Thigh tattoos look amazing on women of any age, skin tone and size. If you would like to emphasize the beauty of your body, then the idea of getting a thigh tattoo is the right one for you. There are so many tattoo ideas for women that will look fantastic. Let`s look through the ones that in our opinion will look the best and choose your amazing tattoo sketch.


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Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoo

Dream Catcher Tattoo Design
by @tattooist_banul

Lotus flower tattoo is a popular choice among the ladies and there’s more than a single reason why. The serene beauty and divine symbolism of the flower enhance one’s thirst for enlightenment, purity, and growth. Banul, a famous Korean watercolor tattoo artist, chose to combine the flower with a fantasy-loke dream-catcher to coat the ink with additional meaning and undeniable charm.


Mixed Styles Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix Thigh Tattoo Idea
by @lukovnikovtattoo

A watercolor Ukrainian tattoo artist, Lukovnikov Andrey, who currently resides in Poland, is known for his creative double-exposure designs. This vibrant epitome is a crystal-clear ode to rebirth and transformation, topped with deep bonds with nature. The artwork combines two major tattoo styles to stress the encoded messages and unparalleled beauty of this thigh phoenix tattoo.

Thigh Skull Tattoo

Average Cost of Thigh Tattoo
by @veronicalilu

A talented Ukrainian tattoo artist, Veronica Krasovska is known for her skills and peculiar style. This macabre yet magnetizing thigh piece reflects the macabre beauty and universal symbolism. An elaborately adorned skull framed in a Victoria-era mirror resembles the shortness and fluidity of life. Usually, ink like that matches one’s individual style but also provokes thought and introspection.


Watercolor Cat

Watercolor Cat Tattoo
by @koray_karagozler

You can express your love and dedication to your fave pet by etching it in your skin. If a regular real-life portrait does not suffice, you can be inspired by the intricate and abstract works of a Berlin tattoo artist - Koray Karagozler. The artist adorns the feline grace with vibrant colors and abstract tints that many find alluring and unique.

Solar System

Solar System Tattoo
by @tattooist_sigak

Our solar system is an indefinite source of inspiration and mystery. Are we alone in the universe? There’s only one way to learn – start your own cosmic journey and use your thighs as a unique map. A skilled and talented tattooist, Sigak, from Seoul, has come up with a perfect idea to base your blueprints on!


Wild Bloom

 Wild Bloom Tattoo

The raw and untamed beauty of Mother Nature serves as an infinite source of creative tattoo ideas. A wild tiger lurking in the flowers projects a sense of power and danger that resides within each and every one of you. The thigh area provides just enough canvas for the design, providing the necessary room for it to stand out and mesmerize.

Floral Serpent Embrace

Floral Serpent Embrace

A snake tattoo is a potent symbol on its own, but when paired with delicate blooms, it acquires an even deeper connotation. The eternal interplay between life and death, beauty and decay, and innocence and treachery are the meanings that this tattoo can be based on. You can choose your favorite flowers or color the snake to make the ink truly yours and adorn it with individualized symbolism.

Guardian of the Sacred Bloom

Guardian of the Sacred Bloom
by @rachainsworth

Do you believe in ancient guardians that have been watching over us since the dawn of days? In case you do, this gorgeous cultural ink piece will make you drool all over. This intricate mandala surrounding a wise elephant has come from under the fingertips of an experienced London tattoo artist, Rachael Ainsworth, who’s been in business since 2011. We say that the design is worth all the rep that it gets!


Horse with Watercolor Elements

Horse with Watercolor Elements
by @amanda.mypreciousink

Amanda Remmington is a dedicated watercolor tattoo artist. Her stunning piece is a harmonious balance of power and fluidity. Black-and-white horse silhouette and delicate splashes of vibrant hues attract attention and inspire creativity.

Black and White Octopus Design

Black and White Octopus Design

Octopi are known for their intelligence and adaptability. If these traits resonate with you, an octopus thigh piece may be a perfect addition to your ink collection. This particular design belongs to the works that have come from under the fingertips of a talented Barcelona tattoo expert – Iván Ruotolo.

Floral Thigh Tattoo Designs

Floral thigh tattoos offer a delicate yet striking way to adorn your skin. With intricate petals, graceful stems, and vibrant colors, flower tattoos can add a touch of natural beauty to your thigh area. Whether you prefer rose tattoos, a single elegant bloom, or a bouquet of various flowers, these tats provide a canvas for artistic expression and personal significance. Embrace nature's beauty and express your style with a stunning floral tattoo on your thigh!


Thigh Tatts With The Moon

Moon tattoos are exceptionally visually appealing, intricate, and mysterious. The moon's phases carry multiple meanings that may resonate with your personality, current situation, and taste.

  • If you place a crescent moon on your thighs, you may want to emphasize the transitions you are going through in life.
  • A full moon is always about the completion. No matter the goals or pivotal points you get to, such a tat will be a perfect complement to your inked collection.
  • It goes without saying that a new moon relates to new beginnings and fresh journeys.
  • A half-moon signifies perfect balance in everything. Should you feel like you've found your happiest place at the moment, memorizing it with a half-moon tattoo is a worthy idea.

Moon designs are often paired with nature elements and water. The combo id aimed to emphasize the connection between nature and humans.

All in all, despite the chosen design, a moon tattoo is bound to reflect your views, opinions, and ideas. You can spike the notion with a whole new meaning as long as you feel happy and confident about it.

Butterflies Tattoo Ideas

Did you know that butterflies stand for transformation and beauty regarding hidden meanings? If you ink a butterfly on your thigh, you will stress the journey you've come to succeed with your goals and intentions. Since the thigh area is usually spacious enough to place a larger and more intricate piece, you can add as much detail as possible to the design.

Thigh Placement Tattoos with Lettering

Very often, it is considered that quote tats require a smaller canvas. While that is true, you can use your thighs as the perfect canvas for an intricate phrase or lettering that resonates with your persona. It can be a tribute or a motivational saying you prefer to keep hidden but referred to in time of need. Such designs are exceptionally personal and meaningful.


Birds Thigh Tattoos

Birds are the universal symbol of freedom and aspiration. Aside from that, birds are the ambassadors of nature. A thigh tat with a bird as a central piece signifies your desire to explore and broaden your horizons, not just literary. Moreover, while a bird in flight may inspire you to keep on going no matter the difficulty of the road ahead, birds are gorgeous to look at.

A Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

A Watercolor Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo #dreamcatchertattoo #watercolortattoo
by @alisa_tesla_art

Based on Native American beliefs, dream catchers are programmed to ward off evil dreams and protect the owner. You can't carry a crafted piece everywhere you go, but you can etch it on your skin instead. It is believed that such tattoos keep negative emotions at bay, too. This dream catcher was created by talented Alisa Tesla, a tattoo artist who specializes on watercolor tattoos.

Portraiture Tattoos

Getting a portraiture tattoo requires a fair share of thought and consideration. Not only should you find an artist who will capture the likeliness and emotion in ink, but also you must find the face you'd want to look at throughout the years. People often use portraits of their loved ones, celebrities, and influencers as the primary source of inspiration. Pet portraits serve as a good example as well. These tattoos were made by Maria Fernandez, who is well-known for her portrait tattoos.


Dragon Tattoo Designs

Such mythical and admired creatures as dragons deserve to become a masterpiece you ink on your thigh. However, aside from artistic inspiration, dragons symbolize wisdom, strength, and unlimited power. A dragon on your thigh may represent your love for a fictional story, legend, or myth, or it can signify your inner strength and resilience. Luckily, there's enough room for intricate experimentation and artistic creativity on your thighs.

A Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas

Not many people know how symbolic jellyfish are. The truth is that the fish is amazingly adaptable, graceful, mysterious, and quite dangerous. Thus, a tat like that on your thigh will let people know that you are elegant and sassy, but you can fight for yourself.

What thigh tattoo design do you like the most??

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Thigh Tattoos with Animals

Many people are all in for animalistic tats, and there's more than one reason for that. Animal tattoos are packed with different meanings, depending on the creature you'd like to associate with yourself:

  • Fox – foxes are cunning, adaptable, and quick-thinking. People who want to accentuate their ability to come out smelling like a rose from any tricky situation should consider getting the tat.
  • Deer are gentle, graceful, and sensitive. If you value innocence and calmness above all, a deer may become your spiritual animal worthy of being inked on your body. Deer's antlers usually stand for spiritual growth and renewal.
  • The lion, as a king of all animals, projects courage and strength. On top of that comes cunning and impressive adaptability. Should you be willing to embrace and project your strong traits, lion art comes in various shapes and forms.
  • Wolf tattoos are a symbol of loyalty, family ties, and independence. Those who want to stress their ability to find the perfect balance between freedom and a settled-down way of living should add a wolf image to their to-get list.
  • Elephants are incredibly wise, patient, and loyal. Thus, an intimidating appearance spiced with an elephant ink will tell about your gentle and sensitive inner nature.
  • Cats are often chosen as ideal tattoo inspiration. However, you must realize that cats are all about mystery, intuition, and unbiased independence. Moreover, each cat breed will bring additional quality to the art.
  • Tiger – the king in the jungle, oozes with power, courage, and strength. Yet, those who pick tiger designs know the price of dealing with life challenges and overcoming them.
  • Horse tattoos can be viewed as an ode to grace, freedom, and life journey. Besides, the horse's agility signifies a thirst for change and constant movement toward the goal.

Summing all up, it's safe to say that animalistic tats are incredibly versatile and packed with different connotations. You must choose the design that corresponds with your taste, style, and worldview.


Pain Level of Thigh Tattoo


If you are considering feminine classy thigh tattoos, you are surely considering the pain level of those. According to recent research, due to immense fat tissue and muscles, the area features fewer nerve endings, so it consequently hurts less. The experts claim that the front thigh tattoos for females would cause low to moderate pain. Yet, you should consider individual predisposition and tolerance to pain before you sign up for the session.

Average Cost of Thigh Tattoo

There is no precise per-tattoo rate that you can count on. A thigh small leg tattoos differ from large tattoos on the thigh in terms of product used and time spent on the design. That is why it takes a personal session with an artist to figure out how much your idea may cost you. However, according to recent research, you can count on spending $150+ on a small thigh ink. The bigger – the more expensive it will get. Besides, it would help if you kept in mind that colored tats cost more than black and white designs.


Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Losing Weight

Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Losing Weight
Credit photo:

When it comes to women thigh tattoos, the notions of cellulite, stretch marks, and weight loss become of vital interest. Each condition can indeed affect your tattoo and vice versa. For instance, cellulite is less noticeable when covered with abstract art, such as mandalas, floral patterns, portraits, etc. At the same time, strict lines and geometrical patterns may emphasize the condition. The same refers to weight loss. Significant weight fluctuations will have strict patterns distorted. So, you may want to consider going on a weight loss journey before getting a tattoo if that is the plant.

In case of stretch marks, they can affect any ink, especially if you go up a couple of sizes within a short period of time – think pregnancy. Yet, another side to the story is that you can cover up existing stretch marks with a well-picked design and call it a day. Summing up, it is safe to say that no matter how strong your urge to get that fancy thigh tat is, there is a lot to consider so that you love your ink as much as the day you get it.


Healing and Aftercare

Thigh Tattoo Healing and Aftercare
Credit photo:

One way to ensure sexy thigh tattoos is to look after them properly. The better your tattoo heals, the better it will look on you. Whether it is upper or lower thigh tattoos, the area would be in constant contact with your clothing. Thus, you should be extra careful. Usually, it takes around a month for an upper layer of your dermis to heal and within three months for the lower ones. The best thing you can do is follow all the instructions your tattoo artist gives.

Yet, we are going to mention a few essential tips so that you stay on the safe side:

  • Stay away from water and sun, or at least use some sunscreen.
  • Keep the tattoo clean and uncovered as much as you can.
  • Do not scrub your tattoo.
  • Wear loose clothes that don’t irritate the tat.
  • Moisturize your tattoo properly.

So many ideas that we can`t make up our mind on only one. What is your opinion on the thigh tattoos options that we have prepared? We hope they have helped you to make the right choice.

FAQ: Thigh Tattoos

Can you wear jeans after a thigh tattoo?

You shouldn’t wear tight clothing on a fresh tattoo as it can stick to it. Better to choose looser fitting pants or shorts (but not too short) in a breathable fabric. Treat your tattoo as an open wound. You can return to wearing whatever you want after about 3 weeks.

Are thigh tattoos painful?

The upper outer thigh is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo, because there is enough fat and few nerve endings in this part of the body to make the process painless enough.

Are thigh tattoos girly?

Thigh tattoos are popular among both men and women; they are not considered exclusively feminine. Thigh tattoo is a large canvas for creativity. It is a great place to get a tattoo, if you don’t want your ink to be visible, unless you show it, plus, you don’t have to worry about sunscreen.