Body ink has always been one of the most unconventional ways of self-expression. There are lots of tattoo ideas to express yourself. However, a new trend has emerged and has taken over the field of boldness and enigma. Blackout tattoo is designed to reflect the fusion of simplicity and artistry represented in the form of complete darkness. If you want to bend the rules of creativity and defy the norms of uncanonical art, blackout tattoos are what you should explore on a deeper level, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.


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What Is a Blackout Tattoo?

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing blackout tattoos is what they actually stand for. The definition couldn’t have been any simpler – it is a large part of your body fully coated with black ink. Very often, people choose their arms and legs to place a blackout tat on.

These days, blackout ink is used as a perfect tool for self-expression, but there’s additional purpose it can serve – you can use the art to cover up ink that you are no longer fond of.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the ink, the process of getting it is pretty lengthy and complex. Not only due to the large area the tattoo is placed on but also because the artist should be extremely careful not to miss a single, tiny spot of your skin. Such a simple mistake can ruin the whole work. Thus, usually, tattooists go over the same area a few times. This leads to an increased number of needles used, and the pain level grows as well.

Which blackout tattoo design is your favorite?

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  • Bold Geometric Blackout
  • Abstract Blackout Masterpiece
  • Nature-Inspired Blackout Artistry
  • Floral Blackout Beauty
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Which blackout tattoo design is your favorite?

Bold Geometric Blackout
Abstract Blackout Masterpiece
Nature-Inspired Blackout Artistry
Floral Blackout Beauty
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Average Cost

The cost of an average black tattoo will vary tremendously. The fact is that the size of the tattoo will affect its price. In the majority of cases, tattoo artists charge such ink at a per-hour rate since the per-piece rate won’t cover the amount of time and effort involved.

Comparing the prices available at the market today, it’s safe to claim that an experienced artist will charge you around $100-$300 per hour. So, it’s safe to assume that a small blackout piece will cost you around $200 plus tip.

How is a blackout tattoo different from a traditional tattoo?

What are the risks associated with blackout tattoos?

Healing of Blackout Tattoos

A black out tattoo is no different than any other type of ink when it comes to the healing process. Thus, the better you stick to the tattoo aftercare instructions, the longer you will be able to enjoy your healthy and vibrant blackout piece.

  • Keep the area clean and wash it with a mild and aroma-free soap.
  • Pat dry the area and cover it with a suggested moisturizing ointment.
  • Don’t worry if your tat gets a little red or swollen in the few days after the procedure – it is your body’s natural reaction to trauma caused by the process.
  • Your tattoo will hurt a little and itch like crazy a few weeks after the procedure, but that’s normal.
  • Some ink takes up to 6 months to fully heal.
  • Always schedule a session with an artist who is experienced in the field of backout art.

Can I get other tattoos after a blackout tattoo?

Can blackout tattoos be removed or altered?


Blackout Aftercare

Whether it is a blackout tattoo sleeve you choose or any other type of ink, you should always keep it up with the artist’s primary advice and instructions to ensure proper healing and avoid any complications. You should care for your blackout tattoo the way you would for any other design, but on a larger scale, considering the coverage.

According to tattoo experts, a blackout tattoo swells more than other types of tats. Thus, you must schedule your inking sessions with at least a few days off from your routine for your body to rest and recover. It is quite difficult to return to your usual lifestyle after you’ve got an entire arm or leg covered in ink.

Some artists advise applying ice to the tattooed areas to elevate the discomfort. However, you must be careful not to place the ice directly on the skin but on the coverage. Besides, keeping your libs elevated will come of use.

Risks and Precautions

When considering a negative space blackout tattoo, you should be fully aware of all the risks and precautions before making up your mind. Let’s discuss a few of the major ones:

  • You may be allergic to the means used in the process, so it is best to discuss potential allergic reactions along with doing a patch test before diving right into the world of blackout ink.
  • With such a full-coverage piece, the risk of infection is doubled. It is obligatory to follow up the aftercare instructions given by the artist to minimize those risks.
  • Choosing a skilled tattooist for a blackout tattoo ensures that you get the desired outcome since they are familiar with the process and know how to complete such a piece perfectly.
  • Don’t opt for a studio with the hygiene you put under the question. The process of getting any tattoo relies on the utmost cleanliness and proper sterilization.
  • In case you have any skin conditions or issues, it is best to consult a dermatologist before you schedule a session with a tattoo artist.
  • A blackout tat, along with any other type or style of tattoo, is a long-term commitment, and you should treat it as such. Evaluate all the pros and cons before you finalize your decision.


Blackout Tattoo Removing

You can get rid of a blackout sleeve tattoo twice as easily as you would of a regular ink piece. However, the size of the tattoo, along with the depth of penetration, will have the major say in the process.

While the removal period will be a lengthy one, larger and deeper pieces will be twice as challenging to remove. Often, it takes a few session weeks apart to succeed with the process.

On top of that, a blackout tat removal process is a costly one, not to mention painful. Should you be having any doubts on the matter, you should better wait so that you don’t decide to quit halfway through the procedure.

A blackout tattoo is a bold statement you can use to tell your story and self-express the way you see fit. Despite the seeming simplicity of a blackout tattoo, it is an intricate masterpiece that requires a thoughtful approach and consideration. If you are ready to wear the piece loud and proud – nothing should stop you!

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