Floral tattoos are among the most requested designs in the industry. If you think about it – there is no wonder why. All due to the fact that flowers are incredibly versatile, beautiful, and each carries a different meaning which can be transcribed onto the ink. A lotus flower tattoo is certainly not an exception. What is more, the theme gets more popular by the day.


Unlike other gorgeous flowers, a lotus flower grows in the mud and is distinguished by divine beauty. Thus, a plethora of symbolic meanings is usually connected with it. Should you be willing to dive a little deeper into the pool of unique lotus meanings and symbolism – you have come to the right place!

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Category Details Average price
Tattoo size
Tiny Tattoo (Under 2 in) $30 – $100
Small Tattoo (2 - 4 in) $50 – $250
Medium Tattoo (4 - 6 in) $150 – $450
Large Tattoo (6+ in) $500 – $4,000
Tattoo artist per hour
Beginner (1-3 yrs) $80 – $120
Established Artist (5-10 yrs) $120 – $180
Experienced Artist (10+ yrs) $150 – $250
Famous Artist $200 – $500
Wrist $50 – $150
Shoulder $700 – $900
Thigh $300 – $3,200+
Hand $100 – $200
Sternum $500 – $1,000

Lotus Flower Symbolization in Various Religions

Credit photo: Instagram.com/alisa_tesla_art

In the majority of cases, the lotus flower tattoo meaning differs depending upon the religion. Let's discuss three major religions and their views on what a lotus flower represents.



As you may already know, Hinduism is widely based on spiritual values. The notion of the lotus is common for the religion. Most of the deities that come from Hinduism are usually surrounded by flowers in one way or another. Thus, the lotus flower symbolizes spirituality, rightfulness, youth, and life.


There is something in common between Buddhist deities and Hindu ones. For instance, Lord Buddha usually sits on the lotus. Thus, the flower is considered to symbolize beauty and purity like that of a god.



The lotus flower meaning tattoo has its reflection in the Christian religion too. Mostly, it bears the exact meaning of beauty and purity, but there is something else. The fact that roots of the flower get as deep in the mood as 6 feet, it takes three days for the flower to bloom, and the seed can grow out after a long time of inactivity, signifying resurrection and afterlife.

Sacred Lotus Color Meanings

Credit photo: Instagram.com/trudy_nyc Credit photo: Instagram.com/trudy_nyc Credit photo: Instagram.com/ewasrokatattoo Credit photo: Instagram.com/ginkas.m

You have surely noticed that lotus flower tattoo designs come in a variety of shades and colors as well. Thus, aside from the religious symbolism, there is that of the shade.

White – white lotus is usually referred to purity and great spirituality. In Christianity, the flower is a twin of a white lily which represents the virginity and perfection of the Virgin Mary.

Red – a red color lotus flower tattoo is a great symbol of love and passion. Besides, it can be treated as a sign of compassion and kindness.

Blue – blue flower symbolized victory, triumph, and wisdom.

Pink – in most religions, a pink lotus is a precise representation of the divine and the teachings that the spiritual branch carries.

Black – black lotus flower colored tattoo does not necessarily bear a negative meaning, but it has a darker connotation than the other shades. It is often related to death, darkness, power, rebelliousness, and authority.


Can anyone get a lotus tattoo?

Credit photo: Instagram.com/ginkas.m

If you find a colorful lotus flower tattoo to your liking, there should be nothing that stops you from getting it. All it takes is to pick the design that speaks out to you, the placement, and the fitting meaning. Men and women can benefit equally from the design's beauty and symbolism.

Fresh Lotus Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Credit: instagram/nicci_danielle

It is not enough to decide on the tattoo design and proper placement. You have to ensure that your design is healing correctly so that you can enjoy the gorgeous outcome for years to come. There are a few essential tips to memorize to ensure everything goes well. They are the following:

Regular cleansing – wash your lotus tattoo at least twice a day with a good-quality anti-microbial soap. If you see any ooze from your fresh tattoo, it is ordinary, but you shouldn't let it dry atop your design. You should keep washing the ooze with warm water whenever you spot some. Make sure that you don't rub the area too hard.

Proper moisturizing – specially-designed ointments are available to keep the tattooed area well-hydrated. You can apply those onto the design, remove the excess product, or use any other lotion you like more. It is best to keep away from various fragrances and dyes until the wound is properly healed. Another critical point is ensuring the tattoo isn't shining with the excess product. Anything extra should be blotted away or rubbed in. Though, excessive rubbing isn't a great practice when it comes to a fresh tattoo.

Uncovered area – it is best to leave the area free of all clothing if possible. Also, it would be best if you didn't touch your lotus tattoo with dirty hands or let others touch it. Besides, scratching it wouldn't be the best idea too. Just leave it as though it is not that there at all.

  • Skin with some pigment will shed, but your tattoo is not coming off – don't worry.
  • The tattooed area will itch, though scratching is off-limits.
  • If you skip regular cleansing, the tattoo will scab, and it may damage the design.
  • Should a piece of clothing or anything else stick to your tattoo, you shouldn't try to rip it off, as you will damage the design. Soak the area well and wait until the piece goes off on its own.
  • Use sunblock even after the lotus tattoo is healed.

Lotus Tattoos On Arms


Simple Tiny Wrist Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/ceydakoc___

In spite of the diversity of symbols and ideas lotus can represent, you still can get a simple lotus with minimum details. Sometimes less is more, remember? If you’re a person who appreciates simplicity, don’t pass by this lotus flower tattoo wrist idea.

These simple lines look refined and harmonic due to the absolute balance and symmetry. It doesn’t catch the eye while still standing out. We love the way this idea is done: everything is neat and clean. And you know what? We find it to be pretty mystic, though it doesn’t feature other symbols. Who knows what secrets this cutie can hide, after all?

Wrist Lotus Tattoo With Dotwork Elements

Credit: instagram/goodtattooclub

Your wrist is one of the most delicate and intimate places for a tattoo. Isn’t that a nice place for some meaningful thought or spiritual symbol, then? This black lotus flower features a pleasant bold outline and distinctive dotwork elements that make the while lotus flower design appear very accentuated.

Before you think that this idea is too simple, look at its leaves: one of them forms a Mandala. There’s no need to put the sacred meaning in the spotlight when you can creatively convey the message!

Watercolor Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: instagram/ginafote

Tattoos that feature a lotus as the highlight never come alone. People love to enrich the beautiful philosophy of the lotus with other meaningful symbols and metaphors. At first sight, you see a blue lotus tattoo. But when you have a closer look, you will notice the Om sound - the sound of the universe. Here, the tattoo is a metaphor of connection with the universe through art, and we find it to be very inspiring.

Although most Om symbol tattoo designs are usually restrained and minimalistic, you can spice it up with another idea that appeals to you or add it as an element to your design.


Mandala Tattoo With Pink Lotus Flower

Credit: instagram/straddles

As a spiritual symbol of the universe and the connection between everything in our lives, Mandala will be a wonderful addition to your lotus flower. When it comes to lotus designs, colors really matter. And here, you can see a red flower surrounded by the charm of the Mandala symbol. In general, a red lotus flower is an epitome of heart and feelings that it may express: love, passion, and devotion.

By combining such deep ideas in a lotus shoulder-length tattoo, you can capture a very beautiful message of love on your body, always having the most powerful feelings at hand. Needless to say, apart from having such a rich meaning, this tattoo looks stunning.

Watercolor Outline Lotus Tattoo Design

When creating a sketch, it’s crucial to determine the lotus flower color meaning of your future tattoo. Although tattoos give us freedom of expression, there are some stable metaphors and symbols. How do you like this detailed and mysterious purple lotus tattoo?

In early Buddhism, a purple lotus was considered a mystic flower that would represent spiritual kindness. Now, it’s not that common in religion, so those who find this idea inspiring can capture this beautiful message. How about your inner wrist?

Cute Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: instagram/tattooist_banul

Once again in this example the pastel coloring of the lotus flower leans to the watercolor tattoo. The soft coloring of the petals of this purple lotus tattoo is a beautiful piece. While this tattoo is placed on the forearm, it would also work well as a hand tattoo. Notice that this flower is only partially opened, which also means this particular person is on a quest to reach a goal.


Beautiful Lotus Tattoo On A Wrist

Credit: instagram/jessicachanner

Another beautiful option for the placement of the lotus flower tattoo is the wrist. This option is most popular when considering tattoo ideas for women. The wrist has quickly become an increasingly popular location for tattoo placement of all types whether symbols or phrases. Wrist tattoos most often do not contain color and typically consist of black ink. Various flower tattoo designs have different meanings, so it is important to research these before having them placed on your body permanently. While the tattoo removal is an option, it is not only costly but can be painful, as well.

Geometric Dots Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/dasha_sumtattoo

In the world of tattoo designs, geometric ideas play one of the most important roles. While being simple, sharp and strict, geometric lines can give life to edgy designs that glorify the beauty of simplicity and creativity. With creativity in mind, those simple lines and shapes may turn into anything from a portrait to an inspiring conceptual picture.

As for this geometric lotus tattoo, it embraces two styles at once. The geometric touch deals with the background, leaving the flower as realistic as possible. Such an approach makes it clear what’s the highlight of the design, as well as represents the good taste of the wearer.

Black Dots Arched Lotus Tattoo For Arm

Credit: instagram/dasha_sumtattoo

The design you choose for your tattoo should match the lotus flower symbolism you put into it. Here, for example, you can see some East-inspired style with sharp and curvy elements at the same time. It reminds us of the philosophy of yin-yang, where two opposites build harmony out of contrasts.

Also, we can’t leave out the technique! This play of dots creates a shadow for the petals and also gives a glowing effect. This design represents something sacred and important, you can see it with a naked eye.


Arched Lotus With Unalome Arm Tattoo

Credit: instagram/robgreennyc

Wondering why this flower looks like a candle with a halo of light? Well, it’s an Unalome lotus tattoo that adds one more idea to the classic lotus symbol. In Buddhist culture, Unalome is a symbol of the path to enlightenment. Buddhism if full of deep philosophical thoughts and this idea is truly inspiring, as it has a certain mission.

And do you see a clef here? This flower looks like a thread of infinity that curves into a musical symbol. Seems like the owner of this tattoo did not only breathe a fantastic motivational thought into the tattoo but also added a hint of her hobby. That’s what we call a creatively personalized idea!

Credit: instagram/mangust_tattooer Credit: instagram/xoxotattoo

Emerald Crystal Tattoo Design For Arm

Credit: instagram/maslovatattoo

Arm tattoos have recently gained their popularity not only among men but among women as well. A tattoo on this body part represents strength and roughness and draws attention to trained muscles.

It just so happens that lotus flowers captivate our attention, even if you’re not really into flowers. But what does the lotus flower represent? Surely, there’s a sacred meaning hiding behind this beautiful flower. In fact, its gentle and harmonic silhouette goes hand in hand with its symbolic meaning, making this flower nothing but a beautiful metaphor.

In many Eastern religions, a lotus is a sacred symbol of purity and divinity in every way, from the body to the mind. Being an aquatic plant that reaches perfection in muddy waters, this flower represents the idea of becoming a better person, keeping unstained even when growing in mud.

What is more, while sharing the common idea about this symbol, different cultures interpret this flower differently, based on its shape and color. That means only one thing: it’s the best idea for a truly unique tattoo. And here, you can see a fantastic combination of emerald and lotus. Emerald can deliver many messages, from unconditional love to freshness of spirit, which nicely complements the idea of lotus tattoos.

Flower Lotus Tattoo Designs On A Back


Mandala Lotus Tattoo On Back

Credit: instagram/little_red_tattoos

Here’s another lotus flower Mandala design, and it’s absolutely different than the previous idea! This time, there are no colors, which means that you can breathe new meanings into your tattoo as you age and change. Apart from that, this idea is very balanced: while being pretty detailed, it still preserves a minimalist vibe.

If you want to place your tattoo on the back, it’s better to go with vertical designs. It will not only look feminine but it will also look balanced with such placement. By the way, do you notice how dimensional the flower is, even though it’s black and white? It’s all about the proper shadowing that highlights the center of the composition.

Beautiful Pink Lotus Tattoo Flower

Credit: instagram/tattooist_banul

When it comes to lotus flower tattoo designs, this design is rather intricate and has a tremendous number of details. With its attention to detail and embellishment of dangling jewels, it makes for a perfect back tattoo. This tattoo is nearly in full bloom and its intricacies make it a very good choice when it comes to tattoo ideas.

3d Back Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/dasha_sumtattoo

While there’s no better way to achieve a dimensional tattoo with properly chosen colors, you can also create this effect with the right play of lines and shapes. In this design, the lines that form petals overlap one another, creating a soft shadow with little dots. As a result, the flower looks as if it grows right out of the skin! And that’s also a very beautiful metaphor.

By the way, you can finish such a design with some meaningful quotes or just a couple of words that mean a lot to you. Adding even a word is a nice way to individualize your tattoo.

Credit: instagram/dasha_sumtattoo


Colorful Realistic Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/attooist_ida via Instagram

Purple lotus flowers are not created equal, so you can experiment with any shades of purple you want. And, if you’re about to create a multi-dimensional tattoo, one color won’t be enough. Some people have no idea that the colors they choose for tattoo designs can drastically change the perception of a design.

In other words, if it wasn’t for a perfect combination of harmonically blended purple and light blue with white accents, this flower would appear so aesthetically pleasing and realistic. If you’re not sure about the colors, it’s better to ask your tattooer about what would look great with your sketch. Also, these shades look fantastic against the pale complexion!

Mandala Back Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/iliana_rose Credit: instagram/silalubvi

With such a spectacular, detailed, and feminine lotus outline design, switching to open-back dresses would be a wise decision! You are already familiar with the powerful energy of Mandala, and when it’s encased into a beautiful design, nothing can compare to it.

There’s no need to tell you that this idea requires a lot of time and patience. But, this blossoming patterned flower finished with lots of tiny patterned elements is totally worth it.

Lotus Tattoo On A Side

Credit: instagram/mini_tattooer Credit: instagram/alisovatattoo


Pastel Lotus Flower Side Tattoo

Credit: instagram/tattooist_banul

There are many lotus flower tattoo designs. Most of which only use the detail of the petals to focus on, while some add geometric designs or additional embellishments. This tattoo adds a new aspect of the lotus flower to focus upon, which is often overlooked and left out. This pink lotus flower is supported by its stem, which is the very item that is typically overlooked in these tattoos. This would be considered a unique tattoo idea due to the fact that the stem is typically not incorporated in most lotus flower tattoos.

Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoo With A Diamond

Credit: instagram/tattooist_banul

With its increasing popularity, it is important that you know the lotus flower tattoo meaning before you have it placed on your body permanently. While there are various colors you can have your lotus flower in, it is also important that you realize each color has a specific significance, as well. If you choose a purple color for your lotus flower, then you make the statement that you are exploring a path to spirituality. It is also significant to mention that people often get this color flower after experiencing some type of human suffering. These beliefs are based on the Buddhism standards. Incorporating a diamond tattoo inside your lotus flower has also become extremely popular.

Credit: instagram/dasha_sumtattoo Credit: instagram/dasha_sumtattoo

Heart-Shaped Side Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/nessaaa_

If you want your lotus to symbolize pure love, why not make it heart-shaped? In this way, you will cover your body with an ever-blossoming love that grows as you live. In fact, it’s a fantastic idea for couple-tattoos, especially when you want to take your feelings to a whole new sacred level.

We love everything about this lotus blossom tattoo: from the placement to the style. Such a place is not so popular, yet it still looks adorable. Plus, it’s a pretty intimate spot to capture the feeling you want to share only with your special one.


Belly Lotus Tattoo Ideas

Stemmed Colorful Belly Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/tattooist_ida

Just look how subtle and lightweight this idea is! The lotus flower colors look a little bit transparent, which creates a very feminine mood. Well, no wonder this masterpiece takes place on the belly, as it’s one of the most delicate places for women.

Since everything beautiful always comes in pairs, there’s one more little flower accompanying the blossom. However, unlike the bigger flower, it hasn’t spread its petals yet. We would even say that this tattoo has a rather maternal meaning, where one flower grows out of the other.

Colorful Fish Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/tattooist_ida

How do you like this minimalistic take at Japanese flower tattoo designs? Traditionally, such tattoos feature fish with flowers surrounded by bright colors and other floral elements. But the art of tattoos doesn’t stand still, so you can always make a certain style work for you.

Fish tattoos usually symbolize movement, aspiration, and grace. However, every species have their own unique meaning. Depending on the fish you want your flower to accompany, you can give life to a unique lotus tattoo meaning. Here, two cute creatures try to get closer to the beautiful flower. Who knows, maybe this tattoo pictures aspiration?

Credit: instagram/goodtattooclub

A tattoo on a belly is often done in order to hide a scar that remained after a surgery or stretch marks that often appear after pregnancy or gain in weight.


Under Breast Tattoo Lotus Designs

Sternum Lotus Tattoo Design With Compass Rose

Credit: instagram/mangust_tattooer

It’s no secret that sternum is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. However, it’s also a very powerful place that some religions associate with inner harmony and self-confidence. On top of that, it’s hard to take eyes off a beautiful symbol embellishing a woman’s body!

As you can see, the flower’s stem doesn’t really look like a regular plant. It’s a compass rose that seems to point the way to everyone beholding it. Words are not enough to describe how deep this idea is. At the same time, every person can interpret it in any way they like, which makes this design even more beautiful.

Under Breast Lotus Tattoo With Leaves

Credit: instagram/_sava__

We can’t have too much of a good thing, so meet another spectacular sternum black lotus tattoo! Just look at how differently you can recreate the same idea on the same spot! This design is rather angular and geometric-ish, whereas the previous idea features soft lines and distinctive details. Such a modern approach to black and white silhouettes is very popular nowadays, as its striking yet discreet shape is super versatile; one will never get bored with it.

As for the meaning of lotus flower depicted here, it can be anything you want it to be. You can also add more details to this idea or take it as a basis for your unique sketch. All in all, simplicity never fails.

Credit: instagram/mangust_tattooer


Under-Breast Dotted Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/lazerliz

The variety of lotus flower images simply leaves us speechless: it seems to have a beginning but no end. One idea gives life to another, and one design inspires another sketch: it’s an endless cycle where everyone can get a one-of-a-kind tattoo. This dotted black and white lotus tattoo looks familiar and unique at the same time. Although you’ve probably seen such dotted and edgy elements, here, they form a special harmony.

Needless to say, the vertical placement for an under-breast tattoo is an interesting idea that you can show off by wearing your favorite cleavage. And, in case you don’t want to share your sacred design with everyone, it’s still a pretty intimate place.

Credit: instagram/mangust_tattooer

Sternum Mandala Lotus Tattoo With Moon

Credit: instagram/noepipe

Some tattoos are meant to represent something special, while other tattoos come as bold embellishments. There are also few ideas that embrace meaningfulness with an aesthetically pleasing visual part, building a perfect balance and harmony. And this sternum tattoo that curves right under the breast with a mandala flower and a moon on top is one of such memorable ideas!

In many cultures, the moon is a feminine symbol that may have many meanings depending on the moon cycle. And this tattoo features a waning moon that may symbolize new beginnings!

Credit: instagram/goodtattooclub

A lotus tattoo under your breasts will be quite close to your heart and thus represent something especially dear to you. A larger tattoo can denote something that had a deep impact on your life.

Lower Body Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/ira_shmarinova Credit: instagram/dasha_sumtattoo


Geometric Colorful Thigh Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/trudy_nyc

Women’s thighs always catch eyes! Still, there’s no limit to perfection, right? When planning a tattoo, you won’t go wrong making it big and eye-catching, especially if you like being bold and different. Also, instead of choosing between colorful and b/w lotus flower drawings, you can get them both at once! Just check out this watercolor lotus tattoo to get what we mean.

Who would’ve thought that pink and black-and-white patterns could look so awesome together? Well, some creativity and geometric accents are key to tying up everything. Should we mention how special you will feel with such a huge artwork on your amazing thighs?

Thigh Lotus Tattoo With Inspiring Phrase

Credit: instagram/robgreennyc

As we told you already, some song lyrics, inspiring deep thoughts, and even meaningful words are the best way to put your signature to floral tattoos. By combining some text with a special symbol, you can not only breathe individuality into your tattoo but also make it easy to read. No one will ever ask you what your tattoo means, as the message will be on the surface. Or, one of the messages will be clear; that’s enough to make them stop asking, huh?

Anyway, this big lotus design is gorgeous, and if you are not afraid of having all eyes on you, don’t miss such an idea.

Legs Lotus Tattoo Designs


Gray And Black Leg Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/trudy_nyc

At this point, we’d like to crush some stereotypes about floral tattoos for men. First of all, every person is free to get a tattoo with anything he or she likes; there are no restrictions at all. Secondly, flowers are as powerful and masculine as they’re cute and feminine. And this geometric lotus tattoo is proof!

The lines are precise, sharp, and elegant enough to suit a man. What is more, this idea is one of the most popular sketches of lotus flower tattoo men love today. The geometric details and dark colors are what won’t make it look girly, having a manly character instead.

Tiny Colorful Lotus Leg Tattoo

Credit: instagram/tattooist_ida

As much as we love complex and detailed designs, our hearts skip a beat when we see such pretty little cuties! Don’t worry; even if you make your lotus flower tattoo small, it won’t become less significant. Some people just don’t feel like going too much with colors and details. Apart from that, you can’t know for sure if you’re going to regret getting one or not.

A little beautiful flower with subtle, delicate colors on your leg is a nice start to make friends with tattoos, as well as make you feel a little bit more special.

Mandala Ankle Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/lazerliz

Sooner or later, you will get tired of freshening up your henna tattoos and finally manage to get a real one! And if you’re one of those Mandala addicts who can spend hours painting those amazing designs in mehndi, you will also love this idea.

Besides, look how cool this lotus mandala tattoo looks with the good old sneakers? The good news is, it will go equally well with anything from flats to heels. And, of course, the Mandala and lotus duo will be the reminder of what you believe in!


Lotus Flower Tattoo Foot

This tattoo of a lotus flower foot placement is a fantastic choice for this size and design of tattoo. When considering a tattoo for your foot, it is important to pick small tattoo ideas. You don’t want to choose a large tattoo that is too much for this area of the body. This model has added a tiny tattoo on the opposing foot to complement the tattoo on her other foot. Both of these designs work well together.

Credit: instagram/milavanw

Small Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you consider a minimalist tattoo, the lotus flower is still an option. A black tattoo outline of a lotus flower is a possibility for you. These can be placed in various locations on the body and still be attractive. There are various tattoo designs of the lotus that have a variety of meanings. You could get a bud, a half open or a full blooming lotus and change the meaning of your tattoo. The simple black tattoos are popular for the lower extremities like the ankle or foot area.

Credit: instagram/goodtattooclub

Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo

Source: @giuliano.ink

The example in the above photo is an easy tattoo design. While some may consider it simple, its design is neat and classy without becoming overpowering and extravagant. The outline tattoo is increasingly popular among people who are obtaining their first tattoo. They tend to choose this option due to the reasoning that the pain one may feel will be reduced due to not having to endure the coloring process. While outline tattoos are popular on a variety of areas of the body, they are most often seen around the areas of the lower legs and feet as well as the wrist and hand area.



Small Ankle Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/mischieftattoonyc

Here’s another simple lotus flower tattoo idea. But, this time, it’s an ankle design. To tell you the truth, this symbol is so unique and versatile at once that there’s no wrong place for it. As for ankles, they won’t showcase your tattoo right away while being a nice accessory.

The petals of this simple lotus flower tattoo point to the sky, which may signify the will for personal and emotional growth. Generally, lotuses go hand in hand with everything that makes a person feel harmonic and confident. Therefore, capturing it on your body, no matter what part you choose is like a talisman.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design On A Leg

Credit: instagram/minimaltatts

This lotus flower black tattoo is a fairly common design. Especially pertaining to its open design and placement on the leg. In reference to the leg tattoo, which is growing in popularity, the lotus flower has become very high in demand. There are various tattoo ideas that can be blended to create a one of a kind tattoo that could be uniquely yours.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas For Shoulder


Black And White Lotus Tattoo On A Shoulder

Credit: instagram/pink__ink

Here you will find a representation of a black and white lotus flower shoulder tattoo. At first glance it appears to be an outline tattoo but on closer inspection you can see the shading and color that has been added to the design. As with most symbolic colors, white represents purity. So, this white lotus flower is boasting of this lady’s spiritual purity. Shoulder tattoos are somewhat popular, but most shoulder tattoos appear on the back of the shoulder rather than the front of the shoulder. In about half the cases, if you are talking about one tattoo on the shoulder area, it will be a small tattoo. The other half of the cases are usually when the tattoo ties in to a larger piece of work such as a sleeve or themed tattoo design.

Galaxy Lotus Tattoo

Credit: instagram/koray_karagozler

In this example, we have a blue lotus flower tattoo that also has some purple incorporated into it. With the blue color symbolism, this person expresses her wisdom and an outright thirst for knowledge. The fact that this flower is only partially opened indicates that this person is still on her journey toward nirvana. This tattoo has also incorporated geometric shapes which blend well with the lotus flowers natural geometric designed petals. The transparency of the colors in this tattoo also gives a unique effect to the artwork, resulting into what some refer to as a watercolor tattoo.

Don’t forget to pin the pics you love most! More interesting info can be found on our blog.

FAQ About Lotus Flower Tattoo

What is the meaning of the lotus flower tattoo?

There are several meanings of a lotus flower tat, which is why it is considered so individual and exclusive. However, it generally means overcoming temptation and grow as an individual. The symbolic meaning of a lotus flower in Hindu is purity, beauty and awakening of spirit.

Is a lotus tattoo feminine?

There is no gender difference in the popularity of lotus tattoos. So, it is neither feminine nor masculine. Lotus tattoos are not only about a pretty image, but they also mean such vital things as harmony, purity and have other spiritual connotations.

Where do you put a lotus flower tattoo?

Just like with any other tattoo, it is up to you to decide where to get a lotus flower. Among the most popular parts of the body are the back, arm and foot. Because it can mean a wide variety of things, the placement is very individual.

Can I sleep on my new tattoo?

After you get your lotus flower color tattoo, it is best to let it heal fast and properly. Thus, if you can avoid sleeping on it – you should do it. The less pressure you put on the area, the sooner it will heal.

  • A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and/or pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin. Source
  • Nelumbo nucifera, also known as Indian lotus, sacred lotus,[1] or simply lotus, is one of two extant species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae.Source