Coming up with a unique tattoo design is both simple and challenging. While you may have your mind set on an image or design, there is always a hidden meaning to be aware of. Tattoos are pretty permanent, you know. Let’s discuss a snake tattoo, for instance. Despite the variety of snake tattoo designs available, there is a plethora of symbolic meanings to them to. If you want to discover the most inspiring snake tat ideas topped with the most common definitions and other informative backgrounds – you have come to the right place!


Snake Tattoo Meaning

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We want to start with the general snake tattoo, meaning, shall we? First things first, only a few people will think of something positive when they think about snakes. Snakes are dangerous and scary, and that is that. Snakes are often used as infinite symbols of poor luck, death, and other sinister insinuations. The story of Adam and Eve is definitely a subject to explore.

However, we usually miss out that snakes don’t attack people out of spite – they do so when they feel threatened. There is a reason why the most venomous snakes live as far away from people as possible. Even if they nest nearby, they try to avoid the confrontation given a chance. Besides, it’s worth reminding that snakes are quite beautiful in their own dark and mysterious fashion. The combination of the original sin and alluring but dangerous mysteriousness is what people are incredibly fond of depicting snakes on their bodies. Yet, it does not mean that a snake tat can’t be assigned with a positive connotation.


Snake Tattoo Symbolism

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To give you a better understanding of what a simple snake tattoo may symbolize in different cultures, we have gathered the most popular meanings in a single chapter. You may want to consider the connotations before finalizing your snake tattoo ideas.

  • A snake is often considered a symbol of wisdom and protection in African cultures. Snakes are often depicted as the most devout guardians of temples and sanctuaries. The symbolism roots back in ancient Egypt, where snakes were celebrated as gods’ protectors.
  • Native American cultures – native Americans view snakes as the ultimate symbol of life or rebirth. Some tribes worship snakes as the governors of fertility and healing.
  • Buddhist and Hinduist cultures praise snakes as deities that rule over life, death, and rebirth. They believe that just like a snake sheds its skin, a person can be reborn.

Snake Tattoo in Different Mythologies

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If you think about a traditional snake tattoo, you may want to look for some ancient meanings that date back centuries. Every mythology has its peculiar view on snake symbolism. Let’s refer to the most common myths:


Greek mythology

The most famous snake-like character in Greek mythology would be the Medusa Gorgon. Although she wasn’t a snake, she had a head full of snakes instead of hair. While often, Medusa is viewed as a negative character, very few know that she wasn’t born like that. She was corrupted by one of the higher gods and punished by the goddess Minerva for something she wasn’t to blame for. Thus, a Medusa tattoo can be a symbol of protection against danger or injustice.

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Egyptian mythology

Ancient Egyptians were practically obsessed with snakes, cobras in particular. One of their goddesses, Wadjet, was often depicted with the head of a snake and the body of a woman or vice versa. Besides, snakes were usually depicted on pharaohs’ masks and crowns. Thus, a snake in this mythology stands for power and authority, let alone leadership and wisdom.


Cristian lore

According to the Book of Genesis, it was the snake who corrupted Eve to taste the forbidden apple and be banned from Eden once and for all. Christian mythology does not have it easy on snakes since, based on the formed opinion, they are the embodiment of evil and everything that describes corrupt human nature.

Japanese mythology

According to ancient Japanese myths, snakes stood for good luck and fortune. Especially if it was a white snake. What is more, in Japanese Buddhism, snakes symbolize wealth, art, and fertility.

How to Care About Your Fresh Snake Tattoo

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Now, when you are fully aware of the roots and symbolic background of snake tattoos, it is time to figure out how to care about fresh ink. No matter how small a snake tattoo of yours will be, you must take steps to ensure that it heals properly.

  • Make sure your tattoo artist applies some petroleum jelly before wrapping your new ink up.
  • Try not to remove the applied bandage sooner than the artist recommends.
  • After removing the bandage, wash your fresh red snake tattoo with gentle soap and warm water. Don’t leave the area wet. Pat it dry.
  • Apply the recommended lotion or ointment on the area at least twice daily, and try not to cover your tattoo up.
  • Wash the area at least twice a day and dry it out properly each time.
  • Moisturize the area well so that it heals fast and adequately.
  • Try not to go out sunbathing and to swim before the tat heals.
  • When the tattoo starts to itch, cover it up with more moisturizer but never scratch or try to remove scabs that will cover it eventually.


Hand Snake Tattoo Designs

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It is true that a snake arm tattoo or a snake hand tattoos for women are among the most popular options to choose these days. In case you have always dreamed about a snake forearm tattoo, you can use these ideas to point you in the right direction. A word of advice – if you wish to stand out from the rest, you may want to consider a stylish snake finger tattoo instead.

Thigh Snake Tattoos

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It is true that a cool snake arm tattoo does not suit all. At times you may want your symbolic tat to remain hidden. In cases like this, you could opt for a snake thigh tattoo. As you can see, the area offers a lot of room for experimentation. That is why you can combine your snake and flower tattoo in one. Just look at this gorgeous snake and rose tattoo! Isn’t this what a true masterpiece looks like?

Back Snake Tattoo Designs

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Another great location to have a secret tattoo would be your back. The snake spine tattoo is utterly cute and unique. You can stick to the usual black and white palette or become a little experimental and add some color to the mix. The only downside of the snake back tattoo is that you won’t be able to see it without a mirror.


Sternum Snake Tattoo

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Some tattoos are designed to be sexier than others, and there is nothing you can do about it. While the design plays a significant part, the location also matters. According to a recent survey, men find sternum tats the most arousing. Even a mysterious snake tattoo looks hot as hell, don’t you think?

Shoulder Snake Tattoo

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Leg Snake Tattoos

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Another substitution for a snake tattoo on arm would be a leg piece. While the canvas is grand, you don’t have to explore some large designs to satiate your need for some snake ink. A tiny ankle tattoo looks as gorgeous.

Getting a snake tattoo may be controversial due to cultural background. However, when you decide to get inked, the only thing that matters is what you put into the chosen design. If you still want to get a snake tat, our recent inspiration update will surely come of help!