whether you are looking for a cross neck tattoo or a larger forearm piece, you may want to have a few unique cross tattoos to inspire from. Cross with roses tattoo ideas are incredibly beautiful and required at the moment. However, it is possible to make your ink twice as meaningful by incorporating a deep phrase into the design.

Are cross tattoos painful to get?

How long does it take for a cross tattoo to heal?

Aftercare and Maintenance

When you choose a well-thought and unique cross for tattoo, decide on the best location, and pick the artist, you may feel like calling it a day and finally relaxing. However, no matter how small cross tattoo you get, you still have to look after it properly so that your potential cross tattoo on neck heals fast and looks its absolute best for the longest while. Use these aftercare and maintenance tips to your benefit:

  • Consult the artists. A tattoo artist will guide you on how to look after your fresh ink best, whether you are a novice or a tat shark. It is your task to follow the given instructions unwaveringly.
  • Keep it clean. Despite how cliché it sounds, too many people skip on the tip. Use mild, non-scented soap and lukewarm water to clean the area a few times a day. Don’t use any hash products, and don’t rub the tat dry. Rather pat it lightly.
  • Don’t forget about hydration. Using a moisturizing lotion on your tattoo is a good and vital idea. As the area gets necessary hydration, it will itch less and heal faster.
  • Don’t pick or scratch. Suppress your picking urges no matter their intensity, or you will ruin the design with nasty scars or, even worse, get your skin infected.
  • Stay away from the sun. While some claim that the sun has healing properties, we beg to differ when it comes to fresh in. UV light is extremely harmful when it comes to colors. Unless you want to end up with a faded and colorless tattoo, you will keep the area protected, at least until it heals fully.
  • Refrain from swimming. While moderate hydration is critical, excessive exposure to moisture will prevent the design from healing. Not to mention all sorts of bacteria residing in swimming pools and the ocean.
  • Don’t dress to impress. Or, at least, stay away from overly tight and restrictive clothing.
  • Minimize physical activities. An intense workout will make you sweat, leading to excessive exposure to moisture, which equals a prolonged healing process.
  • Stick up to a healthy lifestyle. If you are healthy and sound, your tattoo will heal without any complications. Thus, managing your diet and keeping hydration levels up is key to succeeding with a good-looking tat.
  • Don’t forget about touch-ups. Despite the part ‘permanent’ in tattoo art, all designs tend to fade over time. Some fade quicker than the rest, but all require regular touch-ups to look their best.



Is the cross tattoo only associated with religious beliefs?

In the majority of cases, it is. However, you can use the symbol to pursue your personal or cultural ideals and connotations. While many people relate the sign with unwavering belief, spirituality, and representation, you can encode the ink with whichever personal meaning you like.

What are the different styles of cross tattoos?

You can choose from different styles such as Celtic, tribal, geometrical, ornamental, watercolor, and classic, and even come up with a personal style.

Where is the most common placement for cross tattoos?

You can depict a meaningful cross symbol anywhere on your body. If you want the art easily spotted, stick to your wrists, forearms, back, and ankle areas. In case you want the ink to be more personal, pay attention to the back area, chest, neck, or behind the ear.

  • A tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting tattoo ink, dyes, and/or pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design.Source