There are many devoted tattoo lovers these days, and everyone wants to look unique and special. It is also true that when you are headed to the tattoo salon, you most likely have an idea in mind of what you would like to get done and where it should be placed. However, there are times when you know that you want a tattoo, but you can’t come up with a tattoo ideas that would be both gorgeous-looking and meaningful. That is why today we would like to talk about bird tattoos, to be more precise – phoenix tattoo in particular. Let’s have a closer look at these fascinating examples!


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What is a Phoenix?

In mythology, it is a bird that has a recurrent life cycle. It burns down once it is feeling the upcoming death or when it is killed. As it is immortal, the phoenix then arises or regenerates from ashes or is reborn in other ways. The risen phoenix is much stronger and more powerful than before. It gives off very intense life energy. Nowadays, phoenix motifs are used in many realms, including the tattoo industry.

Which phoenix tattoo style would you choose for your next ink?

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  • Colorful Watercolor Phoenix
  • Phoenix with Floral Accents
  • Minimalist Phoenix Silhouette
  • Abstract and Artistic Phoenix
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Which phoenix tattoo style would you choose for your next ink?

Colorful Watercolor Phoenix
Phoenix with Floral Accents
Minimalist Phoenix Silhouette
Abstract and Artistic Phoenix
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The Symbolism of the Phoenix Tattoo


The phoenix tattoos meaning is varied. The most popular interpretations include:

  1. Revival and Regeneration. The phoenix is known for its ability to resurrect. So, if you want to immortalize a new life stage, getting a Phoenix bird tattoo is a good idea.
  1. Development. The phoenix is also associated with development and progression and getting it inked on your body would allow you to acknowledge the achievements and growth you have had in your life.
  1. Triumph Over Difficulties. If you happen to overcome some life challenges or find a solution to a difficult issue, you may want to imprint your personal victory on your body with the help of a fire phoenix tattoo.
  1. Force and Might. It is believed that after a rebirth the phoenix becomes more powerful. This is why a phoenix rising tattoo is a great way to highlight your strength.
  1. The Sun. The Sun is quite a common association for a phoenix tattoo women often opt for. As it symbolizes life, strength and energy, even a small phoenix tattoo can make you feel empowered and full of hope once needed.
  1. Harmony and Balance. A Chinese and Japanese phoenix tattoo can signify finding life balance. If you have a harmonious relationship with your significant other, a feminine phoenix tattoo will show it off like no other.

Phoenix Tattoo Meaning in Different Cultures


Chinese culture: In Chinese culture, the Phoenix represents femininity. It usually means virtue and grace, which are the notions that most women possess. In the early days only the Empress was entitled to this symbol. Luckily, these days everything is different, and almost anyone can claim this image.

Indian culture: Ancient Indians believed that the Phoenix was the symbol of immortality and often granted him the image of a man with wings, which also meant masculinity.

Greek culture: Ancient Greeks believed that the Phoenix was not only the symbol of the sun but also a god. Every day with the sunset, the god died in the fire to come back to life in the morning. If you think about it, it is easy to conclude that for Greek people phoenix signified the endless cycle of life.

Egypt culture: Egyptians thought that Phoenix was nothing else but the soul of their god Ra, the god of the sun. phoenix was a sacred creature for Egyptians for a long time.

Japanese culture: A long time ago, a phoenix was an emblem of Japan. That is not a coincidence since they believed it was a bird of immortality and wished the empire to live forever.


Gorgeous Phoenix Tattoo Arm Pieces


Very often it is considered that phoenix tattoos are more fantasy-related rather than spiritual. However, it all depends on what meaning you wish to grant your tattoo. If it is a mere devotion to the fantasy world then colored phoenix tattoos placed on the arm are exactly what you need. Yet, on the other hand, the very same ideas can become pretty spiritual if you want them to, the choice is always yours!

Phoenix Tattoo Placed On Leg


Depending on whether you would like your tattoo to be noticeable at all the times or you would like to keep it hidden at will, you choose the placement. When it comes to leg tattoos, they are undoubtedly very common, since they can be easily hidden by both men and women. Now, when the placing suits you it is time to enjoy these epic phoenix images. Whether you would like your tattoo to be small or big, colorful or black and white – there is a suitable option for all!



Side Body Tattoo Designs


Phoenix tattoo designs female half of the population usually choose are most often placed on the side. We can’t say that the placing is rare but it is undoubtedly intimate and bears more significant meaning to it, that is why it is essential that the sketch is perfectly chosen and transferred as well.


Outstanding Lower Body Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos can be sometimes the real masterpieces and take a lot of skill to be professionally done. However, when you look at the marvelous ideas as presented in this chapter, it is safe to say that beauty comes in most unexpected forms and can be found in most unexpected places! Sometimes one tattoo can contain more than just one element, and that is what makes it unique, but there are cases when the outline is more than enough to carry out the deeper meaning.

Terrific Back Phoenix Tattoo Pieces


It goes without saying that when it comes to the biggest canvas on the human body – back would be it. That is why many tattoo addicts try to put as many tattoos as possible on their backs. However, as you can see, sometimes one tattoo may be just enough. These colorful phoenix tattoo ideas are perfect no matter which angle you look at them from!


Colorful Shoulder Tattoos

Colorful Shoulder Tattoos
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Colorful Shoulder Tattoos
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Not everyone is a fan of huge tattoos that is true. That is why if you are looking for something smaller to begin your journey into the world of tattoos with – then these phoenix tattoo small shoulder ideas may come in handy. Whether you are a watercolor kind of person or feisty red orange hues are your theme – we have it covered. Choose the bird that represents your resurrection best, add something personal, find a professional salon and get ready to change your life and your look once and for all!

FAQ: Phoenix Tattoo

Is a phoenix tattoo for men?

The Phoenix tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo ideas for men. While possessing an incredible meaning and versatile designs often depicting the Phoenix bird flying out of flames, being reborn, the Phoenix tattoo is truly majestic. Phoenix tattoos for men are also incredibly versatile and you can find a design that suits you best.

What does a black phoenix mean?

If you decide to get a black phoenix tattoo, it is useful to know the particular symbolism standing behind it. The black phoenix was known to represent the rising of a wise leader and the beginning of a new era in ancient China.