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Top Amazing Ideas For Finger Tattoos

The tattoo world is full of surprising designs and ideas that can blow your mind. However, sometimes the simplicity is all we need. Finger tattoos are the classic elegant and simple choice that will keep you happy for years. Isn`t that what everyone is looking in tattoo designs? Let`s go deeper into the ocean of inspiration we have prepared for you and your imagination. We hope we will help you to make the right choice.

Advantages Of Finger Tattoos

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Small Finger Tattoos With Heart #hearttattoo

Of course, as everything we come by in life finger tattoos have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wouldn`t you like to know? Let` start with positive things. There will be some situations and moments in your life when you will need to cover up your tattoo. A finger tattoo is perfect for that, especially if you have it on the side of your finger. Also, they look super trendy and will never go out of style.

Disadvantages Of Finger Tattoos

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Minimalist Ring Finger Tattoos #minimalisttattoo #hearttattoo

There are also some disadvantages that you might have to face when it comes to finger tattoos. Be ready that your tattoo may fade with some time. Your hands are in constant contact with water and sunlight, which may cause that effect to the ink. In addition, you will need to renew it from time to time as ink is easily removed from places with such thin skin. Don`t also forget about the pain that can be a problem during your tattoo session. However, you should keep up with being positive and the results will be delightful.

Choosing A Right Tattoo Design For Finger

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Small Hided Finder Tattoo With Birds #birdstattoo

You should for sure think twice before putting a design into your skin and that is why our next advice would be to carefully and precisely look at the options you have. Keep in mind that your space is limited at such a place, so think of something simple but beautiful that will be able to show your idea and thought that you put into the tattoo.

Here are some ideas for a finger tattoo that got extremely popular over the years:

  • Lines. Lines have always been trendy in the tattoo industry. Especially nowadays when simplicity is considered to be the modern classic. Beautiful and super stylish it will be your favorite design idea.
  • Symbols. Symbols will not only look beautiful on your skin but will also have a beaning that will be clear and loud without being huge. We love how small things can transfer big messages.
  • Alphabet designs. What about alphabet designs? Put the first letter of your mom`s name for example on your finger and nobody but you will understand who you are referring too. A great idea that will never be out of style.
  • Animals. Animals have always been a huge part of the tattoo industry. And don`t be surprised that they are popular for a finger tattoo as well. There are so many creative ways to put them into your skin and make your favorite animal look fantastic.
  • Floral accents. What do you think of flowers, greenery and plants on your fingers? We think that looks amazing and we want you to know that there is so much to choose from. Anything connected with nature and what your heart desires can be on your finger.
  • Hearts. Hearts on fingers have won actual hearts of millions of people. Cute, romantic and symbolic they will show the world what your biggest treasure in the world is. Love.
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