Some people remain on top of all the trends even when they are sadly long gone. Marilyn Monroe is precisely the fashion icon that most stylish and elegant ladies of the modern century are head over heels about. Yet, there was a pinch of rebellious spirit and daring urge in the woman, so there is no wonder why the Monroe piercing has found its reflection in the underground and edgy community. If you consider getting a type of lip piercing, the Monroe variation is where you may want to start.


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What is a Monroe Piercing?

First things first - what is a Monroe piercing? When you hear that it is nothing more than just a lip piercing – stop listening. This is one of the face piercings that replicate the iconic beauty mark that the trendiest people of the century were known for. In the case of Marilyn Monroe piercing, it is placed on the left side of the upper lip, just where the diva used to wear her gorgeous mole.

It is crucial that you don’t mistake it for a Madonna piercing which is located on the exact opposite side, due to the same reason. There’s also a Medusa piercing to add to the list – the center of the upper lip. Also, you need to remember that labret piercing can be referred to any location around the mouth, while some definite locations have the exact names.


Monroe Piercing Jewelry

When it comes to Monroe piercing jewelry, there are two main types that you can pick from. They are the following:

  • Stud lip Monroe piercing – this type is the most common for such piercings since it is comfortable and low-risk. The flat disc plate keeps the piercing in place. While you can experiment with the screw stud as much as you like, they come in various shapes and forms, including gems and precious stones added to the design.
  • Ring Monroe lip piercing – the lesser-used variation of the jewelry that can be used to enhance your look is the ringed one. The option may cause significant discomfort when you are wearing it since it will round the lip up.

Monroe Piercing Prices

Despite how small Monroe piercing is, the price range that covers the process along with the jewelry is quite average. You can expect to spend within $30-$120 on the piercing, including the jewelry cost. The costlier is the jewelry you decide on, the higher the up the price will go.


Monroe Piercing Treatment

Monroe piercing healing stages

While a Monroe piercing is trendy and appealing, some of you may be still wondering as to how long it will take for it to properly heal. The experts point out the period that lasts within 2-3 months. As to the healing stages, you can count on excessive swelling in the area while the body adapts to the new addition. The rest of the process will look relatively the same as with all the other piercings. You can expect some redness in the area until it fully heals. Some discharge isn’t a sign of improper healing until it acquires an unpleasant color and smell.


Monroe piercing aftercare instructions

If you don’t want to end up with an annoyingly permanent Monroe piercing scar, then you should follow these aftercare steps to ensure successful piercing healing: Brush your teeth regularly to prevent bacteria growth in your mouth.

Use sea salt rinse to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the area. This will speed the healing process up too. Check the stud screw gently every time you are cleaning your piercing to ensure it is in place and not getting loose so that you don’t lose it.

How to avoid infected Monroe piercing?

Numerous triggers can lead to an infected Monroe piercing, and you should better rule them all out completely to improve your chances of getting a piercing you’ve always dreamed about:

  • Keep the piercing intact until the penetration heals completely.
  • Stick to a regular cleansing routine.
  • Apply warm compresses when the swelling gets utterly unbearable.
  • Keep away from irritating foods, such as spicy dishes and products.
  • Reduce the makeup application to the bare minimum, at least in the area.
  • Keep away from smoking and alcoholic drinks during the healing process.
  • Don’t share your personal items with other people to prevent infections.

If you want to become a fashion icon, you should like one, and Monroe piercing is one way to achieve the goal. The piercing is trendy and requested at the moment. Weigh all the pros and cons to decide if you are ready for it!


How can I make my Monroe piercing heal faster?

The easiest way to ensure that your new piercing is healing correctly and with no delays is to follow up with the proper aftercare routines.

How do you heal old piercing scars?

Usually, old piercing scars fade away on their own. Yet, you can speed the process up with a dedicated ointment application. There are available creams and coatings designed for the purpose. Or, you can refer to laser therapy to fasten the process entirely.

What piercing looks good with a Monroe?

The piercing looks excellent on its own, but you venture as far as to match it with other types of labret piercings, including Medusa, Madonna, and snake bites. The sky is the limit.

Is a Monroe piercing bad for your teeth?

There are certain complications that the piercing can cause. Gum receding and dental damage are among the greatest. However, if you take proper care of your piercing and keep away from playing with it, you may escape the potential consequences.