Have you always dreamed about cheek dimples but Mother Nature did not bless you with this gorgeous facial feature? Then the dimple piercing may be your way out. Before hopping into the piercer’s chair, there is some important information that you should take into account, such as how painful it is, how long it heals, how much it costs and some other points. So that you are completely prepared for the procedure, we have created this informative guide. Now all you need is to study it thoroughly.


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What Is A Dimple Piercing?

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The dimple piercing is a kind of face piercings that implies puncturing your face on the sides, indenting a bit from your mouth corners. As it creates a subtle depression in your skin, it perfectly mimics real dimples. So, if you do not have them naturally, then dermal dimple piercing is your sure bet. However, if you do have dimples, then getting them pierced will help you to emphasize this beautiful facial trait. The cheek dimple piercing is rather rare since it is not that easy to get. As it is a type of dermal piercings, there is no exit point, but only an entry point. Hence, your piercer should know exactly what they do. Otherwise, it can even be dangerous.


Back Dimple Piercing

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You may also have heard about the back dimple piercing, which you should not mistake for the face dimple piercing. For the dermal back dimple piercing, the depressions on your lower back are got pierced. The skin is dissected in its middle layer and a post anchor is inserted in the pocket that formed with the help of forceps. Then, the top part of the jewelry is screwed on. Since lower back dimples are also called Venus dimples, the back dimples piercing is often confused with the Venus piercing. Yet, they are not the same thing. The Venus piercing, or the Christina piercing as it can also be called, is a type of genital piercing. The piercing in your lower back dimples looks attractive and unusual. So, if you are thinking about getting it, you can rest assured that you will always be the center of attention.

Dimple Piercing Preparing

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When getting a dimple cheek piercing, there is a risk that your parotid duct can get ruptured. So that it will not happen, the person piercing you should perform a careful examination of the mouth, marking not only the place that they are going to puncture but also the duct. As it is a double piercing, it should be symmetrical. Yet, our faces are not. To achieve symmetry, the piercer will need to use a level gauge or a ruler. In case, they have not marked the spots for cheek dimple piercing before puncturing your skin, do not hesitate to tell them about it.

Similar to other body piercings, to perform dermal dimple piercing, your piercer will you a needle. Of course, the wound will be bleeding at first. So, if you feel the taste of blood, do not panic. This is because your cheek flesh is stabbed. Yet, it will not last long anyway, provided you have not used blood thinners for a couple of weeks.

It is important to create a clean environment in the area to be pierced. So, make sure you do not have any skincare or makeup on your face. Also, you should clean your teeth and use a mouthwash beforehand because your mouth will be swollen after the procedure and it will be very hard, if not impossible, to carry out any manipulations with it, including eating. As such, do not forget to have a hearty meal before getting the dimple dermal piercing.


Dimple Piercing Jewelry Types

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To make your cheek piercing stand out, you can accentuate it with captivating dimple piercing jewelry. The most popular jewelry for this piercing type is a straight barbell. No worries, it does not mean that you are limited in choice. Dimple piercing bars come in different materials, sizes and even styles. They can feature balls or discs on the ends and be embellished with gemstones. Thus, everyone will easily find a pair to match their taste and personal style.

Material options include gold (14K and over), titanium, surgical steel and niobium. When picking out a piece of jewelry for your face piercing, check if it is biocompatible so that your body would not reject it. The length of the barbel can be anywhere between 5/8" and 7/8", while the size of the ends varies from 4 mm for a disc to 5 mm for a ball. Also, if you want to try on the dimple piercing before puncturing your face, there are jewelry styles for fake dimple piercing.

How Much Is A Dimple Piercing?

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The cost for the cheek dimple piercing may include the service charge and the jewelry price. So, depending on the salon, where it is located, how much experience the piercer has and what kind of jewelry you have chosen, the dimples piercing price may vary from $30 to $100. And since you get two holes punctured, it may cost you more than a single piercing.

As the back dimple piercing requires a bit more effort and experience on your piercer’s side, it may be a bit pricier than a face dimples piercing. Thus, you may be charged between $70 and $80 only for the service. Add here $10-$20 for the jewelry.

While the level of expertise of the piercer affects the final price of the service greatly, this is not something you should skimp on. If the piercer lacks experience in piercing cheeks, you may end up with a damaged parotid duct and we do not think this is something you are aiming for. So, before booking an appointment, you need to inquire about the chosen piercer's professionalism, which should be backed up with the portfolio.


Things To Know Before Getting A Dimple Piercing

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Pain Level. If you are afraid that the dimples piercing will be too painful to tolerate, we want to reassure you that it will not hurt more than the ear lobe piercing. Those who have their cartilage piercing done have to endure more pain than people getting their cheeks pierced. It will hurt though for some time during the healing process, as the wound will be open and the skin swollen. Also, it may be uncomfortable to talk, eat or chew. Yet, once the piercing has healed, nothing should bother you.

Healing. Talking of the healing time, you should be ready to wait anywhere between several months to more than a year for the cheek piercing to heal. Besides, you may even end up with a dimple piercing scar. So that it will not happen, you should take care of the pierced spots properly during the first three months after the procedure.

Side effects. One of the most common side effects you may have to deal with is an infected back dimple piercing. To keep this risk at a minimum, the pierced spot should be cleaned 2-3 times daily inside and out. You can use antibacterial soap to clean the outer part of the piercing and saline solution to keep your mouth free from bacteria after eating or drinking. Also, take care not to turn the jewelry and do not play with it. This not only extends the healing time but may also result in a damaged piercing. Any chemicals should also be avoided around the piercing location.

Increased swelling, pus, blood and yellow discharge are all signs of an ongoing infection. Noticing any of them means you should consult your piercer. In case before and after dimple piercing your parotid ducts feel differently, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

The dimple piercing is a lovely addition to your appearance. It either enhances your natural dimples or helps you to create ones. Yet, like all piercings, it requires some special care and may even be dangerous. With our guide, however, you should feel fully informed on the topic.


Do back dermals reject easily?

Any dermal piercing may be rejected or just migrate and the dimple piercing is no exception. To diminish the risk of migration, you may ask your piercer to insert a dermal anchor. Plus, keep it protected from damage during the healing process and choose jewelry made of biocompatible materials.

How is a dermal removed?

First, the anchor should be dislodged. To do this, you need to massage the area surrounding it. Then, using a scalpel, the piercer will incise the skin that surrounds the anchor and remove it using forceps. The wounded spot then should be stitched up or protected with a bandage.

Do cheek piercings leak?

The cheek piercing may ooze with discharge right after the procedure for several days. Yet, if this happens long after you have had it done, then this may signal that there is an infection happening. Thus, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.