We all crave to stand out from the crowd. Even though all the people are unique, there is a popular way to add up to the individuality of each and every one of you – face piercings. Being among the most popular types of body modifications, the variety of those grows by the day. If you want to update your style but have no clue where to start, this guide will point you in the right direction!


Cute Face Piercings for Cute Faces

Cute Face Piercings for Cute Faces

When it comes to face piercings, it is natural to assume that these piercings are located anywhere on your face. What most people don't know is the fact that different face piercings require various care routines and particular jewelry to enhance the style and individuality of every person. Aside from that, some cute face piercings take less to heal than the others. They hurt differently as well.


Types of Face Piercings

Those of you who want to dive deeper into the world of different types of face piercings should start with the following categories.

Eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow Piercing

It is a lot easier to underestimate it than grasp the full length of possibilities on offer when it comes to eyebrow piercing. Aside from the known fact that the piercing can be placed anywhere on the eyebrow, you should realize that there are multiple eyebrow piercings, vertical and horizontal. An interesting fact about this type is that it is prone to migration and even rejection once done incorrectly. Thus, you should seek a professional piercer to do the job.

  •  Eyebrow piercing jewelry: just like with all face piercings, the sky is the limit when it comes to jewelry you want to sport. The most popular options are barbells and hoops, but you can expand your horizons and try something new. Yet, make sure that the jewelry isn't too heavy so that the piercing doesn't tear off.
  •  Eyebrow piercing prices: on the face piercings chart, eyebrow piercing reaches the average cost, which varies within $20-$70. Yet, the price does not include the jewelry cost.


Chin Piercing

Chin Piercing

Among popular types of piercings face would be opting for a chin variation. Usually, the option is referred to as labret piercing. The name comes from the fact that the lower lip is called Labia, and the piercing is located right below the lower lip or slightly down the chin. Surely, there are also more extreme chin piercing variations that protrude the fresh of the chin, but they are less common.

  • Chin piercing jewelry: once you decide to test the pleasure of sporting a labret piercing, you can choose from the following jewelry types:
  1. Barbells
  2. Labrets
  3. Studs
  4. Rings
  • Chin piercing prices: Some chin piercings are simpler to do and would cost less, but there are also more complicated alternatives. So, you should expect to spend around $40-$85 on the piercing with no jewelry cost included.

Cheek piercing

Cheek Piercings

If you think that once you are born with no dimples, you will have to spend your life envying those who have them – you are mistaken. A properly-done dimple piercing or, as others name it – cheek piercing will help you solve the matter in no time. While the piercing has immense aesthetic value, it is among the riskiest of all. The fact is that if the parotid duct is damaged, you may suffer from dehydration, cavities, and infections since it is responsible for saliva drainage. At the same time, a professional piercer will guide you through the whole process with minimal implications. Surely, will take time for the piercing to heal, but the end result will be worth it. Besides, even after you remove the jewelry, the dimples will remain intact since these are nothing more but scars that will imitate natural dimples.

  • Cheek piercing jewelry: you can experiment with the type of jewelry that compliments your style best. However, while the outside of the jewelry has little impact on your health, the inside may interfere with it in the wrong way. It is advised to opt for jewelry with the disc-type back instead of regular beads or anything else. This will ensure that your oral hygiene isn't interrupted in almost any way.
  • Cheek piercing prices: double piercings are always costlier than the rest. Thus, you can count on spending within $100 on a piercing, excluding the jewelry cost.


Dermal face piercings

Dermal Face Piercings
Credit photo: Instagram.com/taynepiercer
Dermal Face Piercings
Credit photo: Instagram.com/taynepiercer

Another popular type of face piercing would be the dermal one. Dermal face piercings are located on the surface, but they aren't surface piercings. The fact is that surface piercings have both the in and out holes, while a dermal one is seamlessly embedded into the skin layer. Thus, you can implement this type of piercing almost anywhere on your body where there is enough flesh to hold it securely.

Among the unique features of this type of piercing is the fact that you can create your unique piercing patterns to enhance your style even more. These piercing types are relatively as painful as most piercings, and they take the same time to heal too.

  • Dermal face piercings jewelry: another peculiarity about this type of piercing is the jewelry in use. You won't be able to use any hoop or barbell type of jewelry when opting for a dermal incision. It takes an anchor for the piercing to keep in place.
  • Dermal face piercings prices: some say that dermal piercings are more complicated than surface ones thus, they cost more. On average, you should be ready to pay within $40-$120 per piercing without the jewelry cost added to the price.

Things You Need to Know About Face Piercings

Things You Need to Know About Face Piercings

Now, when you know everything you should about the placements, variations, and cost, you need to consider some vital factors too.

Pain level

One of the main points to remember about face piercings is the fact that your face has a lot of nerves and muscles. Thus, if it gets pierced – it bleeds. Yet, the fleshier is the area to be pierced, the less it may hurt. Yet, again – it depends upon your individual pain tolerance. Also, the meatier is the location, the longer it takes to be penetrated, and correspondingly the longer you will feel the discomfort. However, unless you are completely pain-intolerant, you will be able to withstand most of the known face piercings.


Healing time

When it comes to healing – both the location and personal predisposition matter. Also, you should take proper care of the pierced area if you want to speed the process up. Some piercings will heal in a month, while others will take a couple of months to heal completely, even with a dedicated aftercare routine intact.

Aftercare principles

There are a few principles to keep in mind if you want the piercing to heal properly and in no time.

  • Clean your oral penetrations with mouthwash. An antiseptic mouthwash will help the piercing heal faster.
  • Clean the outsides of your piercing with dedicated care products the piercer will advise you.
  • Keep away from swimming.
  • Keep away from touching the pierced area too often or playing with the jewelry.
  • Don't take the jewelry out before it heals.

Precautionary measures

Another practical approach to getting a facial piercing that will heal properly is to ask the following questions:

  • How professional and skilled is the piercer?
  • Does the piercer wear gloves?
  • Is proper and fresh equipment in use?
  • Is the equipment properly sterilized?

Once you have positive answers to these questions, you can proceed with the procedure.

Face piercings are a great way to emphasize your uniqueness and style. The grand variety of options to choose from will help you pick the option that suits you best. Use this guide to point you in the right direction!