The variety of tattoo ideas never seize to amaze us. They are incredibly many and versatile. However, every tattoo is a commitment you should weigh out properly, especially when it comes to such a large canvas as your back. These days, back tattoos for women are becoming incredibly popular, which is understandable. Yet, if you consider joining the ranks of tattooed folks, you need to be sure that you know every potential downside and critical detail. We will help you succeed with the task effectively and in no time!


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Eugena's Note:
Eugenia Solodovnichenko
Expertise: Editor
Back tattoos are one of my favorite topics among tattoos, since the back provides a lot of space for imagination and creativity. But in this article I selected not only visually beautiful tattoos, but also took care of the meaning they carry. Continue reading the article to learn about the hidden meanings behind these tattoos.

Moonlight Serpent

The Moon with Snake Tattoo Design

There’s something inexplicably captivating and beautiful about a cold-blooded snake cradling a moon. If you think about it, both the serpent and the moon bear the same mythical allure that many find attractive. But there’s more where it comes from. These two elements are highly symbolic. While the snake stands for wisdom and rebirth, it also remains one of the most powerful signs of feminine strength and endurance. The moon, in its turn, signifies intuition, which means that these two complement and complete one another.


Watercolor Koi Fishes

Watercolor Koi Fish Tattoo
by @koray_karagozler

In Japanese culture, the koi fish symbolizes good fortune and strength. The Japanese have it that these creatures can swim against the stream, which means that they are super resilient and determined. A popular Berlin artist, Koray Koragozler, who works in an abstract style, depicted these fish in contrasting shades, which makes the design twice as noticeable and impressive.

Advice: I suggest you to play around with the design to make it suit your personality. A lotus flower would stand for your thirst and love for life. A different shade in koi fish could symbolize a different time in your life or any other meaningful detail.

Ask an expert: What are the dos and don'ts for someone who already has a tattoo?
Agnieszka Brzozowska
Expertise: Tattoo Expert
If you want to enjoy a beautiful tattoo for many years, avoid the sun! Do not sunbathe your tattoo and cover it with clothes or apply a cream with the highest 50SPF filter whenever you are exposed to sunlight. I also recommend moisturizing your tattoo every day with a good balm or, preferably, body oil. A properly moisturized skin will make the tattoo look more contrasting, expressive and colorful.

A Dragon with Poppy Flowers

Japaneese Dragon Tattoo Design
by @lukovnikovtattoo

Dragons symbolize many things. However, in Chinese culture, dragons are a sign of good luck, strength, and health. Even though sometimes dragons are referred to as the symbol of the male element – Yang, Andrey Lukovnikov, a double-exposure tattooist who lives in Poland, ensures that it is an utterly feminine piece. The smooth and elegant transition from a fierce dragon into blooming poppies creates a powerful yet captivating impression.

Advice: You can customize the design so that it corresponds with your worldview and taste by adding your favorite flowers to the design.


Tender Peonies with Lettering

Flower with Lettering Tattoo

Peonies are gorgeous but fragile flowers. Very often, they symbolize the fragility of life. However, these beautiful flowers also bear the meanings of prosperity and wealth. I suggest intensifying the desired sense of your tattoo by spicing it with a powerful quote, personal affirmation, or individual guidance.

Floral Raven

Back Tattoo Design with Raven
by @lukovnikovtattoo

Ravens are among the most mythical birds of all time. Where there is magic, wisdom, and something secretive – the ravens are there. Not to mention the visual appeal of the bird. If you combine these traits with the potent symbolism of flora, the delicacy of which emphasizes delicacy, beauty, and fragility, you will get a meaningful piece as the outcome. Don’t forget that the back allows it to use your imagination to the fullest since there is a lot of space to fill in. At the same time, your ink will remain hidden from the prying eyes.


Sacred Mandala

Mandala Style Back Tattoo
by @veronicalilu

If you refer to Buddhism, you will learn that mandalas are the symbol of perfect balance. The balance of body and mind, the universe, and all things in general. Thus, if you are looking for harmony and stability, a secret mandala may be a great tattoo idea to consider. Yet, it takes an expert tattoo artist, like Veronica Krasovska, a popular Ukrainian tattoo artist who created this work of art, to succeed with an ideal res