These days a tattooed body won’t surprise anyone. However, while the tattoo art is thriving everyone wishes to be unique in their own unique ways, and that means that a tattoo artist needs to be very creative or it is you who has to come up with an exquisite design. The truth is that it is pretty difficult to come with something if you are unaware of what you are looking for.


That is why we decided to introduce to your attention something called a mandala tattoo. To tell you the truth mandala art is very ancient art but these days it becomes more and more requested for in the tattoo world. If that is something you would like to at least give a thought to – we have gathered here all the information that you need to know about his particular tattoo. Read on!

Mandala Tattoo Arm Designs

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There are popular tattoo placements, and the arm is one of those that is for sure. However, before you get your arm piece, you should learn everything about the spiritual significance of what you are getting, at least most people say so. When it comes to mandala tattoo in many cultures, it is connected with divinity and space and nature. But, no matter what may be the meaning of a particular design or pattern or even a symbol – you yourself choose and then add your own sacred meaning to it. That is why we hope you enjoy and get inspired by these ideas and then will attach your own significance to the tattoo


Sternum Mandala Tattoo Designs To Show All Your Beauty

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Mandala tattoo designs are all unique and special, but most of them are connected with Hinduism and Buddhism, even though Christians used these patterns in their religion as well. No matter which religion you take, all of them state that mandala patterns are divine and connected with higher forces, what is more, only blessed people can succeed with the creation of such a masterpiece. Now, as for the placement, sternum tattoos are becoming more and more popular. The thing is that such a tattoo is not for everyone and this grants additional unique meaning and charm to the tattoo. Have a closer look at these sternum mandala tattoos, who knows maybe you will find your inspiration here!

Mandala Tattoo Ideas For Legs

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It is true that most people who are getting tattooed are not afraid of showing their masterpieces since that is the whole purpose to show them off. However, there are a different situation in life, and if you are not ready to boast off your tattoos on a regular basis, then you should place them on your legs.


Feet Mandala Tattoo Designs

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The thing is that some tattoo placements are more popular than others. These days feet tattoos are on the edge of popularity that is why if you wish to look both stylish and trendy we suggest you pay attention to your feet. Feet tattoos are certainly eye catching but also are easy to hide, and that is the additional advantage to make use from, think about it!

Feminine Back Mandala Tattoos

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To tell you the truth most mandala tattoo designs are geometrical, but they are drawn in such a way that they mostly form floral patterns. In case you are looking for something feminine and gentle then we suggest you get yourself a floral mandala and place it on your back. Of course, it will take some pain to go through to succeed, but we think that any of these shown masterpieces are indeed worth the pain and effort!


Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

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Mandala tattoo sleeve is truly a work of art and should be ready to get through all the pain to get it done perfectly. The truth is that mandala tattoo, no matter sleeve one or any other, consists of many tiny details which mean that you will have to suffer quite a lot before you can enjoy this beauty. However, most people are happy with the result and are ready to get through the process. Yet the creation of the tattoo is not the only thing to take into consideration; you should also be aware of how to take care of your fresh tattoo. First of all, you need to understand that your tattoo is a wound and you need to keep it away from dirt. Your tattoo artist will cover the tattoo, and you will need to wear the bandage a couple of days before changing it. In addition, you should remember that before you put on a fresh bandage you need to clean the tattoo with water and put some anti-bacterial lotion on. If you manage to follow these easy steps your mandala tattoo will bring you joy for a long time!

Mandala tattoo is a genuine and special type of tattoo art, and you should treat it correspondingly. That is why we suggest you learn everything about its meaning as well as about the available variations and places to put in on!

FAQ: Mandala Tattoo

Are mandala tattoos cultural appropriation?

Tattoo industry is rife with cultural appropriation. For example, mexican “sugar skull” patterns and mandala tattoos, influenced by Hindu and Buddhist traditions, are becoming increasingly popular now.

Is it offensive to use Mandala?

Mandala is very popular as a tattoo design. However, these designs mislead Americans about culture and the people who use it. This is the facade worn by Americans, a form of “sampling” another culture for its own purpose.

What are three types of mandalas?

Healing, teaching, and sand mandalas are the three most prevalent. While the first two forms are distinguished by their intended use, sand mandalas are unusual in that their significance is found in both their construction and destruction.