All types of body piercings are getting more popular and widely accepted all over the world. However, some territories remain poorly explored, and those are yet to be discovered. Rhino piercing is surely one of the least common nose piercings, and that makes it so peculiar and unique. Should you be willing to expand your horizons and discover something new – you have come to the right place!


What is a Rhino Piercing?

What is a Rhino Piercing?

So, what is a rhino piercing? That is the primary question you may want to find an answer to. The rhino piercing is obviously a type of nose piercing. Unlike all the other types, the rhino nose piercing has nothing to do with your nostrils. It is usually placed on the tip of the nose so that the soft tissue is pierced through. According to modern experts, the given piercing type is known to mix and match with other existing nose piercings or survive on its own.


Rhino Piercing Types

While the general description of a rhino piercing sounds quite simple, you should be aware that there are variations to brood upon.

Vertical nose piercing

The classiest option of all is a vertical rhino piercing nose. Usually, it goes from the bottom of your nose's tip right to the top. All the way through. The option does not involve much cartilage penetration. The best suitable jewelry for this kind of body piercing would be a curved barbell.


The deep rhino

Another popular rhino piercing alternative would be a deep rhino. It is a more extreme variant to opt for since it goes from the bottom of the tip up to the bridge. One of the main concerns about this type of rhino piercing is the fact that it may turn out to be a little off-center as you aim up to the bridge. All due to the cartilage tissue becoming more complex as you go up. There is a point when you are not allowed to pierce the cartilage. Thus, you should aim to either side of it. All this brings us to the fact that should you decide to acquire such a piercing, you need to find a qualified professional to do it right. A straight barbell is used for this rhino variation.

Rhino septril piercing

One of the most complicated versions of a rhino piercing would be a septril one. While a septril piercing is a type of rhino one, it is also a type of septum piercing. When compared to a classy rhino, the septril does not come out of the tip of your nose. The only part that is visible would be the bottom part of the jewelry. The other end of the jewelry hides is the side of the nostril, where a septum piercing usually is placed.

The trickiest part about this body modification is that it is the longest to come up with. First things first, your septum should be stretched enough for the piercing to be made. The experts point out that it takes around 18 months to complete the stretching process. Only after the process is complete can you proceed with septril piercing.


Double rhino

A double rhino is pretty much a classy piercing represented in two.

How much does it cost?

It is challenging to point out a single rhino piercing cost since it will differ from location to location. Besides, the type of rhino will cost differently, too. Don't forget that it is a unique type of piercing, so not every piercer will be fit to complete it. Most experts suggest discussing the price separately with a professional before deciding on the final appointment.

On average, you should expect that a rhino piercing nose will cost you around $50-$100 without the jewelry price involved.

Rhino piercing is the least common type of body modification that is gaining immense request at the moment. If you feel like you are ready to test the waters of unique nose piercing, this guide will point you in the right direction.


How long does a rhino piercing take to heal?

Rhino piercing is a bit complicated type, so it takes longer for it to heal properly. The experts point out a period of 6 to 9 months. You will have to wait before it heals well.

Why is my nose piercing sinking?

One of the most common reasons why your nose piercing may be sinking is due to the swelling. While average swelling is okay, you should make sure that the jewelry you put in corresponds with all the requirements.

What happens if your nose ring gets infected?

One of the best things to do if you notice that your piercing gets infected is consult a professional. In case you decide to leave the matter untreated, you may end up with scars and nose bumps or complete piercing rejection.

What happens if you pop a piercing bump?

It is critical that you realize that piercing bumps are pretty much solid. There is nothing to pop out. That is why it is highly unadvised to try and pop any keloid or granuloma.