If you have noticed that the popularity of behind the ear tattoos has increased, you are not alone. These inked images have actually become one of the most requested lately. Because they cover a small area of your body, they do not require a lot of commitment. Plus, unlike neck tattoos, you can hide the tat with ease whenever you want or need. These are, of course, not the only benefits a tattoo behind the ear gives you. For more, explore our guide.


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Pros And Cons Of Behind The Ear Tattoos

Regardless of the tattoo placement, it has its benefits and drawbacks and behind the ear tattoos for women are no exception. Below, we have collected their main pros and cons.


Behind The Ear Tattoo Pros

  1. Because they are mainly small behind the ear tattoos are less painful in a general sense compared to other locations. Although the pain is quite intense, it is not prolonged. Besides, you can use a numbing cream, which ensures you will hardly feel a thing.
  2. All tattoo ideas work equally well for the behind the eye area. So, you are free to get any design you can only imagine.
  3. Tattoos behind the ear are one of the easiest to disguise. Hence, whenever you feel the need to cover it up, you can just wear your hair loose.
  4. Behind the ear tattoos for females are relatively rare, which makes them a great way to become the center of attention.

Behind The Ear Tattoo Cons

  1. Although it hurts to get any tattoo, the area behind the ear is extremely sensitive. So, if you have quite a low pain threshold, this may be not the best option for you.
  2. Since it is located in such a prominent place, it is not always possible to conceal it easily should your dress code at work not allow tattoos.
  3. The cute behind the ear tattoos are visible to everyone but you. Well, at least without some help. So, if you would like to see your tattoo frequently, it may be better to think of another location.


Behind The Ear Tattoo Pain Level

Because the skin behind your ears is so thin and sensitive, getting it inked is quite painful. On the pain level scale, it is estimated at 5 points out of 10, which is quite tolerable but still perceptible. You are more likely to feel great discomfort and irritation than actual pain. Yet, what you should be prepared for is that because the tattoo machine is held so close to your ear, you will hear and even feel its buzzing quite vividly.

Besides, the machine will vibrate as the needle approaches the bone behind your ear. So, do behind the ear tattoos hurt? More yes than no. But the good news is it will not last long. Right after the session, the inked place will be sore and swollen. But with proper care, it will get better pretty quickly.

Tips On How to Care For Tattoos Behind The Ear

Proper aftercare is extremely important for the fast and successful healing of your tattoo behind the ear. So, make sure to follow these essential tips:

  1. As soon as the tattoo is done, the tattoo artist places a bandage or plastic wrap over it to protect the wound. Do not remove it until the tattooist allows you to do so. Depending on the design of behind the ear tattoos women may sometimes have to wait a little longer for them to heal.
  2. After taking the wrap off, you should clean your tattoo with water and a mild soap. Make sure it does not contain fragrance or alcohol. Pat dry the inked area with a paper towel. Avoid rubbing it at all costs.
  3. Use a tad of the tattoo aftercare balm or lotion on your tattoo.
  4. Wash the inked area and apply the ointment twice a day.
  5. If your tattoo is peeling or scabbing, do not pick at it.
  6. Keep your hair products away from the wound to avoid irritation.
  7. Allow the tattoo for 2-4 weeks to heal completely before you can go swimming or sunbathing.


An Important Detail Regarding Behind The Ear Tattoos

Tattoo artists say that tattoos behind the ears are more likely to fade than tattoos in other areas, adding that the tender and thin skin there has less pores to 'grab' the ink.

This means that ear tattoos could need to be touched up, especially if they are made with color ink. Tattoo artists advise waiting a few months for the tattoo to fully integrate with your skin before getting it refreshed, and many artists will willingly make you a free touch-up if necessary.

How Much Does The Ear Tattoo Cost?

Although the cost of a behind the ear tattoo varies considerably depending on what you want, it often ranges between $100 and $250. The cost is usually determined by how long it takes your artist to create and finish the tattoo.

Do behind the ear tattoos last?

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How do you sleep with an ear tattoo?

Creative Behind The Ear Tattoo Designs


When it comes to behind the ear tattoos designs, the choice is almost limitless. What it is going to be depends on your preferences and the message you want your image to deliver. The most popular cute behind the ear tattoos for females are usually flowers and floral designs. Yet, you are free to incorporate any tat your imagination is capable of. For behind the ear tattoos words are also a common option, as well as dates and symbols. To infuse you with some inspiration, we have put together some of the best ideas for behind the ear tattoos below.

Now you know everything about tattoos behind the ear to venture out for a new inked image. As they are so tiny and subtle, you will be able to easily disguise them if you change your mind later. But something tells us you will not, as these delicate and cute tattoos cannot leave anyone indifferent.


FAQ: Behind the Ear Tattoos

Does tattoos behind the ear hurt?

A behind the ear tattoo hurts quite badly because of the thinness and sensitivity of the skin in that area. No wonder it is one of the most erogenous zones.

What does the tattoo behind the ear mean?

The meaning behind the ear tattoos has is somewhat sacred. Because the image is located close to your ear, it suggests you hear God’s word and your life choices are guided by your faith.

Is behind the ear a good place for a tattoo?

Apart from the aesthetic value, getting a tattoo behind your ear has a practical meaning. Because the area behind the ears does not get a lot of friction or sweating, it is less likely that the ink will fade anytime soon.