In the world of tattoo art there are so much creativity, color and extraordinary things that easily some people get lost. They start looking for a specific thing but then there mind changes due to the variety of choice. Don`t worry! With our help, it won`t happen to you. If you have chosen a feather tattoo for yourself already then let`s see what you will ring your bell when you see our tattoo ideas. We wanted to make the process of choosing as easy as possible, and that`s why let`s go deeper into this theme.


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Feather Tattoos Meanings And History

The symbolism and history that stands behind such a beautiful tattoo idea make it a perfect choice for both women and men. Its significance, style, and deepness will look amazing on anybody. Such a symbol has always been present in the tattoo industry as a lot of people have different associations with it that represent their mind what they would love to show to the world.

Usually, the feather is associated with birds, which symbolize freedom, lightness, independence and of course the beautiful voice they have that comes within them. All of these create the power behind such a lightweight thing as a feather. Isn`t that the true meaning of feather tattoo?

If to dig more into the history, we can find that a feather has been a symbol of Native American people. They used them as instruments in their rituals. Why? The answer is the same association we all most commonly think of when we see this object. The power of a bird was associated with their tribes. In addition, to show gratefulness to Native American warriors, they gave them the feather of the eagles to acknowledge how courageous and brave those men were. Don`t also forget about another case when it was used. Magic and communication with spirits were greatly connected.

Which style of feather tattoo do you prefer?

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Which style of feather tattoo do you prefer?

Realistic Feathers
Watercolor Feathers
Minimalist Line Art Feathers
Feathers with Quotes
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Cultural Significance

As you have already understood, the most common meaning behind such a tattoo comes from the history it has with Native Americans. They used it as a significant symbol of their souls that, in their opinion, belonged to the birds. Also, they were present in their rituals and different ceremonies to clean out the energetic poles and bring positivity to them. Of course, spirits and communication with that are thoroughly connected with such an instrument too. If the feather was moving in your direction while the spiritual ceremony, it meant the dead person you think of is missing you.

Other cultures see a feather as a representation of something falling apart. In other ones, it is the sign of birth. In Christianity feather has been as the symbol of charity, hope, and faith as it has been connected to great virtues. Ancient Egyptians used a feather to worship their Gods and especially the Goddess of truth and justice. During the mummification, she weighed the heart of the gone person and decided whether his soul should wander freely in the world or be gone.

What placement would you choose for your feather tattoo?

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What placement would you choose for your feather tattoo?

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Beautifully Realistic Feather Tattoos

The magic of nature can't be coated in the most exquisite words. However, you can visualize it through a highly realistic feather ink. A devout artist, such as Hansan from Singapore, will ensure that every plume projects the feather's unique beauty and intricate details. Whether you are all in for wispy barbs or have a taste for graceful quills – anything can be etched into your skin and carry out the deep symbolism you entitle the ink with.


Feathers In Double Exposure Style

Andrey Lukovnikov, a professional tattoo artist from Ukraine, is known for his love of double-exposure ink. You can embrace the incredible fusion of different elements into an otherwordly masterpiece in the shape of a delicate feather. Such luscious preditors as tigers and leopards peeking at you from the intricate canvas of a feather can reflect the most personal narratives through the most visually appealing design.

Watercolor Feather Tattoos

An impressively creative tattoo artist, Amanda Remmington specializes in watercolor ink, and you can see some of her works in this collection. The vibrancy and skillful blending add a whimsical touch to the already delicate design. The fluidity of color can tell a personal story without making it overly accessible.


Black Feathers Designs

Nelea K is an experienced tattoo artist located in Seoul, South Korea. The artist is a master of minimalistic black-and-white designs. Many people choose the image of a black feather because of its mysterious and concise visual appeal, but the art has a lot of symbolism. Black feathers are a symbol of protection and resilience. If you aim at a classy and timeless masterpiece, there's barely any better option to consider.

Peacock Feather Tattoos

Peacock Feather Tattoo Design
by @alisa_tesla_art

Peacock feathers are known for their vibrant and intricate patterns, making them a popular choice for tattoos. These tattoos can feature just one feather or multiple feathers arranged in a pattern, representing beauty and elegance. The bright colors and intricate patterns of peacock feathers make for a striking tattoo, and can be incorporated into a variety of designs, from realistic to abstract.


Feather Tattoo In Ornamental Style

Feather Tattoo In Ornamental Style #ornamentaltattoo #blacktattoo
by @amanda_mckay76

Feather tattoos can be designed in an ornamental style, featuring intricate patterns and decorative elements. These tattoos often feature feathers as the centerpiece of the design, surrounded by other ornamental elements like vines, flowers, or even abstract shapes. This style of feather tattoo is perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their body art.

Feather Tattoo Designs With Birds

Birds will be a perfect solution to go with a feather tattoo design. Don`t you think? A whole story can be shown with such two images combined together in a tattoo. Would you like to check out some?

Feather tattoos featuring birds are a popular option for those looking to incorporate both the beauty of feathers and the freedom of birds into their tattoo design. These tattoos can feature a single bird or multiple birds, often with feathers incorporated into the design. Birds can also be depicted in flight, representing freedom and a release from constraints.

Feet Feather Tattoo

Feet Tattoo with Feather
by @kirstysaltrosetattoo


Feather Tattoo With Lettering

Feather Tattoo With Meaningful Words #letteringtattoo
by @artistvatsal

Feather tattoos can be designed with lettering to add a personal touch and meaningful message to the design. This can include a name, phrase, or quote, incorporated into the feathers or positioned near the feathers. This type of tattoo is a great way to add a personal touch and make the design more meaningful.

Feather Arrow Tattoo

Feather Arrow Tattoo #arrowtattoo
by @tattooist_greem

Feather arrow tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to combine the symbolic meaning of feathers with the symbolism of arrows. Arrows represent direction, movement, and progress, while feathers symbolize freedom and a release from constraints. A feather arrow tattoo can represent moving forward, breaking free, or finding one's path.

Feathers with Dream Catchers

Feathers and dream catchers are a popular combination for tattoos, as they both hold symbolic meaning. Dream catchers represent protection and good dreams, while feathers symbolize freedom and a release from constraints. When combined, these tattoos can represent a desire for protection and good dreams, as well as a release from any limitations or obstacles.


Feather Tattoo With Flowers

Watercolor Feather Tattoo With Flowers #watercolortattoo #flowerstattoo
by @mini_tattooer

Feather tattoos can be combined with flowers to create a beautiful and meaningful design. Flowers represent growth, beauty, and new beginnings, while feathers symbolize freedom and a release from constraints. When combined, these tattoos can represent growth, beauty, and the pursuit of freedom and new beginnings. This type of tattoo can be designed in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract, to suit the individual's personal taste.

How To Choose The Right Tattoo Artist?

Even the fanciest design requires a dedicated professional to fulfill it right. That is why you must approach the matter of choosing the right artist as carefully as you've done about the tattoo design. Use these simple tips to succeed with the task effortlessly:

  • Do your research. Start with the local artists and browse their portfolios, visit their studios, and evaluate their ink styles and experience.
  • Read user feedback. These days, you can find countless reviews and testimonials from previous clients online. Once you read those reviews, you'll gain insight into whether the tattooist corresponds with your requirements.
  • Fish for recommendations. If you have tattooed friends and family, you should ask them for advice and opinions on expert tattoo artists in the area.
  • When you find a professional that seems to coincide with your ink vision, you shouldn't rush and book a session straight away. Take time and visit the studio to see how safe and clean it is.
  • Ask around. When you visit the ink studio, you can ask the expert anything you have on your mind, no matter how silly you think it may sound. If the artist is open about their work, experience, sterilization process, etc., they have nothing to hide.
  • Don't forget to inquire about the artist's certifications and licensing. Licensed professionals are usually committed to safety and the best outcome of their work.

Finding the right artist may take some time, but you should be willing to sacrifice it in order to achieve the best results.

Fresh Feather Tattoo Aftercare

While you are utterly amazed by the initial outcome of your fresh ink, you must consider steps to take to make it remain ideal in the future. It takes a few simple tips to ensure that your tattoo heals well and will last long:

  • Keep the bandage on. After you are through with the session, the ink artist will cover the area with a bandage or plastic wrap. You should keep it on for the time given by the tattooist.
  • After you remove the bandage, you should wash the area. However, make sure that you wash your tat with a mild, aroma-free soap and lukewarm water. Don't use a sponge or any other harsh means. Use your hands instead.
  • Pat the area dry without putting unnecessary pressure on the wound.
  • Moisturize the area with an ointment or lotion that the expert has instructed.
  • While ensuring proper hydration for the area, you shouldn't soak it in water. Thus, you may want to limit your bathing sessions and keep away from swimming.
  • UV rays will postpone healing and will cause the ink to fade. Thus, limiting your ventures in the sun along with tanning is advised.
  • Your fresh ink will itch, but you should do your best to keep yourself from picking on it or scratching it, or it will lead to tattoo quality damage and potential scarring.
  • Try not to restrict the area with tight clothes so that your skin can breathe and the ink heals faster.
  • If you see that the area is too red or swollen, you should consult the artist immediately.
  • Every trained expert has a precise aftercare routine their clients should follow. Thus, you must fulfill every given instruction without deviating from the set course.

Finally, your skin is as unique as you are. That is why you should be patient and consistent with your aftercare routine. Once the tattoo is fully healed, you'll realize that it's been worth the fuss.


FAQ: Feather Tattoo

What does a feather turning into birds mean?

This type of a feather tattoo means freedom and desire to feel it. A person wants to finally leave everything that restrained them behind and soar not looking down. The bird does not know where is it flying to but one thing is completely sure: it is not coming back.

What does a red feather tattoo mean?

Red is generally associated with fire, passion, courage. Red feather may represent a strong will of a person and it is often implied that the feather belongs to the phoenix bird who resurrects from the ashes and is continuing its life after withstanding all the difficulties.