The magic and mystery of cat tattoos can`t be ignored in the modern world. Why? Because the tattoo industry is only going up. A lot of people get their favorite pets inked into their skin without understanding the meaning that cats carry through the years and what message they are putting on themselves for the whole life. We recommend you get to know more about the cat tattoos with our help before choosing your own one. We have prepared not only the cat tattoos background but also some ideas that may inspire you even more. Enjoy.


Cat Tattoo Meanings


Cats have always had that beautiful mystery around themselves. Do you know why? Because, of course, through a long history, they are involved in so many different cultures that bring more and more meanings to the aura around this beautiful creature. Egyptians believed it was a creature of God killing which will bring you closer to your own death, but Romans considered it to be the symbol of warmth, motherhood, and protection. Grace, good fortune, happiness and power of women, of course, all come to the association when it comes to cats. However, bad luck and witchcraft were there too. A lot of sayings have cats included, but nevertheless, these cuties are mostly remembered with a good word. In the tattoo culture, a lot of people make a choice in their favor as the symbol of protection for their bodies and souls. In addition, their free spirit, independence, and intuition are regarded as well. There are so many things to say about these playful and gorgeous pets, but we believe that everyone chooses their own thoughts and opinions when it comes to choosing it as a tattoo.



Cats In History


For sure, you should get a better overlook of what you are putting on your body for your whole life. Are you interested to know more about cats? Then let`s look together at what we know about them. Through centuries, these elegant but mysterious creatures were considered the guardians. We believe that is due to their ability to be still without any movement for hours and the protective mood they bring to every house where they are taken. As you have already understood, cat tattoos have a lot of meanings for them. Other ones we have found are the symbols of freedom, royalty, clear mind, hidden powers of soul and solitude that they carry with their energy. Cats are often associated with goddesses of different cultures, as they are believed to have them as their companions. We love how mysterious but powerful the meanings of cat tattoos are. Do you?

Different Designs For Cat Art


The world of tattoos is only going bigger and bigger, and we love all of the inspiring and creative ideas that wander through the world. Even for cat tattoos, the range of choice can be so broad that you will be shocked. Tiny, small or big, portrait, watercolor, colorful, black and white, sketchy and realistic. Everything that comes to your mind can be drawn on your beautiful skin for ages. Find the best ideas that will carry a special meaning for a cat tattoo that you have chosen for yourself, and you will love the results until the end of your days.


We hope that we have helped you to broaden your outlook on the history of cats and the meanings that they bring into the tattoo industry. Are you content with what you have read? Then why don`t we continue looking through the guide we have made exactly for you. So many different ideas have been chosen but trust us we believe that they are the best and are worth your attention. Curious about what we have gathered up? Then let`s look at them together because they are precious.


Simple Cat Tattoo Ideas

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Cat Tattoos Inspiring Ideas

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Cat tattoos are so different and so meaningful. We love how these beautiful creatures turn into such inspiring and creative images on the bodies. Our biggest desire is to help you with making your own choice and to open a bit more information about them for you.

FAQ: Cat Tattoos

What does a black cat tattoo represent?

According to Celtic tradition, black cats were supposed to ward off evil spirits. They were a sign of mystery and magic. Black cats, however, are commonly misunderstood as an omen of bad luck, however, such tattoos won’t bring any misfortune to its bearer. Instead, they will allow to show mystic power and femininity.

What does a three eyed cat tattoo mean?

Third eye has been always viewed as a symbol of spiritual awakening and transforming into our higher self. Three eyed cat tattoo means that a person has established a spiritual connection and has chosen to follow a path of spiritual knowledge. Cats are also quite mystical creatures that are also associated with things hidden from an ordinary person’s eye.